Monday, June 14, 2010

Reese Havens is back!

I know that all the focus lately with Ike Davis called up has been on the major league squad, but I'd like to call your attention to a guy we tried to call everyone's attention to in the offseason: Reese Havens.

Reese didn't play in all of April, but since returning last month he has done nothing but tear the cover off the ball. Look at what he's done in his two minor league stops thus far this year:

St. Lucie - .281/.369/.509, 8 bb, 18 k, 57 at-bats
Binghamton - .338/.400/.662, 6 bb, 15 k, 68 at-bats

Over the course of a year, his minor league numbers pro-rate nicely: .312 average, .386 on-base, 84 runs, 36 home runs, 76 rbi, 56 bb, 132 k. Granted, these are from AA and A, and during what is (most likely) a hot streak, but he's proving once again that he can rake when healthy.

With second base the only obvious weakness in the Mets lineup if/when Beltran returns, is it too early to wonder if Havens can make an impact this year?

For anyone who is actually curious, his current major league equivalency is only .236/.291/.420 if you include both levels.

EDIT: 2:32 PM Monday, June 14th

Per Mets Minor League Blog:

Binghamton 2B Reese Havens left Friday’s game in Trenton when he re-aggravated his strained oblique. He did not play Saturday or Sunday.

SON OF A *(^&*%&^%. You don't check for two days and this. Ugh.

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