Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Birthday-arino Keith!

It's somebody's birthday today! It's my favorite mustachioed Metsies announcer's big day! In honor of Keith Hernandez's birthday let's take a look back at some of his best Keith-isms in 2010:

"LOL" means "Lots of Laughs!"

If Los Marlins are male, is LAS VEGAS feminine?

I want to grow a "3 Musketeers D'artagnan style mustache."

What happens with the tattoos when you get a big scrape on your arm. When the skin grows back do you lose the tattoo?

I know a bar when I see one!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yanks Lost! Phils Lost! Why Am I Not happier?

So yesterday was like a wet dream for us Metsies fans. Not only did the Rangers actually hold onto their lead and slaughter the Yanks but The Freak and the Giants beat the Phils too! I mean I should be really happy about this. Logic would dictate this. And you know what I'm thrilled the Yanks and the Phils got their asses handed to them and evil didn't triumph on two occasions yesterday but still I just feel kind of sad. As much as I get my jollies out of seeing Texas and the Giants win I just wish I was watching my beloved NY Metropolitans in the NLCS. I thought I had accepted the fact that the Metsies 2010 season was just an utter nightmare that I had moved on from BUT the playoffs keep reminding me that is not the case. I just keep thinking Dickey could have been starting against Lincecum or Halladay last night if things could have been different. But really it's wrong to think like this because it gets me nowhere. I need to just take pleasure in what I can and really that's seeing the Giants and the Rangers dominating their series at this point. So yep I can do this!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Every Single Time I Channel Surf In October, My Surfing Leads To The Mets!

So folks it's October and well as much as I'm trying to move on and forget about the Mets for a while, television is making this quite an impossible feat. Of course if I go to ESPN or SNY I'm gonna hear all about the Mets hiring and firing moves and that's totally fine but when I watch "Gossip Girl" and the woes of the Mets are mentioned this is just too much. Seriously I watch crap like that to forget about the Metsies! My worlds should not be colliding! Yeah I totally stole that "worlds colliding" business from "Seinfeld."