Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yanks Lost! Phils Lost! Why Am I Not happier?

So yesterday was like a wet dream for us Metsies fans. Not only did the Rangers actually hold onto their lead and slaughter the Yanks but The Freak and the Giants beat the Phils too! I mean I should be really happy about this. Logic would dictate this. And you know what I'm thrilled the Yanks and the Phils got their asses handed to them and evil didn't triumph on two occasions yesterday but still I just feel kind of sad. As much as I get my jollies out of seeing Texas and the Giants win I just wish I was watching my beloved NY Metropolitans in the NLCS. I thought I had accepted the fact that the Metsies 2010 season was just an utter nightmare that I had moved on from BUT the playoffs keep reminding me that is not the case. I just keep thinking Dickey could have been starting against Lincecum or Halladay last night if things could have been different. But really it's wrong to think like this because it gets me nowhere. I need to just take pleasure in what I can and really that's seeing the Giants and the Rangers dominating their series at this point. So yep I can do this!

Ergo let me actually get to discussing these two great games yesterday. First up let's talk about game 2 of the ALCS. I was under the impression after game 1 that Texas was done. I thought for sure the Yanks would sweep them. When a team has a 5-0 lead and then BAM Cano homers and then the Yanks later manage to pull off what John Sterling called the best comeback in MLB playoffs history (I feel there has to be a better comeback than this one) the defeated team, in this case Texas would truly be defeated! I know if it was the Mets that lost to the Yanks 6-5 in game one there was no way they'd come out triumphant in 24 hours time.

But Texas is resilient. I can't believe how they just came out yesterday and took an early 5-0 lead yet again. The whole time I kept thinking these fans did watch the previous game, they know how it turned out right, they should maybe simmer down and not get so excited just yet. And then the Rangers eventually took a 7-2 lead and well I still assumed the Yanks would rally back. I was under the impression Joe Girardi has the Yankees play these Jedi mind tricks, like "Here is a 5-0 lead Texas, get all confident, enjoy your cushy lead and BAM 6 runs in the 8th." I started to think it was all premeditated. Ain’t that a conspiracy theory I had created. I in no way trusted the Rangers 7-2 lead at all. I know how the Yankees roll. I will explain why I think the Yanks can come back from any deficit. Back in the day, during the Torre years I was at a Yanks/Phils game. The Phils were up 6-0. It was the bottom of the 9th and BAM the Yanks tied up the game and it went to extra innings. Then in the top of the 10th the Phils took a 7-6 lead. And then BAM in the bottom of the 10th the Yanks won 8-7. Now you can see why I never doubt the Yankees ability to rally back. Oh I never do.

But I was proven wrong and Texas did hold on. The top of the 9th did remind me of the Mets a bit. The Rangers closer Neftali Feliz kind of did a great K-Rod impression. Jeter led off the inning and the count was 3-2 and Feliz struck Mr. Jeter out! Derek did not have the edge yesterday! Then the K-Rod in Feliz emerged. Feliz walked Granderson. Then he walked Teixeira. But oh then Feliz collected himself, he did something K-Rod could not do much of in 2010 and he regained composure and got the Rangers out of this jam! Feliz faced Rodriguez and BAM A-Rod grounded out! And now it was just up to Robinson Cano with men on 2nd and 3rd and 2 outs to keep this game going. Cano is just incredible, he amazes me but thank goodness during this at bat he was just a normal human being, an average Joe and not the deity he's been in this series thus far and he flew out and the Rangers finally won a postseason game! Seriously since 1996 they have gone 0-10 in the playoffs but finally there is a 1 in the wins column!

And you folks know I am a huge Frenchy fan so I kept waiting in this game to see my Jeff Francoeur and his beard make a pinch hit appearance. And what do you know, in the bottom of the 7th my wish came true and he almost homered. It was super close. That counts for something in my book! His beard totally predicted they could beat the Yanks. That’s one smart array of facial hair! And really Jeff should start against Petitte tomorrow night! My goal is for him to get well another hit. After getting Texas on the scoreboard in game 1 of the ALDS he has gone hit-less in the playoffs. Ugh. But hopefully he can go on his other type of streak in this series, the hitting kind!

AND now to the NLCS game from last night. NYC Cablevision peeps like myself were still without FOX and ugh this game was on FOX. For anyone who doesn't know the deal Cablevision and News Corp are at odds and well that has forced Mr. Dolan and Cablevision to take away FOX and My9 (what is "My9," really does anyone watch this channel??) from all NYC Cablevision users. So yes Cablevision I’m so upset I won’t get to see WWE wrestling. That’s my true beef. Oh how I kid. I’m sorry to bitch and moan about this but I find it so unfair. I wanted to see The Freak pitch last night! And I did but it was on my like 13 inch screened little itty bitty tv. I have one of those digital converter boxes and well I could see the game. And I did see the Giants win 4-3 but the game kept freezing on the wee tv. So yep that wasn't so great. And again although the Giants won I'm just so meh about it. I miss the METS! Ugh I have to get the Mets off the brain! I can do this and I will. There were two great things about this game that don't include Halladay not pitching so swell (and yep the fact that Doc was just so so on the mound was wonderful). Pat Burrell and Cody Ross totally killed the Phils! That was delightful! How many times as a Phil did Burrell kill the Mets!? It was so nice to see him finally do the same thing to his former squad! And Cody Ross hit 2 solo homers off of Halladay, whoa! As a Marlin this 2010 season he was totally a Mets anihilator so yep it was great to see him do just that to the Phils!

And this is kind of funny. The other day Tim McCarver was on The FAN talking to Mike Francesa about Lincecum. Many people think because Lincecum throws the way he does with his whole "The tilt, the dangle, the reach" that he won't be pitching for many years. Basically not so long from now his pitching style will just take its toll on him. And that may be true but maybe it's not going to be true. According to McCarver who saw Tim shirtless in the SF locker room "The kid has no MUSCLE TONE whatsoever." If you have no muscle tone and your body is like GUMBY and you truly are a freak of nature I guess it's indeed possible to just have a long long career in the majors! I hope he does! I sure do like Lincecum!

And back to my Cablevision woes for a sec. Now I just hope I and the other Cablevision users get FOX back in time to watch the Giants/Lions game this afternoon. And well I think the Phils/Giants game is on FOX tonight also. Ugh I loathe Cablevision right now.

Oh and here are some closing thoughts I have about COMMERCIALS:
Okay this seems hardly fair. Mariano Rivera and Joe Girardi are in a commercial for Taco Bell, CC Sabathia is in one for Subway and Derek Jeter has “The Edge.” What does Texas have? Chili’s “Texas cheese Fries.” And if you were wondering I would never let Mariano Rivera finish my CHALUPA!

Have a splendid day folks! We have tons of great football match-ups and game 2 of the NLCS!

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