Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Every Single Time I Channel Surf In October, My Surfing Leads To The Mets!

So folks it's October and well as much as I'm trying to move on and forget about the Mets for a while, television is making this quite an impossible feat. Of course if I go to ESPN or SNY I'm gonna hear all about the Mets hiring and firing moves and that's totally fine but when I watch "Gossip Girl" and the woes of the Mets are mentioned this is just too much. Seriously I watch crap like that to forget about the Metsies! My worlds should not be colliding! Yeah I totally stole that "worlds colliding" business from "Seinfeld."

Let me now show you some examples of how the Mets are popping up everywhere! And unfortunately with these sightings I have found nothing else about Keith Hernandez's trysts with hot women! I have no making out sessions to report on, boo! But I still have the goods. Here we go!

So last Friday David Letterman did a Late Show Top 10 “Reasons To Be Excited Its October." And what was the numero uno reason?!

"After this weekend, no more METS baseball."
This was a cruel one by Dave’s writers, oh a cruel cruel one.

Then Monday night I was watching "Gossip Girl." Yes yes I watch this show, don't judge. This is a judge free zone! And well one of the characters Chuck Bass who wouldn't know a baseball from an apple had a brief convo with his butler about you guessed it the Metsies!

Chuck: How did your Mets do last night?
Ivan: Heartbreak as usual.

I didn't even understand why this was even in the episode. Baseball has never ever been discussed on "Gossip Girl" EVER. I find this just odd and well kind of cool but still for the most part mean and just WEIRD.

And lastly during the latest episode of "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon," Mr. James Fallon as Helen Mirren refers to him, did a pros and cons of "The 2010 MLB Postseason," and he remarked,
Pro: The Yanks made the playoffs.
Con: The Mets made the layoffs.

So yes this was funny but still mean. The Metsies are just the Rodney Dangerfield, the absolutely no RESPECT baseball team, more than ever it seems. I'm afraid of what show I'll hear about the Mets in next!? Television is just reminding me of the pain the Mets continue to cause me and you fellow fans. This is an injustice! But I still wonder, will the Mets name make a cameo on The Office? Community? Glee? Rubicon?

And well to the real issue at hand that we should all focus on, the 2010 MLB playoffs start tonight. The three games on the telly (all can be seen on TBS or heard on ESPN 1050 AM) are:
1:37pm Rangers vs Rays
5:07pm Reds vs Phils
8:37pm Yanks vs Twins

I am throwing all my support the way of Texas. Let's go Frenchy, Cora and the Rangers!

Btw did you know October was "Squirrel Awareness Month?" It really is. I know your day has been made with this little old fact!

Have a great day folks!

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