Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A "Brief" Observation

Just an observation:

In tonight's 4th inning against the Tigers, the Mets only forced Jeremy Bonderman to throw five pitches. Bay (2), Francoeur (1), and Blanco (2).

The 2nd inning was better, but only because Francoeur sucked harder and struck out, which as we know requires at least three pitches. This inning was seven pitches. Bay (2), Francoeur (4), Blanco (1).

Pretty bad. It's a shame too, because with Reyes, Pagan, and Wright all absolutely tearing the cover off the ball, this team could be doing some real damage if they were getting anything from the bottom of the lineup.

For the last month, Wright is hitting .340/.400/.557, Reyes, .368/.412/.623 with nine steals and Pagan .333/.382/.480 also with nine steals. Wow.

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