Friday, June 25, 2010

The Metsies Hand The TWIN-kies Their 4th Straight LOSS In Front Of Acclaimed Actor Todd Zeile

Metsies 5 Twinkies 2

Pelfrey vs Slowey

Going into tonight's game Minnesota had just been swept by the Brewers and well that worried me. I assumed this might mean the Twins would come to Citi Field incredible Hulk angry and well they would crush the Metsies. Thank goodness I'm terrible at predicting outcomes! I love being wrong!

BTW Todd Zeile was at the game. He talked to Burkhardt about how he is a movie star now. He was promoting his future projects. I think one was a Scorcese flick. Ok the Scorcese thing is a big fat lie but Zeile did say there are some kids movies and some other films he's worked on that are coming out soon. That is completely TRUE.

So enough about Todd because I don't want to be a lollygagger (that's another Keithism I'll be using)! Let's get to the highlights and that delightful Gary and Keith banter! Here we go!

Mets starting lineup:


Top of the 1st:
On the first pitch Denard Span hit a lead off homer, boo! The Twinkies as Keith referred to them took a 1-0 lead over the Metsies. The more Keith referred to the Twins as the Twinkies the more I wanted a twinkie and I don't even like twinkies.

Bottom of the 1st:
Slowey was not slow at all this inning. He retired the Mets in just 10 pitches, disgusting. During Wright's at bat Keith and Gary gushed about the uniforms the Metsies had on tonight. They were the off white ones with the pinstripes on them. They are really nice. But Keith only had eyes for Davey's uniform. He said "It's clean I like it." And then he told Gary how much he loves the Mets logo on Wright's bicep. Oooh the bicep. Unfortunately with 2 outs Wright's bicep did not care for this compliment and it said "I'm gonna strike out, inning over Hernandez."

Top of the 2nd:

Kubel led off this inning with a single. After this hit this pretty great convo between Gary and Keith ensued,
Keith: He took him to the bridge.
Gary: Well not quite the bridge.
Keith: Well it's baseball terminology.
Gary: So the generic bridge, not the Shea bridge.
Keith: Right like that Led Zeppelin song "Where's that confounded bridge?"
Pelf then retired Young, Punto and Slowey in order.

After the commercial break the blimp cam got a great shot of Flushing. It was really gorgeous and well of course that meant Gary and Keith would end up talking about Riker's Island. Duh, right?
Gary: Beautiful shots from the blimp tonight. Beautiful rays of sunshine filtering down from the clouds.
Keith: You ever been in that island over there before Gary?
Gary: What island is that?
Keith: That's Rikers.
Gary: I don't think I wanna be there. I've never visited, have you?
Keith: No I don't care to.

Bottom of the 2nd:
Slowey retired the Metsies (Davis, Bay and Thole) in order again. But Gary did mention something very neat during Bay's at bat. It turns out Jay is 2 hits shy of 1000 career hits! And he'll be the 10th Canadian evah to reach 1000 hits. He struck out this time around, ugh. Stuck at 998, ugh.

Top of the 3rd:
Span led off this inning with a bloop single, boo. Hudson was up next and Span continued to kill the Metsies and he stole second and Hudson singled, horrible. Keith and Gary then talked about the weather. Keith confessed that he does not like sweating at all. He doesn't like it one iota. With runners on the corners and no outs Pelf did something so huge, he struck out last year's AL MVP Joe MAUER, yay! And then Justin Morneau grounded into an inning ending double play. It was just a beautiful thing. Mauer and Morneau, two of the best hitters in baseball did not live up to their reputations at all tonight. Thank you guys!

Bottom of the 3rd:
Slowey was just on a roll. He retired Frenchy, Tejada and Pelf in order.

Top of the 4th:
Pelfrey then told Slowey, "I'm FAST-y! I'll retire some Twinkies in just 7 pitches!" And he did! Adios Cuddyer, Kubel, and Young!

Bottom of the 4th:

Hot hot hot Jose Jose Jose led off this inning with a bloop single! At this point Keith finally commented on Kevin's last name! He said, "Slowey that's a terrible name for a pitcher!" It's just a horrible surname in general. Feliciano was up next and before he could lay down the bunt, Slowey tried to pick off Reyes, he effed up and well Reyes moseyed along to 2nd base. Feliciano then sac bunted and Jose was on at 3rd with one out for WRIGHT. And Dave had the Wright stuff and he rbi doubled! Reyes scored, Davey got rib eye steak #58 and the Metsies and Twins were now all tied up at 1! THEN Isaac Benjamin Davis singled! Wright stopped at 3rd BUT he scored thanks in part to a Span ERROR! The Mets were now up 2-1. With Ike on at 1st and 1 out "I need just 2 hits to reach 1000" Bay was up. Keith admitted he just doesn't get Bay. And Bay said "Keith Canadians aren't that complex how do you like this rbi double!" So Bay got his 999th career hit, Davis scored, and the Metsies were now up 3-1 over the Twins! That rib eye steak of Bay's was his 31st. Slowey then retired Thole and Frenchy and he was out of that sticky jam, boo.

Top of the 5th:
Punto led off this inning with a double. Slowey then sac bunted and that meant Punto was on at 3rd with one out for "bloop and a blast" SPAN ahhh. Span grounded out, his bat was broken into smithereens but Punto scored. The Twinkies were now only losing 3-2, yikes. Hudson then flew out and the inning was over.

Bottom of the 5th:
Tejada who had an 8 game hitting streak going into tonight's game led off this inning with what looked like it might be a homer but it was just a double. Ruben Sandwich now has a 9 game hitting streak! Pelf then sac bunted and Tejada advanced to 3rd. At this point the Todd Zeile shenanigans I mentioned earlier actually took place. Okay back to the game. With 1 out and Tejada on 3rd Reyes hit a decent enough fly ball that was sadly caught. Ruben still tagged up and he was safe at home...barely safe that is. Young made a great throw to Mauer but Ruben somehow got his hand on the plate before Mauer could tag him. It was really a close call but I'm glad the call was in the Metsies favor! The Mets were now up 4-2 over the Twins. Feliciano then grounded out to end the inning.

Top of the 6th:
Adios Mauer, Morneau and Cuddyer! Pelf now had retired 6 straight Twinkies in order and he was done for the night. Also during this inning the blimp cam got a great shot of the FULL moon. Then Keith said, "I have to lock myself in my hotel room." Gary then asked something like "Are you doing that to protect other people from you?" Yeah now I'm confused, Keith isn't a werewolf, right? Or is he? That might explain some stuff, hmmm.

Bottom of the 6th:
Go GAGA for Wright everybody! Davey led off this inning with his 13th homer of the season! That opposite field homerun gave the Metsies a 5-2 lead over Minnesota! And Wright now has 59 rib eye steaks, oh yeah! That was all the Mets would do offensively in this inning. So that sadly means when Bay was up he didn't get his 1000th hit. He instead flew out. But there's always tomorrow afternoon for some Canadian BAY history making!

Top of the 7th:
Bobby Parnell was now pitching and he is kind of AMAZIN this season so far. He retired the Twins in order. Good night Kubel, Young and Punto! That's 9 straight Twinkies retired by Mets pitching, woohoo!

Bottom of the 7th:
The Minnesota reliever Jesse Crain was pretty great himself. Frenchy, Tejada and the pinch hitting the Animal were retired 1, 2, 3.

Top of the 8th:
Perpetual Pedro looked dynamite! He struck out Tolbert and Span for outs numero 1 and 2! 11 straight Twins retired by Mets pitching! Then Hudson hit a comebacker, Pedro threw to Ike and the inning was over. 12 straight Twinkies retired by the Mets!

Bottom of the 8th:
Although Reyes led off this inning with a single the Metsies could do nothing against Crain and Mahay. Damn their bullpen looks good.

Top of the 9th:

Frankie time! Mauer grounded out to Tejada and he was the 13th straight batter retired by Amazins pitching. But then Morneau ended this streak, BOO. He singled. And then Cuddyer got an infield hit, NOOOO. So with 1st and 2nd and 1 out Kubel was up and KRod struck him out, yay! And time to exhale folks, Young grounded out to Wright for out #3 and the ball game was over! The Metsies win!

Pelf is now 10-2, KRod has 17 saves and the Twins have lost 4 games in a row!

Tomorrow it's Santana vs Pavano. Hopefully Johan can pick up the victorino against his former squad, that would be sweet!

Let's go Mets!

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