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Jason Bay Goes 4 for 4 And He Proves HOT Weather Is A Friend To Pasty Canadians!

Game 3: Mets 11 Orioles 4
Mets Sweep

Pelfrey vs Millwood

So I've come to realize that every single time Stephen Strasburg makes a start for the Nats it's going to be a big deal. He's like Lady Gaga if she was a pitcher who had an actual disco stick basically. Today Stras got his second win but more importantly the Mets did something they haven't done since September of 2008, they swept a road series! And they scored 11 runs. That's a new high for this 2010 season!

So let's get to the recap because oh yeah this game was awesome and Gary and Ron also delivered a gem from the booth! Here we go!

Metsies starting lineup:
Carter (DH)
Feliciano (RF)

Top of the 1st:
Going into today's game Kevin Millwood had lost 7 straight decisions. This season he has already given up 16 homers and in his last 4 starts he struggled in the 1st inning. And what do you know his woes continued this afternoon. First up for Kevin was Jose Reyes who has been batting .372 since May 22nd. Reyes said "Those stats don't lie" and he led off with an infield hit (Jose now has a 6 game hitting streak!) Pagan then hit into a fielder's choice but no need to worry for Mr. Wright was up next! Davey homered, his 11th HR of the season and the Mets had a 2-0 lead over the Orioles. Wright now has more home runs than he did for the entire 2009 season, yay DAVEY!

With one out and the bases empty Isaac Benjamin Davis singled! Millwood then walked Bay and with Ike and Jay on 1st and 2nd Carter said, "DH-ing agrees with me, I'm kind of great at it" and he hit a 3 run homer! The Metsies were now up 5-0 over Baltimore. And Kevin Milwood said, "Yeah like Jose Reyes my stats don't lie either." By the way Gary and Ron mentioned that Carter has still not received his first major league home run ball. The fan who caught it is hard to negotiate with and no amount of free Mets swag has been enough for him to cough up the ball. He told the Amazins he wants some free Orioles swag too. Gosh is this dude a douche. This whole thing is kind of funny in a way but yeah it pisses me off so mister whoever you are give Chris his ball!

Also as The Animal ran the bases after hitting this 3 run blast Gary remarked, "Maybe he can get that baseball!?" And then he added, "That's not exactly a home run trot!" And then Ron made a funny, "He clocks in at 18 seconds. He almost caught Bay." But this inning wasn't over just yet! With 1 out Jesus Feliciano singled and he finally got his first major league hit, YAY! And Jesus was immediately given that ball! Cora then singled but Blanco grounded into a double play and the inning was over. But those 5 runs scored by the Mets in this first inning, yeah that's a new season high for them!

Bottom of the 1st:

Today Pelf just didn't have his stuff for most of the game. This first inning especially was tough for him. Ron believed the hot weather and the mental challenges of his last start were the main reasons Pelf struggled today. His next start will be Saturday afternoon against the Bronx Bombers. But back to the 1st inning. Corey Patterson led off with a single. Then Tejada liked what Corey did and he copied, boo. Markakis flew out to Feliciano but Patterson tagged up and he was now on 3rd base. So with 1 out and men on 1st and 3rd it was time for Wiggington to do something against his former squad. But before he got a chance to get revenge Warthen came out to talk to Pelf. Blanco and Wright came on over too and a really cute thing happened. Mike either had dirt on his cap or a bug on it and Davey wiped it off, awww.

But this talk didn't help and Wiggington was walked. Then with the bases loaded and nobody out Luke Scott was up, ugh. Wright came over now to talk to Mikey. According to Ron the two of them have formed a really tight bond. Davey is like the big brother and Mike is like his little brother. And Ron also said that Davey is not afraid to speak his mind to Pelf, he doesn't hold back, ooh.

After Dave's pep talk Scott sac flied to Bay and Patterson scored and the Orioles were only down 5-1. With 2 outs now and men on 1st and 2nd Adam Jones singled to left field, Bay's throw home was not in time and Tejada scored and the Mets lead was just 3 runs, 5-2. Thankfully Wieters flew out to Pagan and the inning was over, hallelujah!

Top of the 2nd:
After the commercial break Gary and Ron talked about bbq's and grilling. Gary told Ron he is in no way a grill master but he'll gladly get the ice. I wonder how Keith's bbq yesterday went??!! Ok back to the game. With 2 outs Wright continued to kill it this series and he doubled (his 16th 2B of the season). Unfortunately Davis then flew out to Patterson and the inning was over.

Bottom of the 2nd:
Scott Moore led off this inning with a single. Right after this hit Ron noticed that Mike was perspiring a lot. "Pelfrey's jersey is just soaking wet." Ron then reminisced about his pitching days and said in weather like this (today the thermometer actually flashed 92 degrees with 73% humidity in Baltimore) he would change his uniform 2 or 3 times throughout a game. Then Gary added that nobody ever sweat as much as Doc Gooden.

With Moore on 1st and no outs Lugo chopped one to Davey, Wright bare handed it but his throw was not in time, and Lugo was on first with an infield hit. Patterson then sac bunted and Moore and Lugo advanced to 2nd and 3rd. With one out now Tejada sac flied and Moore scored and the Mets lead was just 2 runs, 5-3. Markakis then popped up to Bay and the inning was over.

Oh and how can I forget Strasburg. Gary mentioned that after 4 innings Stras struck out 7 Indians and the Nats had a 2-1 lead over Cleveland.

Top of the 3rd:

To start this inning off Gary had to read a promo for the upcoming movie "Grownups" and well this inspired a little convo that I rather enjoyed between my men in the booth:

Gary: That's Adam Sandler and Kevin James in that group, it's gotta be funny right?
Ron: It's gotta be because that's a reach calling either of those guys grownups!
Gary: It's nuts, it's supposed to be IRONY.

Ok back to the action on the field. Bay who was wearing sunglasses at this at bat looked silly. I love Jay Bay but he can't rock the sunglasses like Jose at all.

But who cares because he led off this inning with a single and he snapped that "I haven't been able to hit in my last 16 at bats streak of his," yay! Carter then popped up. Jesus then grounded out to Moore but Jay Bay advanced to 2nd on this out! Alex Cora was up next and well Cora is kind of amazing with RISP! He may not hit otherwise but with Bay on 2nd Alex singled, Bay scored and the Mets now had a 6-3 lead over the Orioles. Blanco struck out to end the inning.

Bottom of the 3rd:
Just when I started to think Kevin Burkhardt like Frenchy had the day off he just appeared out of thin air after the commercial break. He then went on to talk about some Baltimore railroad history lesson. I fell asleep during this but I did hear him drop Honest Abe's name. I don't think he said he interviewed him but you never know with Kevin!

Besides giving up a 2 out single To Jones, Pelf was returning to the Mike we have come to love in 2010, yay!

Top of the 4th:
This is the only inning a Metsie didn't get a hit, whoa I know! Gary also added a Stras update and at this point it was the 6th inning and Stephen had a 4-1 lead over the Indians. He had now struck out 8 batters. So 22 K's in 12 innings pitched, yeah that's pretty amazing indeed. And Gary also updated us on John Maine. Maine pitched a rehab start today in Binghamton against Trenton and he was great! Check out his stats:
4IP 0R 1H 5K 2BB and he threw 63 pitches (36 strikes!)

Top of the 5th:
With the sunglasses now off and 1 out Jason Bay was up. Gary and Ron were talking about how Jerry Manuel is puzzled by Canadians. He just can't figure Jay out. They even went on to talk about the 36 homers he had hit for Boston last year and then all of a sudden Bay must of heard them and he homered!

Finally he hit a long ball on the road. He hadn't done this since September 21, 2009, oye and he hadn't homered as a Met since he hit the 2 off of Sabathia on May 21st. Yay to Bay and the Mets now had a 7-3 lead over the Orioles.

Before I move ahead here are the final stats for Strasburg's 2nd win. And oh yeah that means the Nats won, boo.
5 1/3IP 1R 2H 8K 5BB and 98 total pitches thrown
I don't know but it appears he kind of was a major underachiever this afternoon. Sheesh only 8K's what's up with that Stras. You kind of seem human, no way. Nah I'm just playing. He's just living up to the hype and he's adding something special to MLB.

Top of the 6th:
Mark Hendrickson was now pitching relief in this game and with 1 out and runners on the corners (Blanco at 3rd, Reyes at 1st) Pagan grounded into an almost double play but Moore's throw to 1st was not in time, Blanco scored, and Crazy Horse was safe at 1st. The Mets now had an 8-3 lead over the Orioles. And because David Wright likes to make teams pay for not completing should have been double plays he homered again! With Dave's 12th homer of the season the Mets now had a 10-3 lead over Baltimore, YAY! That in fact was the 14th time in Wright's career thus far that he has hit 2 home runs in a game!

Top of the 7th:
Bay was just on fire today and no no I'm not talking about his pasty skin being burned from the sun, he led off this inning with a double! Then with 1 out, Feliciano singled. Cora then sac flied, Bay tagged up and he scored because Corey Patterson has like the worst arm ever. Seriously he's terrible at making assists. So the Mets now had an 11-3 lead over the Orioles.

Bottom of the 7th:
Mejia came in to do some relief work and he wasn't great but he wasn't so terrible. With 2 outs he gave up a single to Luke Scott. Then During Jones' at bat, a pitch got away from Blanco, Scott advanced to second and Jones then singled. Scott scored and the Orioles were now down 11-4. But Jenrry got Wieters to ground out and the inning was over.

Top of the 8th:
Because I said the Mets hit in every inning besides the 4th I have to include Pagan's lead off double! Sadly the Mets couldn't add more runs to the scoreboard but oh well a 7 run lead works for me.

Bottom of the 8th:

Rocketboy was back! He got Moore, Lugo and Patterson to all fly out! Yay to retiring the side in order Iggy!

Top of the 9th:
Bay continued to show off and he got his 4th hit of the night, an infield hit. And he hustled to that bag oh he did! Yay Bay. He was so close to going for the cycle and again the Mets didn't score, oh well.

Bottom of the 9th:

Valdes came in for some relief work to close this one out and he was back to his old great ways just like Iggy!

The Mets Swept the Orioles! And Pelfrey is now 9-1, how awesome is that!

So tomorrow the Mets are off and game 1 against the Indians is Tuesday night. Santana will be on the mound. But because of this off day Ron said that means the Metsies will check out the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland. And he told Gary he should do that too and particularly he should ask to be shown a secret Jimi Hendrix exhibit! I hope Cohen does this because that sounds awesome!

Oh this series was just marvelous! Keep it up boys!

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