Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Call The Mets Betty White Because Oh Yeah They Are Hot In Cleveland!

Game 2: Mets 8 Indians 4

Niese vs Talbot

After tonight's victorino the Mets have won 6 games in a row! AND if the Braves could have lost, the Amazins would be holding the top spot in the division. Well there's still tomorrow for that!

Tonight 23 year old Jonathan Niese from Defiance, Ohio had a lot of pressure on him. Not only was he pitching against his favorite team growing up as a kid but his family was in the stands. Like 50 Nieses or so were at Progressive Field. Now that might be a lot of pressure for some pitchers but it was a NIESE of cake for Jon! And with this Mets victory Jon won his 3rd straight start and well that's not something you do every day. What's also something you don't do everyday? Score 5 runs in an inning. Oh wait after tonight's 3rd inning that is something the Mets have done over the last 3 games!

Let's now get to the Mets highlights and well the Jason Bay blooper reel!

Top of the 2nd:
With one out and nobody on Jason Bay grounded a ball, he hustled down the first base line because that's what he does day in and day out and as he beat out the throw to Marte at first, he tripped over Marte's foot and scared the shit out of every Met fan on the planet. Jason Bay took a tumble like no other and it was a miracle he got right back on his feet! I'm pretty sure after that play Pee Wee Herman because of course he's a Metsies fan who watches every game said, "Jason Bay meant to do that!" Unfortunately Talbot was able to get out of the inning without giving up any runs, BOO to that. But yay to Jay Bay's infield hit and his tough as nails ways!

Top of the 3rd:

With one out Ruben Tejada started off this amazing inning with a single! Jose Reyes also singled (and now he has an 8 game hitting streak) and Tejada advanced to third base. So now with 1st and 3rd and 1 out Angel Pagan proved he's the man once again and he doubled, Tejada scored, and Reyes moved on down to 3rd! The Metsies now had a 1-0 lead over the Indians and Pagan got his 27th rib eye steak! Next David Wright said, "I want to lead the National League in RBI's" and well he got his wish! Davey doubled, Pagan and Reyes both scored, the Mets took a 3-0 lead over Cleveland and Wright got his 51st and 52nd rib eye steaks! And yep Dave's leading the NL in rib eye steaks! Yay to red meat! With one out and Wright on 2nd Isaac Benjamin Davis also doubled! Davey scored and the Mets lead was now 4-0 over the Indians. And then Bay doubled too, Ike scored and the Mets scored their 5th run of the inning. And like I said before this is the 3rd straight game the Mets have had a 5 run inning! Carter then grounded out and Barajas popped out and the side was retired.

Bottom of the 4th:
The one Indian that has been a Mets killer over the last two days has been Shelley Duncan. Before Shelley's at bat this inning I made fun of his name to my Dad. I said how it was kind of a girlish name and well I should never mock a man who Gary Cohen says "looks like a tree." Yeah Duncan's huge and well with one swing of the bat he said, "Eff you Danielle, your name is silly too and he got a 2 run homer." The Indians were now down by only 3 runs, ugh, 5-2.

Top of the 5th:

The Metsies didn't score in this inning but I have to give a shout out to IKE! Isaac Benjamin Davis doubled again! That double was his 13th of the season!

Bottom of the 5th:
With 2 outs and Donald on at 3rd Carlos Santana played his guitar, oh wait wrong Santana, this Santana got a base hit, Donald scored and the Metsies lead was cut to just 2 runs, 5-3. But oh wait Santana right after Donald reached home, was overly aggressive sliding into 2nd, he slid off the bag, Bay made a great throw to Tejada that was right on the money, and Santana was out and the inning was over! Pee Wee Herman now said, "That Bay assist, Jay meant to do that!"

Top of the 6th:

Chris Carter led off this inning with a double! Could these Metsies hit doubles against the Indians tonight or what! Barajas then singled and Carter advanced to 3rd. So with runners on the corners and nobody out FRENCHY singled, The Animal scored, Barajas advanced to 2nd base, Jeff got his 36th rib eye steak of the season and the Mets had a 3 run lead once again over the Indians, 6-3! Ruben Sandwich then sac bunted and Frenchy and Barajas were now on 2nd and 3rd with 1 out for Jose Reyes! Reyes unfortunately grounded out to Marte and Jeff and Rod stayed put. But then Angel once again came through in the clutch and he singled! Both men scored and the Metsies took an 8-3 lead over Cleveland! Talbot was taken out of the game and the new pitcher in for relief was the Harvard graduate Frank Herrmann. Btw he graduated with an economics degree, NERD! Well he's a smarty pants who can also pitch and he struck out David Wright, BOO!

Bottom of the 6th:
The Indians didn't score this inning but it's important to note that Jason Bay left the game in this sixth inning with a bruised left quad. He is day-to-day. I am going to assume he won't start tomorrow and hopefully he'll feel well enough to take on the Yanks Friday! I hope that's the case and his injury is not worse than this because if it is I'll feel pretty bad for making my Pee Wee Herman joke. BTW Jesus Feliciano came in to take over the left field duties.

Top of the 7th:

The Mets did nothing this inning but I was fascinated by the battle of the smarty pants! It was 2 outs and nobody was on and it was time for Chris "Stanford" Carter vs Frank "Harvard" Herrmann! Unfortunately Mr. I graduated Standford in 3 1/4 years popped up and Harvard won this duel. Boo!

After 7 innings Niese was out of the game and really he has just been phenomenal since coming back from the DL!
7IP 8H 3ER 2BB 3K

Top of the 8th:
The Mets didn't score this inning but Frenchy got a 1 out double! That was the 7th Metsies double of the night!

Bottom of the 8th:

Mejia and then Dessens pitched this inning. The Indians added another run to cut the Mets lead to 8-4. Dessens was then given the ok by Jerry to stay in for the 9th!

Bottom of the 9th:
Marte led off this inning and he flew out, 1 out! Then Donald struck out, yay, 2 outs! The former Met with two last names, Anderson Hernandez then singled, BOOOOOOOO! But all is ok because Choo then flew out to Felicano, the side was retired and the ball game was over!

The Mets win, the Mets win!

Tomorrow night R.A Dickey and the Metsies will be going for the SWEEP! I wonder what book Dickey will be reading before his start? "Last Of The Mohicans"?

Hopefully the Tampa Bay Rays can beat the Braves tomorrow since they were useless tonight!

And if it's not too much to ask Gary and Ron let's get some great booth action manana. Tonight there was not enough tomfoolery at all! I miss Keith!

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