Monday, June 21, 2010

The Subway Series And The Never Ending LADY GAGA SAGA!

Game 3: Yanks 4 Mets 0
CC Sabathia VS. Johan Santana Part II

Hey guys I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get to yesterday's game and well the LADY GAGA updates that I'm about to blow your mind with. Here's my excuse for my tardiness with this posting. After the game I rushed to meet my friends so we could head over to Williamsburg to see Band Of Horses and Grizzly Bear in concert. And if you were wondering they were both amazing live!
And there were tons of Mets fans there. There was a dude in an Ike Davis shirt, YAY! Then a guy wanted to use my friend's lighter and he had a Mets cap on(oh and he had on Metsies flip flops too) and well of course I had to talk to him and we both agreed that we are loving this team. I asked him if he was a hardcore R.A. Dickey fan and he was like "I don't know if I'm hardcore but you seem to know a lot more about him than I do but I like him!" Oh I hope I don't come off as a sports snob, yikes.

So see even when you least expect it you can meet a fellow Amazin fan, you can talk about the good times and then really a loss like yesterday's to the Yanks is not as terrible. And what can we say about this loss really? It sucked. Losing to the Yanks is just the pits and being shutout by them, yeah it's not fun at all.

So now I'm just gonna give a rundown of all the real important things from yesterday's game and of course that means there will be great words of wisdom from KEITH!

Keith let everyone know that yesterday was in fact the 100th anniversary of FATHER'S DAY. The first FATHER'S DAY was on June 19, 1910, WHOA. Keith really did his research! Well done Mr. Hernandez!

Then as Reyes was up to bat to lead off the top of the 1st Kevin Burkhardt was doing a segment on the bleacher creatures and well Yankee Stadium told him he was a menace to society and he was not allowed to sit down with the fans. He had to uncomfortably stand around the stands and well do his report as security watched his every move very very closely. Keith blamed the SNY baby blue polo shirt Kev was wearing. That shirt is dangerous!

Now to the actual game. Bay led off the top of the 2nd inning and Gary taught us a great statistics lesson! He said that when Bay leads off innings he's batting .424 and when he's not he's batting .234. Keith said Bay just doesn't have enough "OOMPH" in his swing right now. Bay then hit a long long fly ball that sadly was not out of the ball park like he had previously done against Sabathia the first time these two faced each other this season way back on May 23rd. Boo to no long ball by Bay yesterday. I guess his swing is at an "OOM?"

ARod was 0-11 in this series. Seriously that's fun right!?

The last time Santana faced the Yankees at Yankee stadium he only got to pitch 3 innings and well he had given up 9 runs. The Yankees clobbered us 15-0. Yeah I hated being reminded of this GARY but I get why you had to do it. Maybe you wanted to warn us. Damn you and your foreshadowing ways!

And to the bottom of the 3rd which SUCKED. Having said this, the outcome was kind of predictable. At least I thought it was. Gardner led off the inning with a single. Jeter had "the edge" again and he then got on base with an infield hit. Then Swisher bunted and yep he was on 1st with a hit too. So the bases were loaded for the not really slumpy Mcslumpy Mark Teixeira. And yes if you didn't know going into yesterday's game the Yankees were batting .414 with the bases loaded and yes they had hit 6 grand salamis this season already. And Mark said "Yay lunch meat, yay salami" and he hit a grand slam, BOOOOOOO! That grand slam was the 3rd one Santana has given up this season and yeah the Yankees have now hit 7 grand salamis this season. I hate that stat, ick.

The Mets really only had two times to comeback in this one and both times they failed and proved they might hate their fathers! Oh I'm joking I know they love their dads. In the top of the 6th Tejada led off with a double but then Reyes, Pagan and Wright did NOTHING at all. Then the best chance to say "Oh Jeter and the Yankees we now have 'the edge'" came in the top of the 7th. Davis and Bay were on first and second,nobody was out and Barajas was up. This seemed like a perfect opportunity for Rod to prove he's GOD once again. But nope he struck out. And then Tatis grounded into a double play and the inning was over and pretty much the Metsies were too.

Before the bottom of the 8th it started pouring like a mother effer, whoa. I mean Mother Nature must not be a fan of fathers or something. As a result PIX 11 showed us 20 minutes or so of an episode of "FRASIER" during this rain delay. And yep when it was time for the game to start again they just abruptly put it on and it was goodbye Frasier Crane. I now have no idea what happened in this episode. Frasier was possibly going to fight a man who harshly reviewed his radio show and nope I don't know the ending. Oh well. Does anyone know what happened?

Well because of this rain delay CC Sabathia did not pitch a complete game. And yeah I'm pretty sure he would of if it wasn't for mother nature. So in the top of the 9th Rivera came in for a non-save situation and again he made his job look so easy and the Yankees won 4-0, ick ick ick.

Well because this outcome sucked and it still does blow let's laugh and that means I'm catching you up with your latest Lady Gaga info and it's great!

So the last time I blogged about Gaga it was about how she was indeed pretty naked at Yankee stadium and how it boggles my mind that she can't afford pants!!?? Or shorts?

Then I read this on Sunday. It turned out the impromptu show Gaga put on at Yankee Stadium this past Friday night had resulted in her being exiled to Elba with Napoleon Bonaparte. Okay it’s not that bad but she was now never allowed to enter the Yankees clubhouse EVER again. She had been given a big fat scarlet letter “B” for BANNED by Hal Steinbrenner!

Supposedly this is what went down. After the Metsies won the game Friday Gaga wanted to meet ARod, Cano and some other Yanks so she and her two friends became pals-ies with stadium security, and well foolish security let the girls in. Yeah security is real safe at Yankee Stadium I see. They just let in anyone if they are naked and famous.

After the girls entered the clubhouse Gaga was boozing it up big time, her drink of choice “Jameson Irish Whiskey,” and well under the influence Gaga is more uninhibited than well she normally is. How can that be right? The NY Post reports that she was “swigging whiskey and repeatedly fondling her boobs.” Oh and besides being a drunk girl and playing with her melons Gaga turned into a FAN-GIRL and well she was trying to tell the players she got to meet (which included Cano and ARod) how much she loves them blah blah blah.

It turned out Hal, club president Randy Levine, general manager Brian Cashman and manager Joe Girardi were in the dark about what was going on Friday. But they now know and like I said Gaga’s got the scarlet letter “B” across her chest.

At this time I had a feeling George Costanza would not have minded this Gaga show but I could have been wrong!

And then I wondered if she attends little league games too. That would be awkward. I still do ponder this.

And now to today and do you know that Lady Gaga is still making all the headlines due to her baseball game antics?! Well she is. AND THIS JUST IN Gaga has not been banned from the clubhouse; it's completely FALSE! Oh how the papers are rumormongers at times!

It turns out Yanks GM Brian Cashman actually said, “She didn’t do anything wrong.” He is actually blaming the security staff entirely for the events that went down Friday night. So Gaga TELEPHONE the parental units because you are SAFE at home plate. According to Cashman celebs are allowed to chat it up with the Yankees in a “designated area adjacent to the locker room.” BUT this mingling with Bronx Bombers is only allowed after a Yankees win. He in fact said, “There is a time and place for that, and it’s certainly not after a loss and not at the expense of the media doing their job.” And then he busted out into song, Cashman does a mean rendition of PAPARAZZI!

So Gaga can keep fondling her melons and swigging whiskey in her studded bra and panties, YAY! Or no is this not a good thing? I’m confused now! I guess it’s great if you like the Yankees because maybe she's the reason the Yanks clobbered our squad. She does know a thing or two about disco sticks, hmmmm. Yes this is all highly suspicious now.

I must admit that I would like for her to wear that classic “Kermit The Frog” inspired outfit of hers the next time she attends a Yankees game. Come on who is with me? Anybody?

BTW Robinson Cano who was excited to meet Miss Gemanotta said, “You can’t avoid (her music) here in the states. She’s all over the place. She’s a great singer-she can sing. I tell you that. I just wanted to say hi.”

Oh and this is not the end of my GAGA update. The best is yet to come.

Okay now to the funniest thing ever! Wednesday night at the Mets/Tigers game at Citi Field the first 20,000 fans to enter the stadium will get a blue over-sized foam finger (nope not the middle finger but the index finger) that will say on it “Make Wright #1!” The Mets are basically going to use Gaga’s flipping the bird antics as a way to urge fans to vote for David Wright to make the All Star Team. I love it! They call it the “Go Gaga For Wright” campaign! This should be amazing on Wednesday because Jerry Seinfeld is joining Keith Hernandez, Gary Cohen and Ron Darling in the booth and well if I know my men in the booth and Jerry Seinfeld (and oh I know their antics) Gaga will be discussed. I can’t wait! “What’s the deal with Lady Gaga? What is a Gaga? Goo Goo Gaga.” Yeah I envision great things from J Dog. Yay Seinfeld!

Today is an off day for the Metsies and boy is Keith glad about that. He gets to go back to Sag Harbor and see his kitty cat. The cat's name was like Holby or Hoagy or Hold Me, something with an H! OH and tomorrow Jon Niese returns to Citi Field for the first time since his complete game 1 hit shutout! Mets/Tigers, it should be a great series!

And I almost forgot if you guys have a radio handy at 6:30PM Steve Somers, “The Schmoozer” on WFAN will be talking to his buddy Jerry Seinfeld!

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