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Pelfrey Sings A Sweet Lullaby And He Tells Mets Fans They Can Sleep Peacefully Tonight!

Game 2: Mets 4 Padres 2

Pelfrey Vs. LeBlanc

If you didn't get the memo I'll deliver the message the Mets didn't play the San Diego Chargers tonight! YAY!

Pelf was on the mound and as Gary Cohen said during this game, "After a Mets loss Pelfrey has been money." And oh Mike was en fuego tonight! He was the STOPPER the Mets needed after last night's devastating, horrible no good very bad game!

So let's get to the game and the action in the booth! And there were plenty of booth shenanigans!

Top of the 1st:

The limping Castillo was walked with one out, Bay singled and Davis who had gone hit-less in his last 9 at bats got off the SCHNEID! Ike singled! The bases were now loaded for Wright and Gary remarked, "This is the type of pitcher David eats for lunch." And David said "I'll take a ham and cheese on rye" and he singled, Castillo scored, BUT Bay was thrown out at the plate, BOO. The Mets took a 1-0 lead over the Padres. Also in this inning the camera man got a great shot of Tony Gwynn checking out some notes on the Mets and this led Gary to say, "I've never seen that before it's like a quarterback with the plays written on his wrist." I wonder what Daddy Gwynn has to say about this, hmmmm!?

Bottom of the 1st:
Besides a 2 out Gonzalez walk given up by Pelfrey this inning was most notable for the comments Gary made about Luis Castillo. Gary remarked that, "He's not running 100%. He's not even walking 100%." Before Gary had said this my Dad and I realized that Luis doesn't limp when he's fielding, he looks perfectly healthy, what's up with that? I still after this game don't get this but oh well. And kidding aside, he's really hurting, it's hard to watch.

Top of the 2nd:
When Rod led off this inning Gary commented, "Barajas at age 34 is having a revelatory season." And then he talked about the all star game and that Rod wants to be an all star. So folks let's vote for our MVP of the season thus far and well make Rod's dream come true!

Bottom of the 2nd:
Nick "No relation to Todd or Randy" Hundley led this inning off with an infield hit but that was just fine because with one out and Denorfia at the plate the speedy for a catcher Hundley tried to steal second and Barajas said no stolen base for you, that's out number 2! Go Rod! Then Denorfia popped up and Ike did his thang and made another one of those phenomenal catches of his. Ron and Gary were worried that because there was no railing Ike wouldn't be able to make the play but no worries Ike made the catch and the inning was over!

Top of the 3rd:
This was an easy inning for LeBlanc but what wasn't so easy from this point on was listening to Kevin Burkhardt in the booth. Gary and Ron for some reason, maybe they hate me, decided to invite Kevin in to do some announcing. I was not a fan of this decision.

At this point in the game I also noticed that Kevin and Ron had on the same tie, freaky right!!?? Was this planned? And if it was planned why didn't Ron and Gary tell Kevin they were wearing khaki colored suit jackets tonight? Poor Kevin was the lone man in a blue blazer. Also why is it when Keith is in the booth the men slum it, you know they do the whole casual polo shirt and khakis look. But without Keith Ron and Gary are all of a sudden the two wild and crazy tie and suit wearing guys! Are they trying to make Keith look bad? Do they want Kevin to take his place? Were they grooming him tonight? Am I asking too many questions? Probably. I miss KEITH!

Bottom of the 4th:

After this inning Pelf had retired 8 Padres in a row. And I have to mention Gary and Ron's talk about the Buffalo Bisons. SNY before this inning started advertised that this Thursday the big deal sensation Stephen Strasberg and the Chiefs will be playing the Bisons. Gary transformed into a junior high school English teacher and said, "They do know that the plural of bison is bison." Ron then chimed in with, "It's good they don't call themselves the deers."

Top of the 5th:
Kevin Burkhardt revealed some very important information during Ike Davis'at bat. Ike came to bat with 2 outs and Castillo on first. Kevin said that Ike tells Manuel that during every at bat of his Jerry must watch his hips. Unfortunately the hips said "I'm going to fly out to end the inning," this time around. I wish Ike's hips had lied and gotten a hit, BOO.

During the bottom of the 5th a great conversation took place between Gary, Ron and Kevin after they saw the nachos lady ladling out huge dollops of CHEESE:

We came from the sausage capital of the world, Milwaukee, but that's as much cheese in a vat as I've ever seen.
Ron: Queso.
Gary: It's a queso heart attack if you eat enough of it.
Ron: Mike Pelfrey is throwing some cheese tonight.
Gary: Yes he is, he's on his game. (Then Gary had to go back to the nacho lady) I mean that's a lot of cheese.
Ron: Go for the double ladle I guess. Throw some jalapenos on top and go get them.

Now Burkhardt decided to chime in and well he's kind of a conversational cock block. There's a great chemistry between Ron and Gary and with Kevin he just ruins it! Ok back to the convo!

What's missing there is the big tub of beef that's going to be poured right now. I think that's in the next pot.
Ron: What are those re-fried beans?
Kevin: That's in the warehouse that's another great thing about the warehouse, absolute filth.
Now Gary and Ron talked about how it's not so fair that they never get to tour the stadium, see the warehouse and well try out gourmet food like Burkhardt and they proposed a good old switcharoo. One game they decided Kevin will do the booth duties and they'll get to live it up Burkhardt style. I wonder if SNY will let this happen?

Top of the 6th:
David Wright led off this inning with a solo homer, his 9th of the season. The Mets now had a 2-0 lead over San Diego!

Bottom of the 6th:

Eckstein got a 2 out double, Tony Gwynn who was walked to lead off this inning scored and the Mets lead was just 2-1 at this point.

Top of the 7th:

Ike Davis told us Mets fans not to worry that SCHNEID of his is for really reals over and he got a 2 run homer, his 6th of the season! The Mets now had a 4-1 lead over the Padres. And we really needed these two insurance runs!

Before the bottom of the 7th Ron and Gary finally gave Kevin the boot from the booth! Yay, no more "I was talking to so and so..." Burkhardt. But seriously who hadn't Kevin spoken to before tonight's game? I am pretty sure he even chatted it up with Hairston's cousin three times removed.

Bottom of the 8th:
Pelfrey tied his career high for strike outs in a game with 8K's! The 8th batter he K'd tonight, Tony Gwynn! I wonder what Papa Gwynn thought of this!? Pelf was taken out of this game after he finished up the 8th inning and it was up to KRod to save this game for Mikey and the Metsies!

Top of the 9th:
Frankie decided he was going to scare us fans a little bit tonight. Retiring the side in order is overrated right??!! But no worries KRod did get the save. Eckstein led this inning off with a double, ouch! With 1 on and 1 out Headley singled, Eckstein moved to third and the hot hot hot Hundley was up to bat. Nick got an infield hit, Eckstein scored and the Padres started to chip away at the Mets lead which was now just 4-2. However something came over Frankie and he got his act together, YAY, and Rodriguez struck out Hairston and Denorfia to end this game! Pelfrey got win #8 and the Mets won on the road! YAY!

Tomorrow it's Santanarama time! Johan do your thang and let's win this series Metsies!

And SNY please don't let Kevin in the booth again. It's pure magic when he's doing his schtick in the stands, let's keep it that way!

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