Monday, June 28, 2010

This Just In: R. A. Dickey Is A Mere Mortal

San Juan Series 2010

Game 1: Los Marlins 10 NY Metropolitans 3

Dickey vs Nolasco

The Marlins snap their 4 game losing streak, ugh.

So after this nightmare of a game I think the Mets owe us fans Bacon Club Chalupas from Taco Bell and some of that RUM of Puerto Rico that was so heavily advertised tonight. Yep they need to pay up now.

Well what can really be said about this game? It sucked. I look forward to when Dickey starts and well I guess we all got a reality check kick in the butt tonight. Ouch my tush hurts right now. Dickey is human and he will lose some games this season and that first loss was indeed tonight. He just got control of his knuckleball too late. That's really the saddest part of it all.

So let's get to this not so fun recap. But don't fret folks I have some great Keith Hernandez material to cheer us up with in a bit.

In the bottom of the 1st Coghlan scored on an error by Reyes and Los Marlins took a 1-0 lead over the Metsies.

In the top of the 2nd with one out Jason Bay hit an opposite field bomb to tie this ball game at 1-1! Now Jason has 5 homers. After this magical swing of the bat Gary said, "We just had to get him off the mainland!" I loled.

In the bottom of the 3rd with 1st and 3rd and no outs Gaby Sanchez the Met assassin got a 2 run double and the Marlins were now up 3-1 over the Metsies and they would never look back. Then Ramirez rbi doubled to give the fish a 4-1 lead. At this point I started to think it's really good there are all those rums of Puerto Rico and could SNY get them to us fans and well me ASAP. I'm still waiting on my rum. With 2 outs and Ramirez on 2nd Cody Ross the other Met assassin got a base hit and Hanley scored and Los Marlins were now up 5-1 over the not-so-Amazins. At this point it was WTF nooooo Deja Vu. The last time we faced the Marlins on the road (because this game in San Juan is a home series for the Marlins) they swept us. History better not repeat itself. Please. And if it does please make sure to ship me some of this rum of Puerto Rico.

Eventually the Dickey we have come to know and love returned but it was too late at this point. After giving up that base hit to Ross in the bottom of the third he retired the next 7 Marlins in a row which was awesome but again the damage had already been done.

Nieve came in for some relief work in the bottom of the 6th and well he made me want some more of that rum that I still had not received. With 1 out and nobody on that damn Met killer Cody Ross homered and the Marlins were now up 6-1 over the Metsies.

But in the top of the 7th Jason Bay wanted to prove that even if no other Met is liked by Hiram Bithorn Stadium he sure is. With 2 outs and Wright on at 1st Jason hit another BOMB-BAY! This 2 run homer cut the Marlins lead to 6-3. And now Jason has 6 homers this season.

In the bottom of the 7th Nieve decided he wanted to continue to give up homers when he's pitching in relief and with 1 out Coghlan solo homered and Los Marlins extended their lead to 7-3 over the Mets.

In the bottom of the 8th Igarashi felt left out that he hadn't given up a homer I guess and with 2 outs and men on 1st and 2nd that 20 year old rookie of the Marlins Mike Stanton homered. Iggy gave up a POP. The Marlins were now up 10-3 over the Metsies and any chance of a comeback in the top of the 9th by the Amazins seemed impossible and it was. Yes I really wanted that rum right now. You think Rocketboy could have well taken his rocket and brought it to me in seconds. But nope he did not. Boo to that Iggy.

Well with this loss Dickey is now 6-1. I really was naive and thought he'd still have an untarnished record going into the all star break. Oh foolish me. And besides that Tejada was hitless and that 10 game hitting streak of his is now over.

But really to sum up this game, Nolasco was just too good tonight. At one point Nolasco had retired 15 straight Metsies in a row before the Wright single and that BOMB-BAY in the 7th. Then Brian Sanches and Jose Veras came on in for some great relief work in the the 8th and 9th innings. Way to live up to "The Marlins bullpen SUCKS" reputation, NOT. Just terrible.

But what's not terrible and in fact it's a lot of fun, all the great things Keith said tonight. So let's wipe our tears away and get our Hernandez on!

Keith thinks if you live down in San Juan you can become a RUMMY. I assume that means a person who drinks rum non-stop.

He also mentioned that there are a lot of things you can do with rum but he didn't say what they are. I imagine one of these things is to deny a Met fan like myself who is suffering throughout this game some rum.

Keith loves Spanish architecture in San Juan and in particular he loves the arches.

Keith saw Francouer at the pool today. Were they wearing Speedos?

Keith decided to rerun his material at one point but that's okay because this rerun is like a great rerun of Seinfeld. Hernandez talked about how his favorite author is John Steinbeck. He loves Steinbeck's novel "The Winter Of My Discontent." And although John wrote this novel while he was in Sag Harbor you don't have to be from Sag Harbor to read it. Keith said it will entertain anyone regardless of where he or she lives.

A WAVE was taking place in the stadium and Keith called it a "BACARDI fueled wave." Btw these fans just know how to have a good time. They just play with their thunder sticks and disregard the scoreboard. I wish I could have done that and well had some rum.

Unlike Cosmo Kramer, Keith has never been a fan of cigars. He says they can stink up a house in a heartbeat.

Keith thinks the moon looks great in High Definition and he can say this because they have HD monitors in the booth.

Hernandez after seeing the moon thought about how much he likes sci-fi movies and HG Wells.

Keith took a walk on the beach today. The water was very warm.

Tomorrow he may visit Old San Juan. He has never been there and he'd like to take a look at his Spanish roots.

Keith did not mention how he wants a Taco Bell Bacon Club Chalupa but if he saw the commercial before the 8th inning like I did I think he would have been tempted to go off his diet.

It took Keith until the top of the 8th to realize the Marlins uniforms said LOS MARLINS. He then assumed that the Marlins are male, LOS=male.

If Los Marlins are male he then pondered is LAS VEGAS feminine????!! His conclusion was YES.

On Saturday in Washington DC Keith said he'll go along with Gary to visit some museums because that game will be nationally televised. Of course FOX gets the Strasburg vs Metsies game. Gary and Keith were upset about this. Then it turned out moments later Keith told Gary he wouldn't be going to any museums with him because he's not flying to Washington DC. He's off for that series. Boo to that Keith!

Well that's it folks. Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully San Juan will be kinder to the Mets.

Takahashi do that thing you liked to do against the Yankees tomorrow. That Hisanori would be gladly welcomed. And seriously SNY send me some RUM.

And I almost forgot to mention Strasburg pitched against the Braves tonight and he was useless. He lost his 2nd straight start and the Braves won 5-0. Again I repeat SNY send me some RUM. Or ESPN 2 you can!


fafhrd said...

I think Dickey was generally good tonight, but the Mets' defense took a while to figure out how to handle the gigantic foul territory space that the stadium had. That's why a bunch of those doubles happened- Jesus Feliciano isn't Angel Pagan, and Jeff Francouer was too far over to the right to factor into the equation.

Moral of the story? Stop having spasms, Pagan.

Danielle said...

Oh I totally agree with you. Dickey was good after he settled in and that ball stopped doing that bad dancing. I prefer when it does the CHA CHA. It's a shame that the offense the Mets usually provide for RA's starts just wasn't there today. But those BOMB-BAYS were great! And yes those Pagan spasms must end now, POOF he's healed. That will work right? I hope he comes back soon. And with Feliciano his dad was at the game and Jesus just couldn't do anything for his POPS or us. And in other Metsie defense news after Reyes was heralded on his performance at SS this season which has been stellar it was a shame he bobbled those grounders and well he just can't handle that artificial turf I guess. And do you remember that foul pop up that dropped right btwn Ike and Ruben. Yeah it just was not the best defensive showing at all tonight. But let's hope tomorrow all these kinks are worked out!