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Why Hello R.A. Dickey's 6th Consecutive Win And 2.33 ERA! Those Stats Are Real And Spectacular!

Game 2: Mets 5 Tigers 0

Jeremy Bonderman vs. R.A. Dickey

So the last time Keith Hernandez and Jerry Seinfeld shared tv time Jerry had told Keith their relationship was moving too fast and NO he would not help Hernandez move into his new apartment! "The Boyfriend" is definitely one of the best Seinfeld episodes ever! And well tonight the two men reunited and it was delightful! Jerry joined Gary and Keith in the booth in the 3rd inning and he didn't leave until the 7th inning stretch because yeah I guess he needed to stretttttch! As Jerry kept saying during his stay in the booth, "Dickey is pitching a WHALE of a game" and R.A. sure did. My favorite games are these Dickey outings and this one did not disappoint at all. Oh and I almost forgot it was all about the index finger power at Citi Field. It was "Go Gaga For Wright" night and well the index finger is a good finger according to Seinfeld! So wave those index fingers in the air and let's get to this recap and the tomfoolery in the booth!

Top of the 1st:
This first inning was the only time Dickey really was in a jam. But he's a Houdini and he can get out of any sticky situation! Johnny Damon was the lead off man and before he swung the bat Keith said, "He's mired in a deep slump" and yep Damon is. Before this at bat, Johnny had just 2 hits in his last 23 at bats. And what do you know he's still mired in that slump, Johnny flew out! Santiago was then walked and Ordonez singled. So with 1 out and men on 1st and 2nd Cabrera flew out, 2 outs, YAY. But then who was up to bat with 2 outs and still men on 1st and 2nd, the dangerous Brennan Boesch. Keith wanted to let everyone know that he in no way agrees with the masses and in fact he doesn't think Boesche's swing is mechanical at all. Nope he's no cyborg. He just has a fluid swing that's awkward or something like that. Yeah that's pretty much how Keith put it. And Boesche was walked, AHHHH. Now the bases were loaded with 2 outs for Carlos Guillen. Guillen grounded out to Ruben sandwich and the side was retired!

Bottom of the 1st:
The hot hot hot Jose Jose Jose led off this inning with a triple! That triple was his 6th 3B of the season! Btw very interesting to note, since Reyes returned to the lead off spot on May 15th he has had a .333 batting average, he's hit 5 homers, he has 19 rib eye steaks and his on base percentage is .372! Yeah he's hot hot hot. Unfortunately the other Metsies this inning were experiencing global cooling. Pagan struck out, Wright then on the 1st pitch grounded out to third and Ike was gaga for Wright and he too grounded out and Reyes was left stranded at 3rd, boo.

Oh I forgot to mention Strasburg was pitching today too and at this point Gary updated the Stras stats! In 6 innings pitched, Stras had struck out 9 Royals but the Nats were losing 1-0. So basically in his first 4 starts Stephen has struck out 41 guys. Yep he sucks. Oh how I kid.

Before the 2nd inning that darn FIBERAMA commercial came on and well I was actually at Fiberama today, WHOA. Like they say "You gotta go to Fiberama." I only saw one of the dudes from the commercial though. Total let down.

Top of the 2nd:
Brandon Inge led off this inning and Keith remarked, "Gary is this a typo?" Keith announced that Inge had struck out 170 times last season. Gary informed Keith this was indeed true and Hernandez was about to make me LOL for reals. He said, "I would seriously have to consider hurting myself if I struck out that much." Then Boesche flew out to Pagan, it was a great play and Keith shouted "MUSTANG SALLY." Gary was boggled by this and I kind of was too. But then Keith was all I have it on LP! And I assume Keith must have thought this up because well the mustang is a fast car, Pagan is fast. Or not? Step aside Crazy Horse, I think Pagan has a new nickname! Avila then hit a 1 out single and Bonderman bunted. BUT Isaac Benjamin Davis made a great diving catch on his knees, he threw to Tejada and Avila was doubled up at 1st and the side was retired. Seriously Ike stop being so awesome, nah please don't.

Bottom of the 2nd:
I think the Mets let Bonderman retire the side in like a flash because well they wanted it to be the third inning already. They too were excited for Jerry Seinfeld in the booth!

Top of the 3rd:

Jerry Seinfeld wanted an introduction from Gary and he was pleased with it. And now joining us in the booth is "the most iconic performer of his time" Jerry Seinfeld! Keith went with, "Hello Seinfeld!" Jerry then returned the favor and complimented Gary and Keith nonstop. He luffs Gary and Keith and said this is the "best booth in baseball." And of course I agree with that statement! Damon led this inning off and he singled. Ugh I wanted him to stay mired in that slump. During Santiago's at bat, Damon moved on over to 2nd on a wild pitch. But it didn't matter at all. Dickey then retired the side, adios Santiago, Ordonez and Cabrera. That's just how R.A. rock and rolls.

Bottom of the 3rd:
Right after the commercial break SNY aired a clip from "The Boyfriend." It was the scene where George and Jerry are in the locker room and all of a sudden Keith walks in and he tells Jerry "I love your comedy."

Keith then told Gary and Jerry that he never felt comfortable saying that line. That's just not how he talks. Well we know this. The line should have been, "Coconuts, bombaronis, Jerry I really like your style out there, dipsy doo." Jerry admitted that Keith was the guest star he was the most excited to meet. Take that Paul O'Neill and Derek Jeter! Jerry then made fun of Keith in those "Just For Men" commercials. He did that a lot and I rather enjoyed it. But back to the action, after Tejada and Dickey both grounded out, Reyes hit a 2 out single. Yeah he's en fuego, whoa. With Pagan now up Jerry revealed that his wife Jessica has been a huge fan of Angel's and she knew he would do great things this season. It turns out Jess was actually a Yankees fan but Jerry converted her. Well done sir! Then Reyes stole 2nd on a pitch out (his 19th SB of the season) and Pagan was walked! So with 2 outs and men on 1st and 2nd Wright said "I love me some red meat" and he rbi doubled, Reyes scored, the Metsies took a 1-0 lead over the Tigers and Wright now has 56 rib eye steaks! Davis then grounded out to end the inning. Jerry then said right before the commercial break, "When are we gonna talk about Lady Gaga that's why I'm here!"

Top of the 4th:
After this commercial break SNY showed the scene from "The Boyfriend" where Elaine and Keith are in Keith's car and well they are getting all hot and heavy. Keith said that scene took about 8 takes and he then remarked, "I botched a few on purpose. I didn't give my A game."

After retiring Boesche and Guillen, Dickey gave up a 2 out single to Inge, boo. And then Avila was up and well it was also time to talk about Lady Gaga. Jerry said when he called her a jerk the other day on The FAN with his buddy Steve Somers he wasn't really mad but that she just should not have given the finger; it was just a disrespectful thing to do. Keith agreed. Jerry actually said he wants Gaga to apologize to the Mets fans. I do too. He also joked that to clean out his box after her exit he had to bring in "Rusty the bed bug beagle!" Avila then popped up to Bay and the inning was over. Oh and also Jerry told Gary that he wanted Gary to think of his favorite Met moment and to get that ready for the bottom of this inning. Gary was down for that!

Bottom of the 4th:

But the Mets were retired so fast by Bonderman, Gary didn't even have time to reveal to us his fave Metsies moment. One funny comment made by Jerry this inning was during Frenchy's at bat. Jerry did some "comedy color" and he said, "FrancTEETH, every tooth is a hit!"

Top of the 5th:
The "Twisted Tea" Fact for tonight's game was the following, "R.A. Dickey's last complete game was 8/20/03 at Detroit."

And now to Gary's fave NY Metropolitans moment. It was October 1, 1985, him and his buddy Jonathan flew to St. Louis for a game and oh yes that game was when Strawberry in the top of the 11th hit a bombaroni off of reliever Ken Dayley that hit the digital clock behind the bleachers in right-center. That bombaroni which estimated at 440 feet then gave the Mets a 1-0 victory! Good pick Gary!

Oh and Dickey retired the side in order, buh bye Bonderman, Damon and Santiago!

Bottom of the 5th:

Right after the commercial break SNY now showed the Seinfeld clip where Jerry says to Keith, "I can't help you move it's too soon." Then Jerry said this about why he chose Keith to be the ball player in this episode, "Girls dig him guys wanna be him and that's why he is raking in that 'Just For Men' job!"

Tejada then grounded out and it was time for the Toyota Text Poll. Tonight's question,
"Do you think Jerry made the right decision in not helping Keith move?" Yes or No?

I'll get to the results in a bit.

Dickey then grounded out and there were 2 outs and Jerry said, "We love this guy, he's pitching a whale of a game." So now with 2 outs and nobody on hot hot hot Jose Jose Jose hit a bombaroni to the Modell's Zone! The Mets now had a 2-0 lead over the Tigers. Pagan then flew out to end the inning. And now Reyes was just a double away from the cycle.

Top of the 6th:

It was now time for Kevin Burkhardt to get ripped a new one by Jerry! Kevin did a segment on who on the Mets would be Kramer and Jerry. Barajas said without a doubt Frenchy would be Kramer and Bay told Kev he wouldn't nominate anyone and he would just take the role of Jerry for himself. Kevin then said that was good casting because Bay has great deadpan humor. Who knew? Kevin then thought he would be really clever and he remarked, "Jerry you like the shirt I'm wearing it's from the J. Peterman collection." And after Gary told Jerry Kevin was talking to him Seinfeld was kind of mean (but it was still funny) and he replied, "Oh don't do my stuff Kevin. There's nothing less funny to a comedian than his own material." Poor Burkhardt.

Dickey again retired the side in order, adios Santiago, Cabrera and Boesch! Oh and I almost forgot in this inning Jerry wanted Keith and Gary to say who their favorite Met of all time was. And Jerry told Keith he could not pick himself and Keith said, "DARN." Gary chose Buddy Harrelson, Keith picked Mookie Wilsona and Jerry went with Tommie Agee. Great selections guys!

Bottom of the 6th:
Wright led off this inning and Jerry remarked how the Mets change their facial hair every 3 days. They never have the same look for a whole week, haha. Wright then struck out. Isaac Benjamin Davis then singled but the side was then retired after Jerry incorrectly predicted a rally. Bay and Frenchy said "No rally soup for you Jerry" because they love the back to back force out at 2nd, ugh. Oh and I don't remember how exactly it came up but Keith falling asleep in the booth was mentioned. Jerry said, "Nothing wrong with falling asleep on the job." And Gary remarked, "At least you didn't sleep under the desk like Costanza." Jerry then said that George could never have worked for the Mets, it was a better mismatch having him with the Yankees. Plus what would Seinfeld have been without Larry David's Steinbrenner! Oh memories...

Top of the 7th:
The poll results were now in and 52% of texters picked YES Jerry made the right decision not helping Keith move.

And oh it was another 1,2,3 inning for Dickey. That's right Guillen, Inge and Avila were the 8th, 9th and 10th straight batters R.A. had retired in a row! And yep he wasn't done with this streak yet!

Before Jerry left the booth he mentioned that he really enjoys physical mannerisms of ball players. His favorite, Gil Hodges tippy toe-ing to the mound! Then he said "This was an honor to be a part of your booth!" and Seinfeld called it a night.

Bottom of the 7th:

Hank White led off this great inning with a single. Tejada then singled and it was 1st and 2nd with nobody out for Dickey! Now Jim Leyland made a call to the bullpen and he brought in that 100mph fastballer Joel Zumaya. But Joel did not have his stuff and before Dickey could even lay down a sac bunt Zumaya threw a wild pitch and Blanco and Tejada advanced to 2nd and 3rd! And then Zumaya walked Dickey on 4 pitches, whoa. So now the bases were loaded with nobody out for JOSE. And yeah I wanted him to get that double so unlike Pagan last night he would hit for the cycle. But nope my wish didn't come true. Reyes grounded to Guillen who made an off balance throw to home and Blanco was out, boo. Next up with the bases loaded and now 1 out was the pinch hitter Jesus Feliciano. WTF happened to Pagan? Yep Gary and Keith had no idea. Feliciano grounded out to first but Tejada scored and Jesus got his first major league rib eye steak and the Metsies had a 3-0 lead over the Tigers. Wright was up next with men on 2nd and 3rd and 2 outs and he was WALKED. Oh yeah the bases were loaded for Ike. Leyland made another call to the bullpen. And that former Yankee Phil Coke was now going to pitch to Davis. But before I get to what Ike did Gary asked the AT&T trivia question, "What Mets player turned out to be the "second spitter?" I'll get to this Seinfeld-ian answer very soon. But back to Davis. With 2 outs and the bases loaded Isaac Benjamin Davis singled and 2 runs scored and the Mets now had a 5-0 lead over the Tigers and then Wright was thrown out at 3rd and the side was retired.

Top of the 8th:

Dickey made it 13 Tigers (Raburn, Damon, Santiago) retired in a row! Santiago would be the last batter he would face tonight. Check out Dickey's kickass stats:
8IP 0R 4H 4K 1BB 97 pitches thrown

And I never updated the Nats, Royals game, sheesh. The Royals ended up winning 1-0, YAY and Stras got his first loss. I know I'm kind of shocked too. But really today was just a weird day in sports. That crazy long tennis match that's not over and Team USA beating Algeria! So yep craaaaaazy day.

And now let's fast forward to the top of the 9th! KRod who hadn't pitched since last Friday against the Yanks was ready for his non-save situation duties. On one pitch Ordonez flew out! Then before Cabrera could swing the bat Gary revealed the AT&T trivia answer. The "second spitter" was Roger McDowell! Cabrera then hit a 1 out single. There goes that streak of 14 Tigers retired in a row, ugh. Boesche with 1 out and 1 on grounded out to Reyes, YAY. And then KRod struck out Guillen and the ball game was over! Mets win!

Now the Metsies are 26-10 at home, they have won their last 12 out of 13 games at Citi Field, R.A. Dickey is 6-0 and his ERA is 2.33! And wait this shutting out of the Tigers, uh yeah it's the 10th time the Metsies have shut out an opponent this season!

This game was just the best and Jerry needs to do some "comedy color" with Keith and Gary (and maybe Ron if he's invited) again very very soon.

Tomorrow it's Takahashi vs that not famous at all imperfect man Galarraga! It should be a great game.

Let's get the sweep!

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