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Hey GHANA Let's See How You Would Stack Up Against These 2010 Metsies!

Game 3: Mets 6 Twins 0

Niese vs Baker

So as we are all aware Team USA is out of The World Cup and well really who cares about soccer now right? It's a stupid sport anyways. And at times I think they just make up rules as they go along. Oh I'm kidding it's a great sport but come on all of us Americans have a right to be bitter. And if you ever come in contact with someone from Ghana and that person starts gloating about the victorino you can say this, "So your team won but at least we have clean drinking water. So there." Yep that was my little joke after the loss and if you like it you can join me in hell, YAY. And bring your vuvuzelas! Personally I'm not that big on soccer and The World Cup but I get its appeal. Having said this I was still rooting for Team USA. Keith Hernandez for the record wasn't following el futbol even when the US was still involved and he made it clear he's not starting now. Gary is convinced it's going to be Brazil and Argentina at the end. We'll see how your prognosticating skills are Gary! Oh and according to today's Toyota Text Poll question "With the USA loss yesterday, are you still interested in The World Cup?" 74% of texters said NO! Take that Ghana!

But these texters must of enjoyed today's game.

We needed the Mets to pound the Twinkies after yesterday's Marlboro man Pavano complete game shutout and they did! So let's get to the game and the highlights from the booth. Niese was incredible!
6IP 4H 3BB 5K

Ralph Kiner stopped by the booth for 6 innings and well he was blunt as ever! It was a beautiful thing! And according to Kiner if you are an everyday player you PLAY everyday. That's how they did it in his day and that's how it should be done today. Days off are for pansies! So with that being said Mr. "The Beast" KUBEL and Mr. Morneau you are pansies! Day off shmay off!

Bottom of the 1st:

With 2 outs and Feliciano on at 3rd and Wright on at 2nd Bay was up and well Ralph was like I said BLUNT and he didn't hold back his feelings about Mr. Canada. Keith had once again talked about how he just doesn't get what's up with Bay. Canadians boggle his mind! And Ralph then remarked, "He's not doing the job he's paid for. He has only 4 homeruns. You can hit that in one game. He's not paid all that money to get ground ball base hits." And unfortunately Bay proved Kiner right. He struck out and the inning was over.

Bottom of the 3rd:
Kevin Burkhardt did a segment on how great it is to visit the HALL OF FAME at Citi Field and this allowed Keith to toot his own horn and he tooted away! It was hysterical! Kevin asked Keith, "What do you do with all your awards (Keith has one gold glove at the hall of fame)? And Keith remarked,
1-The silver bat is in the closet
2-My MVP award is displayed
3-I have one GOLD GLOVE displayed and the other 10 are in the den

This inning Feliciano hit a two out single, his 2nd hit of the afternoon but the Mets couldn't score yet. The Metsies bats were still warming up. They were taking it easy on Scott Baker at this point.

After Niese struck out Young to end the top of the 4th Jonathon had retired 10 straight Twinkies in a row, YAY!

Bottom of the 4th:
With 2 outs and Ike on 1st (Davis led off the inning with a single) Frenchy was up. Ralph was all blunt again and he said, "He might be the streakiest hitter I've ever seen. He's either really bad or really good." Well Jeff had already doubled in the bottom of the 2nd and he just wanted to prove to Kiner he's on his hot streak and he homered! With one swing of the bat the Metsies were up 2-0 over the Twinkies, YAY! Jeff now has 40 rib eye steaks! Tejada then singled and he extended his hitting streak to 10 games! Sadly Niese struck out to end the inning. Btw this hitting streak of Ruben's is the longest by a Mets rookie since Jason Phillips back in 2003. Yay Ruben Te-HOT-a!

Bottom of the 5th:
Ok now it's time for the Metsies bats to HEAT up! With 1 out Feliciano got his third hit of the afternoon, a ground rule double! Wright then said, "I like what Frenchy did last inning and yeah I think I'll copy him!" And Davey did just that, his 14th homer of the season was marvelous! The Metsies now had a 4-0 lead over the Twins and Wright now has 61 rib eye steaks! Isaac Benjamin Davis then said, "I really admire what Jeff and Dave did in this game and yeah I too want to hit a homer" and he did. Back to back Metsies homers are the best! The Amazins were now up 5-0 over the Twinkies! And now Bay was up and he told Ralph Kiner, "I'm gonna be the 10th Canadian to have 1000 career hits on my belt!" Bay's 1 out triple was his 1000th hit! Congrats Jay Bay! Now a call to the bullpen was made and the Twins brought in reliever Alex Burnett who did his best Scott Baker impression. With Bay on at 3rd and 1 out, Rod rbi singled, Bay scored and the Metsies were up 6-0 over the Twinkies. Then Frenchy singled and that was the 6th straight hit for the NY Metropolitans this inning! Tejada then popped up, 2 outs, boo. But Niese was walked and with 2 outs the bases were loaded for Reyes. Another call to the bullpen was made, Mahay came in and well he's good at his job. Reyes was now batting from the right side and he flew out and this great inning was over.

Bottom of the 6th:
The Mets didn't score but Kevin Burkhardt did a segment on the Mets and who uses the heaviest bat! And it turns out it's The Animal. Carter uses an ash bat, he's anti-maple and his ash bat is 34 1/2 inch by 34oz. And although this impressed me and Keith, Ralph was not impressed at all. Kiner was blunt again! He said "You don't know what heavy is!" Ralph said he used a 42 oz bat and that Babe Ruth used a 52 oz bat. Keith was very honest about his bat. He said he liked using a light one, "I didn't want a bat that could swing me." Oh and in this inning Keith made a prediction about Wright. He said that by the end of the season Wright could in fact end up with a .325 batting avg. and 140 rib eye steaks. Ralph has no doubt that Keith is a great prognosticator and I sure hope Hernandez is right!

After 6 innings Mr. McBlunty was kicked out of the booth!

And after one batter was faced by Niese (he walked Valencia) in the top of the 7th he was taken out of the game. The crowd gave him an amazing round of applause and he sure deserved it! Elmer Dessens pitched the rest of the 7th and although he got into trouble, the bases were loaded with 2 outs, he got Hudson to ground out and the crisis was averted! Feliciano then pitched a dynamite 1,2, 3 8th inning and Parnell pitched the 9th. Bobby gave up a 2 out single to Punto but he struck out the pinch hitter KUBEL and the game was over! Mets win, the Mets win!

Oh I must now mention two more funny things that happened in the booth. During the bottom of the 7th the Twins reliever Guerrier was just amazing and Keith loves him. He just adored Guerrier's curveball which he called a "yellowhammer." After Keith felt old using the word yellowhammer Gary said "There are other names for curveballs but we can't use them on tv!" Now Gary you are a tease! I want these names now! Gary then talked about screaming yellow zonkers and poppycock and he confused Keith. But I'm sure Keith is like me and even though he was all WTF it was just tons of fun to hear Gary say POPPYCOCK multiple times!

Now to another great moment! In the bottom of the 8th the reliever for the Twins was Jose Mijares who is a big guy.

Gary had just mentioned that Jose had missed some games due to a family emergency and that he hadn't picked up a baseball in over a week and that the Twins had no idea what to expect out of him. And Keith basically said bereavement besheavment he's FAT "It doesn't look like he missed a meal!" Yep classic Keith greatness right there!

So with this Mets win,
1-Niese now has his 5th win of the season.
2-The Twins have now been shutout 5 times this season.
3-The Mets are 13-5 in inter-league play this season. This is their best inter-league play record EVER.
4-They have shutout 11 teams this season!
5-They are now 28-12 at home!
6-They went 4-2 on this homestand!
7-They have won 6 straight series at HOME!

Now the Metsies are off to play the Marlins in PUERTO RICO and the best news is they won't face Josh Johnson, YAY! Tomorrow it's Dickey vs Nolasco! It should be a great game, I can't wait! And you know Keith is excited for his beach time in San Juan!

The Marlins were just swept by San Diego so hopefully they'll keep up their losing ways! I think Fredi Gonzalez will be rooting for the Metsies!

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