Saturday, June 12, 2010

Takahashi is BACK!

Game 2: Mets 3 Orioles 1

Takahashi vs Matusz

Tonight with a great start from Takahashi the Mets did something they haven't been able to do since they played the Astros in July of 2009, they won back to back road games, YAY! And with this 2nd win in Baltimore the Mets finally have won a road series, whoa. Gary Cohen called Camden Yards the Citi Field to the South during the game and yeah it kind of is. The crowd over the last 2 nights has been pro Metsies. Check out the Takahashi headbanded fans surrounding Burkhardt, AMAZIN!

Now let's get to the highlights!

The Metsies Lineup:
Wright (DH)

Top of the 1st:
Jose Reyes, the old fogey led off this inning with a homer! That home run, Jose's 3rd of the season! I guess you could say turning 27 yesterday is agreeing with Mr. Reyes a lot. Keep it up my fellow 1983 baby! Later this inning, with 2 outs and Bay up at the plate Isaac Benjamin Davis stole second. This was Ike's first major league stolen base, woohoo! Bay then struck out.

Bottom of the 1st:
Patterson led off with a double. Tejada then grounded out but Corey P advanced to 3rd, boo. But oh no all of a sudden the Mets game was gone, SNY was experiencing technical difficulties and I had no idea what was going on. I was ready to pull a Lady Gaga. My middle finger was raring to go if the game didn't come back on. All of a sudden instead of this game SNY started to air some old Metropolitans footage. Images of Backman, Strawberry and Keith were on my tv, wtf. And as much as I enjoy all 3 of those men I wanted to know what Markakis did with Patterson on at 3rd! Then within minutes of my bitching and moaning Chris Carlin apologized for the technical difficulties on SNY and he somewhat recapped what took place in the bottom of the 1st. Patterson scored on a Markakis ground rule double and the game was now tied, 1-1. Because of the technical difficulties I'm not sure what Wiggington and Scott exactly did next, maybe they grounded out, maybe they flew out, regardless Takahashi got out of the inning. Thank goodness after these SNY problems due to a thunderstorm in the area the rest of the telecast went smoothly.

Fast forwarding time!

Top of the 6th:
Tejada led this inning off with a single. Reyes then sac bunted, Tejada advanced to 2nd base and Pagan was up. Angel singled but the young Tejada misread this hit and he didn't score. So now with 1 out and Ruben sandwich at 3rd Wright pretty much grounded into a double play but thanks to a lousy throw by Lugo, Davey was safe at 1st, there were only 2 outs and Tejada scored. The Metsies regained the lead, YAY, 2-1 and Wright got his 43rd rib eye steak!

Takahashi pitched 7 innings and he was just stellar tonight. A balk was called tonight on Tik Tak in the bottom of the 7th during Iztaris' at bat but this little no no thankfully didn't hurt the Metsies. For the record Ron and Gary were sure it wasn't a balk. And well I can never tell what is a balk and what's not a balk so I'll side with Gary and Ron and say it wasn't a balk! I must also commend The Mets defense tonight because they were just on fire. Young Tejada made a Jeter-esque play and it was awesome!

Things are just looking good right now and I don't want the fun to end.

Top of the 8th:
Frenchy led this inning off with a homer, his 7th of the season, oh yeah! The Mets were now up 3-1 and back to back road wins for the Amazins looked oh so possible.

Bottom of the 8th:
Feliciano pitched a pretty great inning except for the 2 out double he gave up to... guess who hit that double? That darn Nick Markakis. But With 2 outs and Nick on at 2nd Perpetual Pedro got Ty Wiggington to ground out to Reyes and the inning was over!

Bottom of the 9th:
The lead was still 3-1 for the Mets and it was time for KRod to get his 13th save of the season! One pitch was thrown to Luke Scott and Scott flew out to Pagan, yay! Then Frankie hit Adam Jones, BOO. But then the pinch hitter Matt Wieters grounded into a double play and the ball game was over! The Mets now won back to back road games FINALLY, Takahashi got his 5th win of the season, KRod got his 13th save of the season and the Metsies regardless of what happens tomorrow won a road series!

And folks I'm sorry I don't have great booth action tonight. Gary and Ron just didn't supply the goods. Well that's not exactly true. Gary mentioned that he went to the aquarium in Baltimore today before the game and he said it's just an amazing place to visit. It's one of the best aquariums according to Mr. Cohen. Gary raved about some jelly fish exhibit he saw and Ron didn't care about this at all. Darling said that his kids are now 23 and 16 and well 10 years ago he had to do all that going to aquariums shit with his kiddos and he's glad to be done with it now. But the two men did agree that the Inner Harbor is wonderful. Yeah that's a new drinking game folks, any time they mention the Inner Harbor you take a drink of, well you decide that part! Tomorrow I might just have to take a count of how many times they mention the Inner Harbor!

Pelfrey and the Metsies let's get the sweep tomorrow afternoon! And Gary and Ron let's have some great booth shenanigans!

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Anonymous said...

Just for the record, from the left field corner, I also thought I saw Takahashi's front knee come behind hes back knee for a balk. But then I couldn't look at 20 replays either.

The sixth inning was also pretty cool since all the Mets fans randomly decided that was the inning to make some noise. I'd say that had possitive results.

- Jay