Friday, June 18, 2010

Hisanori Takahashi and Pedro Feliciano Will Definitely Not Be Calling The Yankees Their Daddy!

Game 1: Mets 4 Yanks 0

Takahashi Vs. Vazquez

The Mets are now 39-28, WHOA!

Really what is sweeter than shutting out the Yankees at home?
Duh, shutting out the Yankees at home in front of the newest Yankees fan Lady Gaga.

Yep Gaga was at Yankee Stadium tonight, she had on a Blossom Russo hat and a pinstriped jersey. Yeah I know what you are thinking, you are lying there's no way Gaga had clothes on. But oh she did. My only concern now is what player's number was she wearing? CANO? Huffman? Sadly I don't know. Regardless she was bad luck for the Yankees just like she was for the Mets during her infamous visit to Citi Field so Gaga keep attending Yankees games, I'm all for that!

So let's get to this glorious game and the booth shenanigans! Professor Keith Hernandez was back and he was on tonight!

Oh and Stephen Strasburg pitched against the White Sox.

Top of the 1st:

With 2 outs and nobody on David Wright doubled. That double was Wright's 18th of the season! And then Isaac Benjamin Davis singled! Wright was running home, Swisher made a great throw to Cervelli, it appeared that Dave would be out at the plate but nope, Wright sneaks on in, Cervelli (who looks an awful lot like that actor Tom Sizemore) completely misses Davey and the Mets take a 1-0 lead over the Yanks!

This is Tom Sizemore for those of you who don't know this interesting actor.

Tonight it became a theme in the booth to make fun of Cervelli. Ron called him "irritating," and Keith said he's "a little goofy." Hernandez also said Cervelli is "Charlton Heston." I still don't get this reference. Maybe Keith meant he's like Heston in "The Ten Commandments," he did refer to that scene where Moses parts the Red Sea in regards to a pitch Cervelli caught but still I don't get it, it's boggling my mind honestly.

Top of the 4th:

The Mets did nothing this inning but Gary gave us a Strasburg update. After 4 2/3 innings pitched these were Stephen's numbers versus the White Sox:
1R 2H 0BB 8K

Bottom of the 4th:

The camera man got a great shot of the newest Yankees fan, Lady Gaga and then this STELLAR convo took place in the booth:

Keith: Ah the well behaved one.
Gary: Who is that Keith?
Keith: That's Lady Gaga.
Ron: Boy she's got her POKERFACE on tonight.
Gary: Keeping her hands to herself!

Top of the 6th:
With one out Pagan was walked, the Mets finally had a base runner! Prior to this walk, Vazquez had retired the previous 11 Metsies in a row, BOO. But this good news quickly turned to bad news. During Wright's at bat Pagan put the CRAZY in his nickname Crazy Horse and he made a stupid attempt to steal 2nd and Tom Sizemore Cervelli threw him out. Keith and I in unison said, "Not even close." Yeah Ron that Cervelli is irritating all right! Then Wright was walked and Ike struck out and the side was retired.

Bottom of the 6th:

With 1 out "I want to throw a pie at your face" Nick Swisher was up. Keith at this point was raving about the night Takahashi was having and then Swisher said "Keith shut up" and he singled. That was the third hit Tak had given up in this game. Then it was time for Teixeira to either get out of his slump or well stay in it. And he chose the former. Teixeira singled and for the first time in this game the Yankees had a runner in scoring position. Ick and of course that runner was Swisher, ick. So with 1 out and men on 1st and 2nd I hoped ARod would SUCK. Before his at bat Warthen and the entire infield came on over to talk to Takahashi. And boy oh boy that talk worked! ARod grounded out, 2 outs! But the runners advanced to 2nd and 3rd, BOO. Cano was then walked and the bases were loaded with 2 outs for Posada, AHHHH. The Yanks this year with the bases loaded have been batting .468 and oh yeah they've hit 6 grand salamis, that's just wonderful, ugh. But these numbers lied tonight, YAY! Posada hit a high hopper to Wright, Davey bare handed it, the throw to Ike was perfect and the side was retired. Time to exhale!

Posada was the last batter Takahashi would face but oh what another gem pitched by Hisanori. Sheesh, he just owns the Yankees! They are not his DADDY. Check out the stats for his 2 starts against the Bronx Bombers:
12IP 0R 9H 3BB 8K

Oh and Strasburg's final stats:
7IP 1R 4H 0BB 10K 85 total pitches thrown
But Stras got a no decision tonight and the White Sox beat the Nats 2-1 in 11 innings!

Bottom of the 7th:
Elmer Dessens was the new pitcher for the Metsies and he gave up a lead off double to Cervelli. Stop being so good Tom Sizemore, sheesh! A call to the bullpen was now made and it was Perpetual Pedro time. Tonight was the 67th game the Metsies have played in this 2010 season and this appearance by Pedro was his league leading 40th appearance! The first batter Pedro faced was Granderson who was pinch hitting for Huffman and Feliciano struck him out, hooray! SPOILER ALERT Pedro was en fuego in this game! Gardner then grounded out and Cervelli advanced to 3rd. Now there were 2 outs and Tom Sizemore was at 3rd and Feliciano said to Derek Jeter, "You totally HAD the edge! Emphasis on the HAD," and Jeter hit a come-backer to Pedro, he flipped the ball to Isaac Benjamin Davis, #2 was out and the inning was over!

Top of the 8th:
Chan Ho Park was now pitching for the Yanks and that was great for the Metsies! Tejada got a lead off walk! Reyes then doubled! Jose Jose Jose now has a 10 game hitting streak! So with nobody out and men on 2nd and 3rd Pagan made up for his getting thrown out at 2nd stupidity and he doubled! Reyes and Tejada both scored, Pagan now has 31 rib eye steaks and the Mets took a 3-0 lead over the Yanks, YAY! Wright then grounded out to Jeter, BOO and a call to the bullpen was made. The new pitcher was Boone Logan. He struck out Ike. Then Bay was intentionally walked and with men on 1st and 2nd and 2 outs the batter was Tatis (he was pinch hitting for The Animal). But sadly he flew out to Granderson.

Bottom of the 8th:
Feliciano was still pitching and oh he was still EN FUEGO! Well he was after he gave up a lead off single to Swisher. He then got Teixeira to fly out to Bay! And wtf Swish tagged up at first and he was running to 2nd base. It looked like Bay's strong throw to Tejada would be perfect to get Nick out but nope Tejada dropped the ball and Swish was safe. But then ARod struck out, hooray! And then Cano flew out and the side was retired. Yay Perpetual Pedro!

Top of the 9th:

Boone Logan stayed in the ball game to pitch this inning. With 1 out Frenchy doubled! Tejada then singled and with men on 1st and 3rd it was time for Jose Reyes to continue his hot hitting ways and he did! Reyes singled, Jeff scored and the Metsies now had a 4-0 lead on the Yanks. Then Pagan was walked and the bases were loaded for Wright with 1 out and he was just as "edgeless" as Jeter and he grounded into a double play and the side was retired.

Bottom of the 9th:

Raul Valdes was now pitching and well he really wanted to let KRod get a save opportunity. I think he purposely effed up this inning so Frankie could get save #16. With one out Tom Sizemore Cervelli singled. Then Granderson singled and now with men on 1st and 2nd and 1 out KRod took over the pitching duties for Valdes because Valdes kind of sucked tonight and because it was now a save situation. The first batter he faced was Gardner who was oh so pesky. After 12 pitches KRod walked him, BOO. So it was still 1 out and now the bases were loaded for Jeter, HORRIBLE. But nope it was delightful! KRod struck Derek out! And now I'm pretty sure after this game Jeter has been fired from those "the edge" commercials. Ok maybe not but he could have been. Now it was up to Swisher to do something and he popped up in foul territory, Wright caught that sucker and the Metsies won! This was the first time they shutout the Yankees since 2007! Takahashi is now 3-1 as a starter, KRod got his 16th save and the Mets have won 8 games in a row! Hooray!

Tomorrow it's 9-1 Pelf vs 9-1 Hughes! It should be a pitcher's duel but you never know. Regardless I hope Lady Gaga comes again to Yankee Stadium with her black cloud of bad luck and the Metsies win. It could happen. We gotta believe.

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