Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Was "Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde" Written About Hisanori Takahashi? Seriously Was It?

Game 2: Los Marlins 7 Mets 6

Takahashi vs Robertson

Pagan was back in the lineup! Ike was given the night off.

Basically Takahashi was Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde tonight. I'm pretty sure he has split pitching personalities because those exist and all. Well if they don't exist I'm coining the phrase. For most of the 5 2/3 innings Tak pitched he was good old Dr. Jekyll retiring Marlins left and right. He had in fact retired the first 8 batters he faced BUT then with 2 outs, it was the bottom of the third, Hyde emerged and he was evil and he forgot how to get batters out.

Takahashi gave up a 2 out single to the pitcher Nate Robertson and that was the beginning of the end. The shit hit the fan. Speaking of shit, who shoveled manure as a kid? Jorge Cantu! Yeah Kevin Burkhardt shared that little tidbit tonight.

Okay but back to the game. It was still the bottom of the 3rd, still 2 outs and the bases were now loaded and oh fudge Hanley Ramirez was up. Before tonight the Metsies had given up 7 grand salamis this season and after one swing of Hanley's bat they had given up 8 grand salamis this season. And then Hisanori HYDE gave up a 2 run homer to Dan Uggla. Of course it was Uggla. I imagine Uggla wears a shirt wherever he goes that reads, "I'm Dan Uggla I Crush Dreams." The worst part of this 6 run inning was the fact that the Mets were up 3-0 over the Marlins before it started and now the score was 6-3.

BUT Takahashi became Jekyll again, he was pitching pretty good again, and Jerry kept him on the mound until the bottom of the 6th when he gave up a 2 out double to Coghlan. Tak's stats tonight were:
5 2/3IP 6R 9H 2BB 4K
The call to the bullpen was then made, Dessens came in and on one pitch Gaby Sanchez flew out and the inning was over.

But the Metsies had fight in them and they weren't throwing in the towel just yet. How could they the Marlins bullpen has the reputation of being the worst bullpen! In the top of the 7th Tim Wood was pitching for the Marlins and with nobody out and men on the corners Tejada was up. Tejada hit a ground ball to Wes Helms that definitely should have led to a double play but Helms bungled a bit and he got the force out at second but Tejada was safe at 1st and Tatis scored. The Metsies were down just 6-4, there was only 1 out now, Tejada was on first and the pinch hitter was Isaac Benjamin Davis. Taylor Tankersley was the new pitcher and wtf he was good and he struck out Ike. Then Jose Veras came in to pitch against Reyes and wtf he was good too and he struck out Reyes. I don't know why the Marlins bullpen won't live up to their lousy reputation. That's just inconsiderate of them.

After KRod pitched a perfect bottom of the 8th, oh yeah he retired the Marlins in order, the Metsies had one more chance to "call it a comeback." The Marlins closer Leo Nunez was in the game and well he lived up to the Marlins sucky bullpen rep, YAY! Barajas led off the inning with a single. Next "The Animal" pinched hit and he doubled! It was 2nd and 3rd for Frenchy with nobody out and Jeff grounded out but Barajas scored and the Metsies were down by just 1 run, 6-5. Then with 1 out and Cora on at third (Alex was the pinch runner for Carter) Tejada was up, nope it wasn't Tejada, Josh Thole pinch hit for Ruben and Thole was CLUTCH. He's a badass! Thole singled, Cora scored and the ball game was tied 6-6 YAY! Unfortunately Ike and Jose did a repeat performance of what they had done in the top of the 7th and Thole was stranded. Nunez got Ike to fly out and then he struck out Reyes. BOO.

Since KRod had pitched in the 8th and was pinch hit for in the top of the 9th Jerry had Perpetual Pedro pitch the bottom of the 9th. It started out oh so well. He struck out both the pinch hitter Bonifacio and Hanley Ramirez! But then that manure shoveling Cantu got a 2 out double and well Uggla was up. Like I said he must wear that "I'm Dan Uggla And I Crush Dreams" shirt wherever he goes and he got a walk off base hit, Cantu scored and the ball game was over. The Marlins won 7-6, BOO.

Okay enough of that depressing stuff let's get to what memorable things Keith said tonight. I think it might help to cheer everybody up somewhat.

Keith does not find humor in Hanley Ramirez falling over on his keister. If that happened to him he would be embarrassed.

He likes the word "FRISKY."

Hernandez thinks Hanley's helmet makes him look like a mutant.

Keith then added that the helmet actually makes Hanley look like a Klingon or a Romulan. Who knew Keith was a trekkie??!!

Last night he was drenched after the game. And he had no exertion.

Keith from the booth would not need a glove to catch a foul ball because he is that awesome. "It's not necessary with me" GARY!

He had a hunch this game was going to be "wild and woolly."

He knew from just the lower half of a man's body in the bullpen (no upper body or head was shown by the camera man) that that man was in fact Dessens. He said "Trust me it's Elmer." Yeah that was kind of weird. AWKWARD!

Frenchy has the most intense expression. "Look at those eyes and teeth, his teeth are like Bela Lugosi."

After mentioning Lugosi Keith felt old and dated and "un-contemporary."

He usually needs reading glasses for the promos.

Keith said you have to be careful of astroturf you "don't want to be hell bent for leather." After he said this he asked Gary if he could say that on television and Gary told him he probably should have asked that to begin with and Keith replied, "You know me..."

Keith said the Caribbean is always wonderful.

Parnell is a man of few words and he's easy going. Good to know Keith!

His Dad's a full blooded Spaniard and that makes him 1/2 Spanish.

Hernandez is surprised there isn't an ACRONYM for everything.

Keith had no idea what "BTW" meant. His kids texted him this cryptic message and he was all WTF. Oh wait he probably doesn't know what that means oops.

He does know what "LOL" means. "Lots of Laughs." (Gary then had to inform him he was wrong). I then lol-ed! I was in fact "ROTFL." Yes Keith remember Gary said that means I was "rolling on the floor laughing" from you!

Well that's it folks. Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully Pelfrey can help the Metsies to get their first road win against these pesky fish. And maybe Uggla can have the day off! That would be splendid.

Oh and SNY I'm still waiting on that RUM of Puerto Rico...

And Keith I want us fans to continue to have "lots of laughs" so keep up the good work!

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