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The Mets Do Not Need Mr. Miyagi At Home. They Have Got That Whole Wax On Wax Off Thing Down.

Game 3: Mets 7 Marlins 6

Takahashi vs Nolasco

The Mets come back from 5 runs down to sweep the Marlins today! They are currently 22-9 at home and oh wait they also have now won 8 straight games at home for the second time this season! Can the Mets play every game at home Bud Selig? That would be a splendid decision to make. Oh I can dream.

Now let's get to this comeback by the Metsies and the highlights in the booth. Keith was MIA but Ralph Kiner did a superb job for the 4 innings he spent with Ron and Gary, here we go!

Bottom of the 2nd:

During today's game on WPIX there were tons and tons of commercials for that new "The Karate Kid" movie starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. When the commercial break was over Gary did a promo for the movie and then this conversation ensued between Kiner, Cohen and Darling, it was amazing!
Ron: That's Will Smith's kid, Jaden Smith.
Gary: You know what we're getting very old. I mean I remember when the first Karate Kid came out, I think I was an adult.
Ron: But we have to reteach the "Wax On, Wax Off."
Ralph: Yeah which circle do you make first, to the right or to the left?

Then during Ike Davis' at bat in which he eventually struck out the excitement was not at home watching Ike it was all about the outfield. A kid from the stands had his baseball cap fly away and it landed in center field. Maybin saw it and he stomped on it, nah he picked it up and returned it to the kid. And the booth commented on how tall Maybin is, because he didn't even have to jump to give the child back his hat. Kiner thinks he can actually fly. I'm sort of thinking that too.

Next still in this bottom of the second we learned how the Mets emblem behind the mound is made. Gary informed us that different color dirt and a stencil is all that is needed. Ron then said, "I'd be a little tempted to snuff it up!" And Gary agreed. They were shocked opposing pitchers haven't in fact snuffed it up YET? I am too actually.

Now David Wright was up and Ralph Kiner said Wright's number of strike outs this season is "ALARMING." But Davey doesn't pay attention to naysayers and he singled. Barajas then popped up but with Wright on at first and 2 outs Frenchy smiled and said "I'm going to extend my hitting streak to 10 games" and he DID and I smiled! Frenchy got a 2 out double but Chip Hale held Wright at third. This decision of Hale's was not liked by me or the booth. They talked about how they are huge fans of Hale but that this was a bad move on his part considering Florida was going to intentionally walk Cora so Nolasco could then face Takahashi with 2 outs and the bases loaded. Kiner kept this whole third base coaching in perspective though and zinged Razor Shines. He said that Chip is definitely better than well Razor. He didn't mention Razor by name but when you say "last year's coach" we all get the message Ralph haha. The Marlins did in fact walk Cora and then Takahashi was struck out by Nolasco and the Mets left the bases loaded, BOO.

Top of the 4th:
Takahashi had kept the Marlins hit-less through the first 3 innings of this game but then to lead off the 4th, Uggla homered. The Marlins took a 1-0 lead over the Metsies.

Takahashi was able to get out of this inning, he only did give up the solo long ball to Uggla but another major development took place during this inning. David Wright loves the kids and he signaled to an adorable boy in the stands that he was going to toss him a ball. However this dude a few inches away from this child decided to go in for the ball and snagged it away from the kid so he could give it to his own son. The booth was stunned as was I.

Ron: That's just awful.
Gary: If you know that guy text him. Tell him to give the ball back.
Ron: That's just wrong.

Moments later Gary informed us that a reporter on the scene got word that the dude gave the kid back the ball but that his own son now hates him.

Gary and Ron then joked that this father now has to get this kid cotton candy and that in about thirty years he'll be paying a lot of therapy bills for his son. But then before Dr. Phil could be paged to come and remedy this situation Gary heard from another source that this man's son was now given a ball too and that everything was all good!

After 5 innings the score was still 1-0 Marlins and Ralph Kiner was given the boot. I hope he's back for next Sunday's game on WPIX against the Orioles!

Top of the 6th:
This was a half of an inning where most of Mets fans including myself lost some faith in our squad. Coghlan led this inning off with a single. Uggla then flew out but Coghlan tagged up at first and he was safe at 2nd base. Then Cantu rbi singled and the Marlins were up 2-0 on the Metsies. I always want to be able to say Cantu CANT DO anything but he always CAN DO horrible things to the Mets. Now with Cantu on at first and 1 out Paulino hit a ball off the glove of Jose Reyes, it went into the outfield, and Paulino was on at first with a single. Then Cody Ross was mean, he homered, a 3 run job and the Marlins were up 5-0 on the Amazins. Takahashi was given the good old heave-ho and Mejia came in for some relief action. Although he gave up a 2 out double to Maybin he got out of the inning and it was time for the Mets to make a comeback!

Bottom of the 6th:
David Wright led the inning off with a single, his third straight single of the afternoon! Barajas then singled and with 1st and 2nd and no outs Frenchy flew out to Coghlan; it's okay he'll make up for it later, just wait! Now with 1 out Cora hit a superb bunt, he was safe at first and the Metsies had the bases loaded for the pinch hitter Chris Carter! Carter proved he is no Gary Matthews Jr. and he hit a clutch rbi single, Wright scored and the Mets started to chip away at the Marlins lead, 5-1. With 1 out and the bases still loaded, Gonzalez removed Nolasco from this ball game and he brought in the reliever Tim Wood to face Jose Reyes. Jose is in a bad hitting funk and he flew out to Maybin. But no need to fret with 2 outs Angel "Crazy Horse" Pagan rbi singled and the Mets were only down by 2 runs, 5-3. Yay Angel! Bay grounded out to end the inning but the Mets showed they had some fight in them today! And they weren't done fighting.

Top of the 7th:

Igarashi came in for some relief action and he proved he's still not the Rocketboy we grew to love. He walked Ramirez to lead off the inning, Coghlan then singled (and due to a Pagan error Coghlan was able to safely make it to 2nd), and Uggla was up to bat. Dan shockingly grounded out. But then with one out and men on 2nd and 3rd Cantu was intentionally walked so Igarashi could face Paulino to hopefully have him ground into an inning ending double play. This didn't happen. Paulino flew out to Frenchy, Jeff couldn't make the assist at home, Ramirez scored and the Marlins were up by 3 runs, 6-3. Then the dangerous Cody Ross was up with 2 outs and men on 2nd and 3rd. But the baseball gods look out for the Mets when they are playing at Citi Field and Ross grounded out to Ike and the inning was over.

Bottom of the 7th:

Tim Wood walked Davis to start this inning off. Wright then flew out but with 1 out and Ike on at 1st Barajas got his signature hit. He doubled down the third base line, his 10th double of the season and with men now on at 2nd and 3rd the hot hot hot hot hot Francouer was up to bat. Before today's game I had never been home for a Jeff homer but today Jeff was kind enough to show me his home run hitting ways and oh it was spectacular. With that one swing of the bat, Jeff hit a 3 run bomb, his 6th on the season and this ball game was tied, 6-6!

Cora and the pinch hitter Tatis were retired by Wood but after 7 innings a sweeping of the Marlins looked like it was possible again, yay!

Top of the 8th:
Elmer Dessens who is now Jerry's 8th inning man gave up a lead off single to Sanchez. Maybin then bunted, the only play to be made by Dessens was to first and the go ahead run was on at 2nd with 1 out for the pinch hitter Mike Lamb. He flew out to shallow center for out number 2. Manuel then had Dessens intentionally walk Ramirez so he could bring in Feliciano to face Coghlan with 2 outs and men on 1st and 2nd. And Perpetual Pedro did great! He struck out Coghlan and the inning was over!

Bottom of the 8th:

Clay Hensely was now in for the Marlins and he gave up a lead off walk to Pagan. Bay then singled and with 1st and 3rd and nobody out Ike Davis was up. Davis grounded into a double play but speedy Pagan scored and the Metsies had their first lead of the night, 7-6! Wright then grounded out to end the inning.

Top of the 9th:

It was now raining in Flushing and it was Frankie time! The weather during this inning was very scary. Dirt was flying everywhere, the wind was out of control, it was just madness. But KRod likes this type of insanity! He got Uggla to pop up for out number 1, YAY! Cantu then hit a 1 out single but Paulino then flew out, 2 outs YAY. Unfortunately Cantu is a smart runner of the bases and he tagged up at first and was in safely at second on this Paulino fly out, BOO. So with 2 outs, Cantu on at 2nd and the game on the line Cody Ross was up, AHHHH! But KRod struck him out and Frankie picked up save #12! The Mets SWEEEEEEEEP!

The Mets proved today that they are RESILIENT. That 5 run Marlins lead did not scare them at all and they picked themselves up off the floor and bounced back like true champs! I love this squad we get to see at Citi Field and I just wish they could do this magic on the road! Hopefully they will soon. But before they go on the road to face the American league for some inter-league play they will face the Padres starting this Tuesday night. Let's hope this 8 game winning streak at Citi Field continues! We gotta BELIEVE!

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