Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Mets Offense Better Than Advertised

On the heels of tonight's disaster, a quick reminder:

The Mets currently have a good enough offense to compete with any team in the league. Here's our staters, with current OPS and OPS+:

Rod Barajas .832 119
Ike Davis* .828 122
Luis Castillo# .619 70
Jose Reyes# .652 75
David Wright .826 121
Jason Bay .828 122
Angel Pagan# .793 113
Jeff Francoeur .694 86

With Angel Pagan and Jose Reyes currently ripping the cover off of the ball, that is, potentially, SIX of eight starters with OPS numbers above average.

If either Daniel Murphy can come back and play second base (long shot) and if Carlos Beltran can come back and move Pagan to right field (another long shot) we will have an even MORE formidable lineup.

On the pitching side, there is more trouble. Aside from the ridiculous disappointment that was tonight's game, the Mets pitching staff leads the NL in walks against and has only allowed their opponents to hit .220 with RISP. That last number is bound to rise.

Beyond Santana and Pelfrey (who have truly been fantastic) K-Rod, and Niese, we could be in big trouble on the pitching side of the ball. This offense versus pitching topic deserves better analysis, so hopefully some other day.

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