Wednesday, May 05, 2010

We're In Your Heads!

The recap from had this little snippet today:

…hats off to Takahashi…what a job he’s done for this team this year…he’s the new Darren Oliver…

This is clearly a hat tip to our article of a few weeks ago where were suggested that Takahashi be this year's Darren Oliver:
Takahashi is also left-handed and has spent his career as a starter[1]. He has a diverse repertoire which can be used effectively against both lefties and righties. This spring, he's been excellent in a long-relief role. In addition, he's come from Japan where starters are used less frequently than here in the States - he might not be well-suited to starting every fifth day anyway.

The Mets absolutely must consider using Takahashi in the same way Darren Oliver was used back in 2006...If you are going to keep specialists in your bullpen, you need someone to eat up innings when the starter is ineffective. Takahashi, to me, is the perfect candidate for this. I hope that the Mets consider it.


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