Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Mets Win And Canadian BAY-con Goes 4 For 4. Take That Joe Buck And Your Mean Girl Ways.

Game 2: Mets 5 Yanks 3

Yesterday I was under the impression tonight's Mets, Yanks game was on SNY, foolish me. Nope it was in fact on FOX for their Saturday night game and that meant Tim McCarver and Joe Buck would be doing the announcing. And by doing the announcing I mean they were auditioning for the starring roles in Mean Girls 2. Tim and Joe throughout this game bashed the Mets non-stop. I was very upset by this. It was as if I was watching an old Friar's Club Roast of Phyllis Diller on Comedy Central. For instance, when Timmy and Buckarino were doing the "Ford keys to the game" for the Mets they said "WHERE DO YOU START?" Buck even said there is not one manager today or in history that could take this Mets squad to the NL EAST top spot. "Bottom line the Mets don't have enough." And to Joe I now say suck on this win, suck on it hard. I hope Artie Lange haunts you in your sleep tonight because you are just a mean mean man.

Before this one started Edgardo Alfonso was on hand to throw out the first pitch, yay FONZIE!! And Matthew Morrison of GLEE fame sang the national anthem that FOX didn't show for some reason, argh.

Now to the game!

In the bottom of the 1st with 2 outs Bay doubled and he began his reign of terror on the Yankees. Ike Davis was then walked and with 2 outs and men on 1st and 2nd David Wright got the job done, really done, he grounded a ball right up the middle and with that rbi single the Mets had a 1-0 lead over the Yanks. Angel Pagan who Jerry Manuel has called "the best athlete on the Mets" proved Jerry right and he got a broken bat rbi single, Ike-alicious scored and the Mets were up 2-0. Unfortunately David Wright made a running boo boo, he was thrown out at 3rd and the inning was over. It should have been 2nd and 3rd with 2 outs and Barajas coming up to bat but oh well shit happens.

During this inning Joe and Tim took a page from the Keith Hernandez book of great commentary and they began to mock Francisco Cervelli's finger nails. Tim said, "Cervelli flashing a catcher's manicure...a little white out never hurt anyone." Joe then added, "Like Gene Simmons giving signs back there." And really Cervelli's nails were a freak show but hey that's entertainment so who cares.

Enough of that digression let's go to the top of the 3rd for a great play made by Ike Davis. Jeter had hit a soft liner and well Ike said Derek I like to flash the leather and he did and he took a base hit away from Jeter. This great grab by Ike inspired FOX to show a highlight reel of all the amazing catches Davis has made this season. And because Joe Buck hates the Mets he didn't commend Ike for his talents on the field he instead remarked how FOX used great music in that segment; the best music they've used in 3 years to be exact. Joe you can be such a douche sometimes.

In the bottom of the 3rd it was time for some 1st inning deja vu. Canada Bay again came up to bat with 2 outs and he grounded a beauty off of Jeter's glove. Yay for that single! Ike was up next and he was walked yet again. Thanks Phil Hughes! David Wright singled right up the middle, Bay scored and the Mets took a 3-0 lead over the pinstriped fiends. Pagan then flew out to Swisher to end the inning.

Pelfrey was on fire for this game and after 4 innings the Mets had a 3-0 lead, Pelf had two K's under his belt and the Yanks had stranded 4 base runners.

During the top of the 5th inning the celebrities in attendance for tonight's game were shown. Oliver Platt, Seinfeld, Matthew Broderick, and two of the Jonas brothers were all Citi Field-ing it. For some reason Joe Buck knew with great ease that the two Jonas' at the game were Nick and Joe. Was I really surprised by this? Nah. Tim McCarver claimed he had no idea who they were and I believe him. But Buckarino I'm sure has seen that 3D movie of theirs at least 8 times. Possibly 9.

In the top of the 6th Pelf got his 4th and 5th strike outs of the night and who did he strike out? Teixeira and ARod! Cano then got on base with a 2 out single and that pesky Jorge Posada wannabe Cervelli was up to bat. Cervelli was hitting .667 with 2 outs and runners in scoring position. And he upped that average with a broken bat infield hit that scored Cano to get the Yanks their first run of the night, 3-1. Winn then grounded to Castillo and the inning was over, 2 more base runners were stranded, yay! And Pelf was done for the evening and boy did he just pitch spectacularly yet again.

In the bottom of the 6th Pagan flicked the ball to left, Winn misplayed it and no error was called on Mr. Winn and Angel was on base with a lead off double! Teixeira then took a base hit away from Barajas but the grounder moved Pagan on down to third base. Frenchy struck out (Phil Hughes' 7th K of the night) and with 2 outs the pinch hitter was Alex Cora. Cora redeemed himself for last night's OOPS moment and he got an rbi single that gave the Mets a 4-1 lead and well that meant buh bye to Phil Hughes. Girardi did the old double switch and Kevin Russo came in to play left field and Chan Ho Park was on the mound to face Jose Reyes. Reyes singled but with 2 men on and 2 out Castillo grounded out to Teixeira and the inning was over.

In the top of the 7th, Jenrry Mejia came in to help Pelf get the win. Russo started this 7th inning off with a single and Jeter was then walked. With 2 on and nobody out Gardner grounded out but the runners advanced to 2nd and 3rd. With one out and men on 2nd and 3rd Mejia got Teixeira to swing and a miss, strike 3 called! This was a huge strike out and now with 2 outs and still 2 men on ARod had a 2-0 count. Then Mejia pitched a 97 mph fast ball for strike 1. A 97 mph fast ball, strike 2 and then with the crowd on their feet and a full count Mejia got ARod to ground out to Wright and the inning was over!

In the bottom of the 7th Bay got a lead off infield hit, his 4th hit of the night, he was 4 for 4, I like those numbers Jason, I like them a lot. Davis popped up to Cano, Wright flew out to Swisher and with 2 outs and Pagan up, Bay stole second (his 6th stolen base of the season), Angel doubled, Bay scored and this gave the Mets a little added run insurance, a 5-1 lead. Barajas flew out to Gardner to end the inning.

In the top of the 8th I had to give Perpetual Pedro a new nickname PITIFUL Pedro. Cano singled, Swisher was hit by a pitch, Cervelli singled and just like that Pedro loaded the bases. Manuel and I think every Met fan had seen enough of Mr. Feliciano and Nightly Nieve came into this ball game to try to get the Mets out of this jam. Nieve faced the pinch hitter Juan Miranda and Miranda struck out, yes out number 1! Then Kevin Russo the newest Met killer was up to bat and Nieve walked Russo and that meant a run was walked in and the Mets lead was just 3 runs, 5-2. I now am going to give Nieve a new nickname as well, NIGHTMARE Nieve. With one out and the bases still loaded Manuel said hey KRod it's time for you to get your second 5 out save of the season and KRod said hell yeah it is! Frankie got Jeter to hit a grounder to Wright for the force out at second. The Yanks scored on that play and the lead was just down to 2 runs now, 5-3. With 2 outs and men on 1st and 3rd Gardner grounded out to Wright and the inning was over. Time to exhale!!!

Now to the top of the 9th. Teixeira struck out for the 3rd straight time to get this inning started with a bang, yay! ARod then singled and now the tying run was up at the plate and that batter was Cano, oh no. But oh yes, Cano squirted the ball to KRod, out number 2 was recorded but ARod advanced to second base. Nick I want to throw a pie in your face so badly Swisher singled and with 1st and 3rd and 2 outs Cervelli was the last hope for the Yanks. With a 2-2 count and the crowd on their feet KRod gave us fans what we wanted and voila Cervelli was down on strikes, the ball game was over.

The Mets win, the Mets win!

This game was in no way an easy victory for the Mets and yet again the relievers had us fans pacing back and forth.

But we won and we got Tim and Joe to shut up about how much the Mets suck and that's big. And more importantly we took game 2 in this subway series and well tomorrow's rubber game is a must win for the Mets.

Manuel's job is still in no way safe and we just need to keep winning.

So Santana go do your thang tomorrow.


R. Holmes said...

To quote Sergeant Hulka from the movie"Stripes" I say "lighten up Francis." I saw the same game you saw and frankly your points about Buck and McCarver are merely nit-picking. I have been a Met fan since 1964 and I have loved the Mets all that time and the two of them didn't bother me one iota last night. Maybe it is simply that I am a realist and recognized that they were right about a number of things and you simply didn't want to hear it. As "Give 'em Hell" Harry Truman once said "I don't give 'em Hell, I just tell people the truth and they think it's Hell."

Danielle said...

I will lighten up! How could I not after you quoted HST and the movie Stripes. And in all seriousness your points are very valid and I need to get on that reality train w/ you. It's just hard to hear the truth so bluntly laid out on the table and well Joe and Tim did just that. My point of all this, I know you are right and thanks for giving me another perspective on their announcing! Let's take the rubber game tonight.

R. Holmes said...

Many of my closest Met-fan friends are very much the same way as you. Somebody who appreciates history and Bill Murray is more than all right in my book. Let's Go Mets!