Saturday, May 29, 2010

As Gary Cohen Remarked, "He's Doing So Well He Could Wear Sunglasses At Night. Corey Hart is Corey Hot."

Game 2: Brewers 8 Mets 6

Corey Hart's 2 homers and his nocturnal sunglasses wearing ways helped the Mets fall to 6-16 on the road. BOO!

AND "Nightly" Nieve's new nickname is "NIGHTMARE" Nieve.

Tonight was the 50th game played by the Mets in this 2010 season and boy was it just bizarre. Really I don't know how else to describe this one. For instance, the Mets and Brewers wore special uniforms honoring the negro leagues. It was a battle of the NY Cubans vs. the 1923 Milwaukee Bears at Miller Park. I blame these uniforms for this loss. Well that or Kevin Burkhardt. He's a good scapegoat to use at times like these.

So this is how I plan to bang this one out. We'll take a look at some actual highlights from the game and then we'll get to the sausage race and some booth shenanigans! Here we go!

Top of the 1st:
With one out, Jason Bay got an rbi ground rule double, Reyes (who was on 3rd after being walked to lead off this inning) scored. The Mets took an early 1-0 lead. Their only lead of the night.

Bottom of the 1st:
The bases were loaded for Corey Hart with two outs and you know that spells TROUBLE. Yes it was trouble and Corey said "I wear my sunglasses at night so I can, so I can" hit the long ball. Hart hit a grand salami and just like that the Brew Crew had a 4-1 lead over the Metsies. Btw Nieve's pitch count after this first inning was 46, ugh.

Top of the 2nd:
Reyes got a 2 out huge huge huge single and his 18th rbi of the season (Pagan scored from third on Jose's base hit). The Mets were only down by 2 at this point, 4-2.

Bottom of the 2nd:
Kottarras did his best Corey Hart karaoke bar singing impression and he got a 2 out solo homer. The Brewers were up 5-2 now over our beloved Metropolitans. Interesting to note after this Kottarras long ball, Nieve had given up 5 homers in his last 25 innings pitched. And over the last 6 innings he had pitched Nieve had given up 11 runs. So yes I think NIGHTMARE Nieve is a very apt nickname for Fernando at this moment in time.

Top of the 3rd:
With the bases loaded and 1 out, Barajas grounded out but Bay who was on 3rd (he had singled to lead off this inning) was able to score and the Metsies chipped away at the Brew Crew's lead once again, 5-3.

Bottom of the 3rd:
Oliver Perez came into the game now for some relief action. However, it was as if Nieve was still pitching. With 1 out and Fielder on first, Corey Hart sung about his sunglasses once again and he got his 2nd homer of the night. Someone has to take those sunglasses away from him already, sheesh. The Brewers now had a 7-3 lead over the Mets.

Top of the 4th:
With one out and men on 1st and 2nd Ike Davis told Corey Hart he rather enjoys wearing sunglasses at night too and he hit a 3 run bomb! The Mets were now down by only 1 run, 7-6. YAY to Ike's groovy shades!

Bottom of the 4th:
Weeks led this inning off with a triple. With 1st and 3rd and nobody out Ryan Braun grounded into a double play but Weeks was able to score and the Brewers added another run to the scoreboard, 8-6.

By the way interesting to note right now, the Mets got their cherry popped! Before tonight the Metsies had never ever played in a game where both teams scored in their respective halves for 4 innings straight. Yay to first times??!!

Top of the 5th:
With the bases loaded and 2 outs Todd Coffey was brought into this ball game and he slammed the door shut on any possibility of a Metsies comeback. He got Bay to ground out to end the inning.

Bottom of the 5th:
The Brewers actually did not score in the bottom of the 5th and thus, the 5th inning marked the first time that there was a scoreless inning in this ball game! And what was even better was that Elmer Desens got Corey Hart to fly out! Mr. Sunglasses didn't get his 4th consecutive homer against Metsies pitchers YAY YAY YAY!

The 6th inning was finally the continuation of the pitchers' duel from yesterday haha, both sides were retired in order, a first of the night! I was in utter disbelief. Elmer Desens and Todd Coffey worked some magic all right!

Bottom of the 7th: Mejia got Corey Hart to fly out to center! Maybe someone really did steal his sunglasses, hmmm.

Igarashi pitched the 8th inning for the Metsies and both Mejia and Igarashi did not give up any runs and they really gave the Amazins a fighting chance in the top of the 9th to win this ball game. However the Brewers new closer "I am not Trevor Hoffman my name is John Axford" saved this ball game, he got Davis, Wright and Pagan out 1,2,3 and the Brewers won the game, boo.

So because losing sucks let's get onto some fun Gary and Ron shenanigans!

In the bottom of the first after Ryan Braun got a 2 out double he removed his ankle pad and then handed it to his butler Ike Davis. Ike then brought it over to the Brewers' first base coach. Gary and Ron were stunned by this. Gary said, "Fraternization should not reach this point. If I'm the low man on the totem pole in the bullpen then I will carry the Hello Kitty backpack if it's necessary." Ron was on the same page as Gary. He basically felt that Ike should only do such a favor for Braun if Ryan had made out. And even then it would be pushing it!

During Frenchy's at bat in the top of the 5th Prince Fielder tried to be like Ike and failed miserably, YAY!

On try numero dos, another Frenchy pop up in foul territory, the result was the same. Prince just has to come to the realization he's no IKE DAVIS. And to make matters worse for Fielder Gary Cohen remarked, "That's a lot of man hitting the ground!"

Immediately when Todd Coffey came into this ball game in the top of the 5th he was greeted with controversy. Something was up with his glove and the umpires weren't having it. Ron believed it had to be one of two things, either Coffey's glove was too lightly colored and it matched the white baseball or that he had some foreign substance on it like pine tar. The umps ruled that Coffey should change his glove and he did and he pitched superbly, BOO. So Darling's second theory about the foreign substance was eliminated. I was rooting for that but oh well.

In tonight's installment of the sausage race Ron thought the hot dog was in the lead and Gary really knows his sausage and he had to tell Mr. Darling he was so wrong and the leader was in fact the bratwurst. DUH RON! Then Gary announced the end result of this race, "Polish nips him at the wire by a casing!" The Polish sausage was victorious and the bratwurst came in second. And again for the second night in a row Gary's favorite sausage, the chorizo was a big fat loser.

In the bottom of the 8th Hoffman was found with these binoculars and Gary and Ron really didn't have anything to say about it. However my Dad and I believe he was looking for his career. That "I can save games mojo" of his is far far off in the distance. Poor dude.

And for the hair raising moment of the night! The mustache of the Brewers' closer John Axford inspired the following:

Gary: You gotta have that mustache wax to hold that thing in place.
Ron: That's nice!

Ron was really impressed by this stache. I think we might see him growing one very soon. Keith Hernandez might have some competition on his hands shortly!

And in other baseball news. We may have had an anti-pitchers' duel in Milwaukee but in Florida that was a different story! Halladay bests Josh Johnson and the Florida Marlins and pitches a PERFECT GAME. I imagine Dallas Braden's Nana said the following after this game, "Suck it Halladay." First the Phillies get off the I can't score a run schneid last night and now this, BOO.

Hopefully R.A. Dickey can work his knuckle ball magic tomorrow for the Metsies so they can avoid the sweep and finally win again on the road! Let's stay positive folks.

Tomorrow is a new day.

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