Friday, May 14, 2010

The Power Of The Band Franz Ferdinand Should Never Ever Ever Ever Be Underestimated.

Kids, the moral of last night's game: When Sun Life Stadium plays Franz Ferdinand’s “Take Me Out,” Jerry Manuel should listen.

The Mets lost this game in just horrible fashion. There is no way to sugar coat this one. With one out in the bottom of the 9th and men on first and third, Uggla is the pinch hitter for the Marlins, Manuel has a decision to make does he stick with Nightly Nieve or does he listen to Franz Ferdinand and bring in Perpetual Pedro. Jerry says eff you Franz and Nieve stays in the game. At the time did I see this as a bad move? NOPE. Did I see it as a terrible decision 5 seconds later? YES. Before you can say UGGLA, Nieve throws a pitch in the dirt, Barajas is unable to make the stop, Ross scores from third and just like that the ball game is over. Mets lose 2-1.

On the bright side since I have to find something good in this game, Rod Barajas again proved he is the MVP of the Mets this season. In the top of the 2nd, Rod got a clutch 2 out RBI single that scored Canadian Bay. That was the lone run for the Mets. One really is the loneliest number. What’s not lonely? David Wright’s face. That beard is still in full bloom.

And now let's cheer ourselves up with some great highlights from the booth. Keith and Gary supplied great one liners last night. Here we go!

As soon as it was the top of the 1st it became apparent Keith Hernandez is quite smitten with one Josh Johnson. Here are some words Keith used to describe Joshua’s pitching,


“Country hard ball”

“That ball is sizzling”

“I love guys that throw hard like this, Jeff not so much.”

More Keith and Gary greatness:

Keith: He (Barajas) always has rip.

Keith: That is the beauty of baseball, it is a long haul.

Keith: I wonder if that bat has holes in it like Swiss cheese.

Gary: That’s a large vessel.

Keith: It’s huge.

Gary: I can’t read lips.

Keith: I feel like Clousseau.

Keith: Pitchers wouldn’t like me if I was an umpire.

Keith: What are you thinking Lincoln?

Gary: Nunez a slender guy but he can bring it.

Keith: The ball is 4 inches lower and it’s adios amigo!

Keith: He’s (Nieve) a rubber arm, Gumby!

Keith: He (Nieve) has the 3 days in the all star break to rest.

Also, Keith and Gary shared that they love sardines. Like really love them. As Keith remarked, “Sardines in Greece are spectacular, I had a great time there. I wouldn’t advise going there now though.”

And on that fishy note tonight's game is Perez vs Sanchez, 7:10pm SNY. Could we possibly be screaming Ollielujah after this one? Maybe. Weird stuff goes on in Florida. It can be raining on one side of the street and sunny one block over. So my point, Perez can come out strong tonight. Anything is possible at Sun Life Stadium. Chewbacca was in the stands last night, so yeah anything can happen.

Let's go Mets and let's hope David Wright's beard is still in full bloom!

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