Saturday, May 15, 2010

As Gary Cohen So Eloquently Put It Tonight, "The Mets Have Not Exactly Been Jack Kerouac This Year."

Jose Reyes returned to the lead off spot in the lineup and still the result was the same, Mets lose 7-5

Tonight during game 3, I witnessed something in my 26 years on this planet that I had never seen before. And trust me I don't want to ever see it again. In the bottom of the first inning, John Maine threw 12 straight balls. Yes that's right folks 12 straight pitches out of the strike zone, Gary and Keith were keeping count in the booth just in case fans missed a beat. So just like that the bases were loaded with nobody out. Somehow by the grace of the baseball gods Maine only gave up 3 runs in that first inning and the Mets miraculously battled back over the next two innings to tie this game at 3.

But that's where the fun ended. Maine just continued to struggle in this one and by the bottom of the 5th Cantu, Ross and Maybin continued their Met killing ways and the Marlins took a 6-3 lead. They added another run to the scoreboard in the bottom of the 6th and the Mets were down by 4. This isn't to say the Mets didn't have opportunities to come back and win this one. They sure did but they could never capitalize.

In the top of the 9th, Barajas had a potential extra base hit that well turned into an out. Rod ran as fast as he could to second but he's no Forrest Gump and he was thrown out. This was a shame because Reyes got a two out double that would have scored Barajas and Castillo then singled. So instead of this one being a one run ball game with Pagan up to bat the Mets were down 7-5, Pagan grounded to first and that's how the story ended.

With this defeat the Mets have now lost their first 5 road series. This is something they have not done since way back in 1991.
And this brings me to Gary and Keith's literature segment. Before tonight Hernandez and Cohen had discussed John Steinbeck and Alexander Dumas and today they added Jack Kerouac to the mix. As Gary said, "The Mets have not exactly been Jack Kerouac this year." And yes he's right. "On The Road" they have been horrible. The Mets are currently 4-11 in road games. Last season they were 29-52 on the road and at this point we are heading down this same path and really in this scenario deja vu is not fun.

But what was fun about this game? Gary and Keith in the booth. Kerouac's "On The Road" was just one of the many conversation points between these two men tonight. Here we go with the rest of the amazing highlights from the Cohen and Hernandez show!

Keith: Maybe I should be a pitching coach.
Gary: Next life.

David Wright shaved his beard and after he hit a homer in the top of the second this ensued,
Gary: The shave agreed with David Wright.
Keith: Maybe!
Gary: Last time he'll be wearing a playoff beard.

Keith: What is it Saturday? Right?
Gary: It is Saturday. That makes tomorrow Sunday, getaway day.
Keith: I'm home Sunday.
Gary: That's getting away.

Keith: Did you enjoy the sushi last night?
Gary: I did.
Keith: It's good sushi in that hotel.

Gary: Are you a boat enthusiast?
Keith: I am a boat enthusiast when other people are the captain.

Keith: PSHAW!
Gary: How do you spell that?
Keith: P-I-S-H-A-W
Gary: I don't think there's an "I."
Keith: That's one of those comic book words.

Keith: You are not getting me anywhere close to South Beach.
Gary: You got a day game tomorrow, you gotta rest up.
Keith: Actually I'm going to try to get a workout in tomorrow morning.
Gary: You are my hero!

And really Keith you are my hero too.

I don't know how I'd survive this season without the shenanigans that go on in that booth.

And I leave you with my mantra, tomorrow is a new day.

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