Friday, May 14, 2010

Lay It Down Ziggy

Game 2 Mets vs Marlins: Uggla Uggla Uggla, just ugggggly

So tonight’s Mets game really would have been quite enjoyable if it wasn’t for the 3rd and 4th innings. You take those innings out and well we have a great ball game folks.

In the bottom of the 3rd we began to see Ollie collapse. With one out and two men on Uggla hit a homer and the Marlins took a 3-0 lead. And nope it did not end there. Maybin got an rbi single and after 3, the Mets were down by 4.

Truth be told a 4-0 game is not the end of the world when so much game is left to be played. Unfortunately that was not the case tonight. Armageddon was on the horizon and Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck might as well have suited up for this one at Sun Life Stadium. In the bottom of the 4th, Perez gave up three homers, the first two were back to backers by Coghlan and Sanchez. And then Dan Uggla had to go and get his second homer of the night. And that is when the game officially slipped away from the Mets. The Marlins had a 7 run lead and Perez went buuuuh bye.

In the top of the 5th the Mets tacked on 2 runs thanks to a Pagan double. But the Metropolitans could not repeat their Tuesday night comeback ways and tonight’s final score:

Marlins 7 Mets 2

If I were to look at the glass half full aspect of this game, Valdes, Acosta and Mejia did some great relief pitching. Well done men. Valdes was the stand out of the night. He faced 8 batters and struck out four.

Also, Jason Bay extended his hitting streak to 8 games. Canadian Bay nice work.

David Wright still has his beard which is a plus in my book, but what’s not a plus in my book, the fact that he has struck out in 11 straight games and is leading the league in strike outs. Ouch.

Let’s now put a bandaid on these wounds from tonight. And that means it’s time for some Keith and Gary antics in the booth. Here we go!

Keithisms in game 2 include:

“Let Ike swing the bat to his own liking.”

“Everybody is so tall today. I feel like a runt.”

“You are so funny you made me chuckle.”

“A bloop and a blast.”

“2012 I’ll be 59 that year. How about that! I’m not pushing daisies yet.”

And the best part of the night for this girl was a discussion that Gary and Keith had about David Bowie. Oddly enough this Bowie talk came about right after Raul Valdes bunted in the top of the 5th.

Gary: Lay it down Ziggy.

Keith: Ziggy Stardust and the spiders from Mars.

Gary: Now you lost me.

Keith: It was David Bowie.

Gary: I know it was David Bowie. I was referring to an old baseball story about a little guy who bunts, “Lay It Down Ziggy.”

Keith: Well I was referring to David Bowie. That was actually a terrific album.

Gary: Ziggy played guitar.

In other baseball news, Jamie Moyer like Oliver Perez, had three batters hit homers off of him in one inning tonight. However he has the excuse that he’s 47. Ollie you can’t use that one. Sorry dude.

And on that note I will now say my mantra when it comes to these painful losses, tomorrow is a new day.

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