Friday, May 28, 2010

And Bernie The Brewer After 8 2/3 Innings Is No Longer Idle...

Game 1 Brewers 2 Mets 0

Before this game started I had a dream. This dream was simple, it had two parts. Part one, the Mets would get their 6th win in a row tonight. Part two, The Mets would get their longest consecutive scoreless inning streak since 1969. BUT Corey Hart stepped on my dream. He said, "36 consecutive scoreless innings haha haha Danielle optimism is for suckers!" Hart you have no heart.

During this game Ron Darling made a statement that was oh so true,
"This is a '69 kind of game isn't it? No scoring. Outstanding pitchers' duel. Both pitchers deep into the game."

And yes Santana and Gallardo both pitched gems for their respective squads. Santana pitched 8 scoreless innings and before he was taken out by Manuel he had retired the previous 11 guys in a row. So like Brian said I too don't understand why Jerry took Johan out! Gallardo was kept in the game because the Brewers relievers are pretty much the worst and he ended up pitching 9 shut out innings and getting the win.

So now let's go to the bottom of the 9th to see how everything that was going so well for the Mets went oh so wrong.

Perpetual Pedro came in to start the bottom of the 9th. He faced the dangerous Prince Fielder and Prince grounded out. 35 1/3 scoreless consecutive innings pitched by the Metsies! Jerry Manuel then brought in Igarashi to face Ryan Braun. Today is Igarashi's 31st birthday and Rocketman is going to have a lot of trouble celebrating tonight. That is for sure. Braun hit a ground ball to Reyes, Jose made a great diving stop but Braun still was able to beat out the throw to first. So with 1 on and 1 out McGehee was up. He popped up to Ike and there were now 35 2/3 scoreless consecutive innings pitched by the Amazins! But then Corey Hart told Igarashi with one swing of the bat I hope you have a very very unhappy birthday. Hart hit a 2 run walk off homer and just like that the ball game was over. Bernie the Brewer got to wave his flag, BOO. I liked the other 8 2/3 innings when Bernie was idly sitting by his brewery much better than this but oh well all good things usually come to an end. Not fair.

But I can't leave on this sour note. That would be awful of me. SO let's examine some fun things that went on at Miller Park tonight. We need a little cheering up, I know I do!

In the beginning of this game the camera man focused on a little red headed boy. Ron and Gary told us fans that this boy was celebrating his birthday today, his 11th to be exact. And because it was his birth moment he got to sit in the booth before the game with Darling and Cohen. What a lucky duck! BUT since I know kids are resilient, I've read it time and time again in psychological journals, I hoped little Bobby, Billy, Quagmire, whatever his name might be would have his birthday ruined by a Mets victorino. Unfortunately this did not happen and this wee ginger got to enjoy some beer with Bernie after the game. Drats.

After a commercial break the camera man got a shot of these hip cats in the stands. Gary Cohen said the following, "They graduated from 'The Cheeseheads' to 'The Kegheads.'" And Ron added in, "That is just priceless." And really it is.

Gary during the game said that Bernie the Brewer "Had nothing to do tonight." And at this time, around the 7th inning I hyuk-ed quite a lot when the Cohen joshed about this. If I could go back in a hot tub time machine to this exact moment I would not have laughed so much.

And for the funniest moment of the night, the SAUSAGE RACE. Mr. Cohen at the end of this race said, "Winning by a 'link' is the hot dog!" Yes that little funny made me chuckle. What also made me chuckle the fact that Gary said very seriously that his personal favorite in the sausage family is the CHORIZO. The chorizo that came in second place. Sorry Gary!

Nightly Nieve will be in extended nightly duty tomorrow night and hopefully he'll pull a Takahashi for us! If not, well I'm not thinking like that. Let's stay positive. This loss stings but we've lost this way before we can handle it. We've dealt with far worse.

Tomorrow is a new day.

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