Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jeff Francouer's First 4 Hit Game As A Met Helps The Amazins Get Win #7 On The Road! NO SWEEP For You Milwaukee!

Game 3: Mets 10 Brewers 4

On the Mound, Tricky Dickey vs Wolf!

As Gary Cohen remarked during this game, "That meeting yesterday with Jerry Manuel has proved very productive for Jeff Francouer!" And Mr. Cohen is right! Yesterday Frenchy got 2 hits and today he not only went 4 for 5 but he also had 2 rib eye steaks! Frenchy, my favorite Amazin yet again played like a champ when I'm not home to watch the game live. Embarrassing as this is to admit I was at the movies seeing Sex And The City 2 while the game was on. But during this pretty lousy film I checked my phone for Mets updates and when I got home I queued up the DVR and watched the game. I would have done this regardless but I really needed to regain some dignity after spending $12 on Sex And The City 2 and the Mets helped me do this all right.

So this is how I plan to bang this one out. I'll do a little play by play of the game including every time Corey Hart got out, the sausage race and well no writeup would be complete without some great moments from the booth! Giddy up, here we go!

Top of the 1st:
With the bases loaded and 1 out Wright got an rbi sac fly, Reyes scored and the Metsies took a 1-0 lead. That rib eye steak, David's 34th of the season!

Bottom of the 1st:
Rickie Weeks, Months, Years, Decades led off the inning with a homer to tie this ball game at 1, BOO. But on the bright side with 1 on and 2 out Corey Hart flew out to Frenchy, and Jeff made a stellar catch right at the wall! I guess Corey doesn't fair so well when he wears sunglasses in the afternoon!

Bottom of the 2nd:
Escobar got an rbi single and the Brew Crew now had a 2-1 lead over the Metsies.

Top of the 4th:
Francouer led off this inning with a single, he then stole second during Blanco's at bat. Blanco flew out but he advanced Frenchy to third and it was now up to R.A. Dickey to get his first major league rib eye steak. And Dickey said "I'm 35, I like red meat I like it a lot," he singled, Jeff scored and the Mets were now tied with the Brewers once again, 2-2. Btw Kevin Burkhardt told us something quite interesting about R.A. Dickey. Before games, Dickey likes to read. He's a book worm! He sits in the dugout with his shorts and flip flops on and just reads for 45 minutes. I wonder what he read before today's game? Possibly a book on how to be AWESOME?

Bottom of the 4th:

Corey Hart flew out to Pagan! Yay! During this at bat Kevin Burkhardt did a great report from the stands on Mr. Hart and the musical artist Corey Hart of "Sunglasses At Night," fame. Kevin said that he actually had asked Corey if he listens to the music of Corey Hart. And Hart said in fact he does and he's got some songs of Corey's on his Ipod. In addition to this, Corey Hart a while back got a gag gift, a poster of the singer Corey Hart from his friends and instead of discarding it Corey Hart has it hanging in his house. And Corey is currently on the prowl for a Corey Hart autographed poster. I hope he gets it! Then this conversation took place between Gary and Ron and oh it was AMAZIN:

Gary: You'd think he would have theme music coming to the plate.
Ron: I mean nothing against Corey but that's tough to listen to. I'm sorry. Not this Corey Hart that Corey.
Gary: There's a lot of music from that era that is hard to listen to.
Ron: You know what's amazing! Ball parks love to play that 70's, 80's music and it wasn't even great when it was happening but they are replaying it now.

I guess it's safe to say Ron is very particular in his taste of music. Maybe he prefers rap. I'm picturing him as a huge Biggie Smalls fan. Ok back to the game!

Top of the 6th:
Jeff Suppan came in to do some relief action and well as Ron put it, "Jeff Suppan's nightmare stay in Milwaukee continues." Oh it did. Frenchy got on base with a one out single. A single that dropped right in front of Hart. Then Gary said, "Hart he has not come in good on balls all series." ZING! Henry Blanco then singled and with men on 1st and 2nd and 1 out Dickey got a productive out. He sac bunted and Jeff and Henry advanced to 2nd and 3rd. Reyes was up next and he was intentionally walked. Now the bases were loaded with 2 outs for Castillo who said "I don't like tied ball games" and he singled, Frenchy and Blanco both scored and the Mets regained the lead, 4-2!

Bottom of the 6th:
Ike Davis who did not start this game (Tatis started at first today) took over first base and this led Ron and Gary to explain the oddness that went on last night between Ryan Braun and Davis. In yesterday's game Braun handed to Ike his shin guard and Ike did a little butler work and he then gave the shin guard to the first base coach. When Ike was asked why he did this he said, "I was just trying to speed up the game." Ron did not like this answer at all. BTW who struck out in this inning? COREY HART!

Top of the 7th:
Wright led this inning off with a double. And now I get to write once again my favorite line ever. Angel went back back back it's PA-Gone! Pagan homered and just like that the Metsies had a 6-2 lead over the Brew Crew!

Bottom of the 7th:

Weeks did his best karaoke version of "Sunglasses at night" and he got his second homer of this game, a 2 run bomb and the Mets lead was now just 6-4 over the Brewers.

Top of the 8th:

Trevor Hoffman came into this ball game for some relief action and well I sure couldn't tell he has been struggling. He pitched a 1,2,3 inning. Castillo, Bay and Davis were retired with the utmost ease.

Bottom of the 8th:
Elmer Dessens got Corey Hart to pop up! OH yeah! NO HITS for you today Mr. Sunglasses at night!

Top of the 9th:
Zach Braddock came into pitch and it was just splendid for the Mets! Wright led off with a single, Pagan then doubled, and then Frenchy doubled! Wright and Pagan both scored and the Mets lead was now back up to 4, 8-4. Blanco then continued to amaze us fans and he doubled, Jeff scored and the lead was now 9-4 over the Brew Crew. Gary Matthews Jr. then was up to do some pinch hitting, and he was walked. Reyes then singled, Blanco scored and the Mets had a 6 run lead over the Brewers, 10-4! Castillo, Bay and Davis once again were retired in order, the inning was over and it was time for Frankie to come in to close the door on this game!

Bottom of the 9th:
Rodriguez struck out Gomez and Lucroy, and just like that there was 1 more out to go for this one to be over. Next up with the game on the line Adam Stern was the pinch hitter. He grounded out to Castillo and the Mets avoided the sweep and won a game on the road. They are currently 7-16 on the road this season.

And here were Dickey's stats that helped him to win his second straight start:
7IP 9H 4ER 0BB 3K

Now let's get to the sausage race!

Ron: Well to tell you the truth, I'm really over the sausage race by the third day here. But it's better today because they handed off to the little weenies."

That's right folks today's race was a RELAY RACE, just amazing! Sadly Gary's chorizo lost again. As Gary announced, "The Polish sausage wins in a runaway!"

Well today was a great game for the Metsies and hopefully they can win some more road games in San Diego! I'm staying positive that they indeed will!

And folks don't rush to see Sex And The City 2, it pretty much blows.
Maybe I should use some other wording to describe this film, nah blows is just perfect.

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