Sunday, May 23, 2010

As Jon Miller Said, "Tonight The Slugger That They Signed Appeared." O CANADA!

Game 3: Mets 6 Yanks 4

In the beginning of the season I recall Keith Hernandez referring to Jason Bay's hitting as being "feast or famine." We have all come to see how streaky Mr. Bay is, we've gone through the famine, but over these last 3 games against the Yankees Jason's catered us a scrumptious meal; the feast was on! Hopefully it's here to stay. Who says BAY-con isn't good for you??!!

Now to the game and the BAY highlights!

In the bottom of the 2nd, Barajas got on base with a lead off double, Frenchy and Santana both struck out but with 2 outs Jose Reyes was back to his old marvelous hitting in the clutch ways and he doubled. Unfortunately Barajas is pretty slow running the bases and he was held on at 3rd. But this was okay because Alex Cora continued his redemption song and he hit a 2 rbi single, Rod and Jose scored, and the Mets took a 2-0 lead over the Yanks. Earlier in this game Jon Miller, Joe Morgan and Orel Hershiser discussed Bay's lack of long ball action this season. Did you know at this point in the season one year ago Mr. Canada had 13 homers and 45 rib eye steaks? Well Mr. Streaky did. But back to the current Mr. Bay, with 2 outs and Cora on base Jason said to the folks at Citi Field I like the long ball, I like it a lot, Canadians aren't so bad. Jay Bay homered and the Mets had a 4-0 lead on the pinstriped fiends. Davis then struck out to end the inning but it was a splendid inning regardless.

In the bottom of the 5th Jason Bay said to Citi Field did you like what you saw in the 2nd inning? The crowd said O Canada we did and Bay led off with a solo homer, his second long baller of the night! 5-0 METS!! Davis then popped up to center, Gardner was playing very deep, he couldn't get to the ball and either could Cano who was unable to make the over the shoulder catch and Ike was on first with nobody out. Now it was time for the Wright stuff to deliver in the 5 spot and he did. Davis advanced to second on a pass ball and then Davey said say hello to my double! Davis scored and the Mets were up 6-0. Pagan then popped up to Jeter, Barajas flew out to Gardner, Frenchy was intentionally walked and Santana struck out to end the inning. BUT this was the last of Sabathia the Mets would see!

In the top of the 7th ARod popped up to Reyes, Cano grounded out to Wright and at this point Santana had retired 13 straight Yankees. Who says 13 is an unlucky number??!! Well it sort of was because after that 13th straight out Santana started to get a little shaky. He walked Swisher in just 4 pitches and with 2 outs and Nick on 1st Cervelli hit a ball back back back but it was called a ground rule single by the umpires. Girardi and Cervelli did not like this at all but the umps reviewed the hit and stuck by their ruling. Swisher scored on the weirdest ground rule single I have ever seen and the Yanks were only down 5 at this point, 6-1. Kevin Russo a big fan of the show LOST flew out to Frenchy and the inning was over and then to make matters worse for Russo he was told how the series finale of LOST ended. OH how I jest.

In the top of the 8th the pinch hitter Marcus Thames got on base with a lead off walk, Jeter got jammed and the force out play was made, Thames was out at second but that pesky Derek was safe at first. With one out now Gardner lined out to Wright. Teixeira then singled and with men on 1st and 3rd ARod was up to bat, ugh. Johan walked Rodriguez and just like that the bases were loaded with 2 outs for Cano. Jerry decided it was time for that Perpetual Pedro fella to remedy this situation. Santana was done for the night but what a night he had. 7 2/3 innings pitched, 6 hits, 3 walks, 5 K's and 1 R. Mr. Feliciano then proved tonight he still has the goods and he got Cano to pop up to Davis and the inning was over! Time to exhale Mets fans!

In the top of the 9th I was so excited to see Igarashi back but that soon changed. Igarashi was very very very wild. Swisher got on base with a lead off walk, Cervelli singled, Russo hit a ball right back at the mound, Igarashi was confused as to where he should throw the ball and eventually he threw to second and Cervelli was out. But still there were now men on 1st and 3rd with one out for the pinch hitting fiend Juan Miranda. Miranda singled and Swish scored cutting the Mets lead to just 4 runs, 6-2. Manuel made a call to the bullpen and it was Frankie time! With Jeter up and men on 1st and 3rd Jeter did what us Mets fans feared, he doubled and just like that the lead was down to 3 runs, 6-3. Gardner who has struggled against the Mets was up next and he grounded out to Wright but on this controversial out Miranda scored and the lead was just 6-4 for the Metsies. I say that this out was controversial because Girardi and Gardner both complained that Ike's foot was not on the bag and that Brett was safe at first. The umps didn't agree and a pissed off Girardi walked back to the dugout. Teixeira then chopped the ball and it was a base hit, he was safe as can be at first. With 1st and 3rd and 2 outs ARod came to the plate, uh oh. But no need to fret, I won't make you wait too long to hear that KRod struck ARod out and the ball game was over.

The Mets win and they win the series!

Jerry Manuel lives to see his squad take on the Phillies, a Phillies team that was just swept by the BoSox, YAY.

Finally the Metsies get a day off tomorrow and Tuesday it's time to show the Phils some un-brotherly love. R.A. Dickey is the probable starter and well that will be the 2nd straight knuckle ball starter to face the Phils. Today Tim Wakefield bested Halladay and hopefully Dickey can copy Timmy Tuesday! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery you know.

Let's savor this win and this series!

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