Sunday, September 12, 2010

Who Wants Roy Oswalt Anyways...He's Not Too Tall.

Rubber game/Roy Oswalt's 300th career start: Phillies 3 Mets 0
Roy Oswalt vs Jon Niese
--Mets get shutout for the 11th time this season.

--No Mets runner made it past 1st base today.
--The Mets have committed 73 errors this season. "We'll take that" was Keith Hernandez's reaction to that stat! I concur!

So the best part of this game because oh it sucked was the commentary from the booth. What would I do without my SNY men during these games?! At one point I was pretty certain a new drinking game could be started. I was ready to patent my idea! Ron, Gary and Keith just kept talking about how short Roy Oswalt is. Gary said for "A little guy he plays like a big guy." And then Ron chimed in that he's very tough or some adjective like that "for someone not too tall." This was hysterical. But let me just get to some of the low lights for any person out there besides myself who still enjoys a game recap! And well there are plenty more booth shenanigans too! Here we go!

In the top of the first Niese went from being Ollie to Santana. Victorino led off with a single, then Niese walked Polanco and ugh Chase Utley singled to give the Phillies an early 1-0 lead. But then Niese struck out Howard, Werth and Ibanez. This was magical! Btw before Werth struck out Keith said "He's a winner." This was also after Ron and Gary pointed out that Werth is batting .160 with RISP. Keith has said he's bad with numbers. Oye.

In the bottom of the 2nd although Ike Davis grounded out and the Mets did absolutely nothing, a very cool Davis stat was revealed! Ike over the last 7 games has been batting .519, he's had 3 homers and 10 rib eye steaks! Well after this game those stats won't be so great but at this point in the game it was splendid to hear!

In the top of the 3rd with 2 outs and a man on 3rd, Howard singled, Polanco scored and the Phils were now winning 2-0 over the Metsies. But Werth then struck out again, that was neato! And Niese had K'd 5 Phillies after 3 innings. Also very neato! What wasn't so neato however was seeing Niese throw his glove in disgust in the dugout before coming up to bat in the bottom of the 3rd. Poor dude.

In the bottom of the 3rd of course the Mets did nothing but with 1 out Oswalt walked Niese. Niese has now been walked 8 times this season! And he has 8 hits this season. And I don't want to be a spoiler but I will. He totally got hit number 9 later in this game!

In the top of the 6th Niese struck out Jayson Werth for the 3rd straight time! And during Jay's at bat the booth mocked his beard! This was great. Ron said, "With that facial hair he's like the man with a thousand faces. You never know what to expect!" And then Keith shouted "Lon Chaney." But this time around Keith the dinosaur didn't say anything to us fans about the fact that that old time actor James Cagney played Lon Chaney in a movie called "Man Of A Thousand Faces." I'm disappointed in Mr. Hernandez! He's supposed to remind himself how old he is during these telecasts!

And like I told you Niese got hit numero 9 of this season and this happened in the bottom of the 6th. He led off with a single and again the Mets did nothing with this opportunity! Ugh.

In the top of the 7th Ibanez led off with a homer. The Phils were now up 3-0 over the Mets.

After 7 innings in the books, Oswalt was pitching a gem. The Mets had only 3 hits off of him and well Niese was their best hitter. Can we just put him in the outfield with Pagan and Beltran on his off days? Seriously can we?

In the bottom of the 7th David Wright struck out for the 147th time this season. The most strikeouts any Metsie has ever had in a season is 156. Dave Kingman has done that! So basically now Wright just has to get 10 more K's to set a new Mets record! Yay for record breaking! Oh wait silly me this is not good, oops. Oh poor David. Keith during David's at bat actually screamed "Focus on the top half of the ball. FOCUS!"

In the top of the 8th, Manny Acosta was in the ball game, and sadly when he faced Werth with 1 man on and 1 out, Jayson didn't strike out. He just popped up. I really wanted him to get the golden sombrero. That sombrero with that beard, oh it would have been amazing. ARGH.

In the bottom of the 8th with 2 outs, Manuel brought in Lucas Duda to pinch hit in the pitcher's spot. Before this at bat Duda was 1 for 28 in the majors. And after that at bat he was well 1 for 29. I miss Francouer! At least Jeff would usually be 2 for 28. Sheesh.

In the top of the 9th Gary, Ron and Keith started to talk about the US Open. Gary does not know much about tennis. All he really knows is that Kim Clijsters is a tennis player who threw out the first pitch at a Metsies game a few weeks back. And she also snubbed Burkhardt! She wouldn't let him interview her! The booth was still upset with her over that. Ron said, "I love tennis, I'm not always fond of tennis people." Again I'm not sure how much Gary maybe was pretending to not follow tennis. He did say something like "How did Federer lose!!??"

In the bottom of the 9th Roy Oswalt was still pitching. And well Reyes tried his hardest to get him out of the game! He led off the inning by grounding a ball right at Roy's leg! And Jose Jose Jose got on first with an infield single! Keith said that the ball hit Oswalt's achilles tendon. That was Dr. Hernandez's diagnosis. Ron joked that a player after the game was going to say to Oswalt, "Roy you should have taped a glove to your cav." Roy was not hurt and Pagan grounded into the 1 6 3 double play and then Beltran struck out and ugh the Phillies won. Roy Oswalt not only won his 300th career start but he pitched a 4 hit complete game shutout, ugh ugh ugh. But really that just leaves me thinking how glad I am the Mets didn't get Roy. He's such an overachiever, who needs that in your pitching rotation anyways!? Right!!?? Plus he's not too tall!

Ok so tomorrow is another day. Another meaningless day in Mets baseball but still a new day and a new series. The Mets will host the Pirates at Citi Field and Dillon Gee will get to make his debut at Citi! Let's hope Gee pitches another beautiful game!

Have a great night folks! And yay to the return of the NFL! We need some distractions from the Mets!

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