Monday, September 13, 2010

Mr. Met's Head Is HUGE...

So one of my favorite things to do every morning during the baseball season is to well (this probably won't be a shocker), read the recaps of the Metsies games in the "Daily News." I enjoy this. Along with their recaps is a column called "EXTRA INNINGS" that lists the "Stat Of The Day," "Test Your Mets IQ," "Unsung Hero" and "MIA." And this column is usually amazing. But today's writeup in the "Daily News" and the "Stat Of The Day" just proved how meaningless Metsies baseball is these days to New Yorkers and that's a pretty sad thing for me to accept. Not only in today's article on page 70 is there no mention of anything that happened in yesterday's loss to the Phillies but the stat of the day is about the size of Mr. Met's head. It's not a statistic like "The most strikeouts by a Met in a season is 156." Instead it's the following, "Mr. Met's head is 80 inches in circumference at its largest point (his nose)." And as much as this stat is kind of great and hysterical it just makes it clearer how big of a joke everyone thinks the Metsies are. Ugh. Having said that who do you folks think has the bigger head, Mr. Met or that Derek Jeter fella? My money is on Jeter, you know he has the edge!

Gee vs McDonald tonight. Btw Gee's ERA after his first start is 1.29. I really like this kid.

Btw is anyone else ecstatic that the Yankees could be collapsing in September!? Really the fact that they were swept by Texas this past weekend just makes me smile!

Have a great day folks and shock your friends with your new Metsies stat. They won't know what hit them.

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