Sunday, September 26, 2010

Beltran Declares, "There will be no clinching of the NL East by the Philles today!"

To clinch the division or to not clinch the division/Game 3: Mets 7 Phils 3
Misch vs Hamels

Ok so Beltran totally didn't say that quote but I mean his bat pretty much spoke for itself this afternoon. That bat sure does a lot of great talking lately.

But really I have to be honest. I missed most of this game. I came home just in time for the bottom of the 8th. So I'll recap from there! Here we go!

In the bottom of the 8th the Mets were leading the Phils 5-3 and Elmer Dessens was in for relief. And what did he do to start this inning off just horribly? He walked Werth. Keith pretty much said that walking the lead off batter was just blech-ity blech terrible. He also made some disapproving snorting sound. I did as well! We are so in sync. Then Ibanez was up and he grounded a ball that was tipped off of Dessens. The only play Tejada could make was to 1st and Ibanez was out...just barely though. Then Dessens got Ruiz to pop up, woot woot! But ugh now it was time for a pinch hitter and ugh ugh ugh that pinch hitter was Jimmy Rollins! But no need to say any more ughs because he so grounded out!

In the top of the 9th Ryan Madson was pitching for the Phillies and Gary totally jinxed him. This was awesome! Gary remarked how Madson has not given up an earned run in his last 19 appearances. And well he totally gave up some earned runs today! Nick Evans led off this inning with a bloop single. This was his 3rd hit on the afternoon (3 for 5). Then Beltran totally shut the towel waving Citizens Bank Park crowd up with his second homer of the game! This opposite field blast gave the Metsies a 7-3 lead over the Phils! Carlos "I am a golden god" Beltran hadn't hit 2 homers in one game since May 4, 2009. And I also must mention that Beltran gets total props with that slide yesterday. No other Metsie would dare to avenge what Utley did to Tejada but oh Carlos is not like every man. So yeah if the Mets decide to get rid of Beltran I'm gonna be one unhappy camper. Oh I will. But back to the game. Madson then walked Wright and Charlie Manuel brought in a new pitcher because well Madson was stinking it up on the mound. Baez came in and he just simmered the Metsies bats on down. He struck out Pagan and then Davis and Tejada grounded out to end the inning.

In the top of the 9th Takahashi came in to close this mother out! The first batter he faced was the pinch hitter Sweeney and Sweeney flew out to Pagan! But ugh that Shane Victorino then singled. But really no need to fret folks the Good Taka was on the mound. Taka then got Polanco to fly out to Beltran. And now the piece de resistance! For out numero 3 and a Metsies win Takahashi was facing that buttface Chase Utley. The count was 3-2 and Utley flew out to Carlos and the ball game was over. He may have hit a 3 run homer in the 5th to cut the Metsies lead to 5-3 but that was all the damage he was doing today, yay! So the Metsies won, they took this series from the Phils and they played spoilers. This victorino today prevented the Phils from clinching the division. I mean they clinched a playoff spot but still it was fun to see all those Citizen Bank Park-ers cry into their towels!

Next up the Mets are home to face Milwaukee! Am I being too optimistic to think we could be seeing a Metsies 3 game winning streak in our futures!? Maybe but I believe it's possible.

Have a great night folks!

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