Sunday, September 12, 2010


So I am pretty sure I have made it clear in many of my Metsies recaps that I am a fan of Jeff Francouer's. And yes I'm sad to see him no longer bleeding orange and blue. I realize while many people shouted "HALLELUJAH" as he was traded to the Rangers about 2 weeks back I was in the minority wishing he could at least stay with the team for the rest of the season. I just feel in general I didn't have time to say goodbye. But I have come to accept this trade, I understand it and all and I have wished since the day he became a Ranger that he would somehow be the hero in a game, in particular a game against the YANKEES. And what do you know my dream did come true! Yesterday with the bases loaded, Mariano Rivera beaned Frenchy and the Rangers won the game 7-6. I mean all of us Metsies fans know that in that situation as a Met, Jeff was just going to swing at everything coming at him, he was probably going to fly out to right, so this is just a hilarious and amazing way for the Yankees to lose. It really doesn't get better than that in my book. So now I just hope to continue to see Frenchy or Cora in the Texas Rangers box scores doing great things. Francouer is currently batting .385 as an AL-er. Wow, right!!?? Since the Mets have no shot of doing anything come playoff time I definitely will support the Rangers.

And I wonder now if this is Frenchy's new at bat song?

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