Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mets Win 3rd straight Thanks To Ruben Te-HOT-A!

Game 1: Mets 4 Brewers 3
Big Pelf vs Wolf

So this is going to be a very incomplete recap. I apologize for this folks but I'll work with the parts of the game I saw. That show "Glee" is to blame. That's my scapegoat. I missed most of the action due to that show. I know I know blasphemy, what kind of a fan am I right, sheesh. Enough of my excuses let's get to some Keith-isms and the game!

Keith Hernandez was having a fun time tonight mocking Prince Fielder. Two of my favorite comments he made were:
Would you take a chance on him with all that extra poundage?
He is very limited in his lateral movement.

Keith also saw his favorite Sag Harbor-ian bartender in the stands and then he proceeded to gush about him to Ron and Gary. This was a mistake. He knew he had said too much. As a result he remarked, "I don't want everyone to think I'm a lush." Oh what else are we supposed to think, he knew Howie's work schedule to a tee. He even said they watched MNF together at the bar. It was so cute trying to hear Keith get out of the I am a boozer hole he got himself into. Regardless of what Keith does when he's not in the booth I'm still a fan. I will never judge.

And now to game!

In the top of the 6th the Brew Crew was already up 1-0 over the Mets and well that sunglasses at night wearing Corey Hart led off with a solo homer. The Brewers were now up 2-0. Is there ever a game against the Brewers where Hart doesn't kill the Mets!? He's a very hart-less fella, hardy har har.

But no need to fret about a 2-0 Brewers lead folks because oh yeah David Wright was kind of amazing. Ok he was amazing. It was a commercial break from "Glee" and I put on SNY and Dave was up. It was the bottom of the 6th, Duda was on 1st and there were 2 outs. And David homered! A glorious homer! The game was now tied, 2-2. And Mr. Wright now has 27 homers and 98 rib eye steaks!

Fast forward to the bottom of the 9th. Sorry like I said I missed most of this game. The Mets were down 3-2 and there were men on 1st and 3rd with 1 out for Ruben Tejada. Did I expect Tejada to do anything at all? Nope. Was I proven wrong? Hell yeah! Ruben doubled. Both runners scored and the Mets won! That was the Metsies 7th walk off win of the season.

Well tomorrow is a double header header header! Wouldn't it be awesome if Hart didn't hit a homer and if the Mets won both games?! Hey it's possible. Stranger things have happened.

Have a great night folks!

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