Thursday, September 02, 2010

This is (one of the) Worst Lineup(s) Ever

In my opinion, the Mets season has been over since the first loss in Houston on their last road trip, but that doesn't make this any easier to see:

2B Luis Castillo .238
LF Lucas Duda .000
CF Carlos Beltran .214
RF Chris Carter .262
3B David Wright .290
1B Ike Davis .248
SS Joaquin Arias .000
C Henry Blanco .241
LH Johan Santana .167 Source: Mets Paradise

We have two players in the lineup tonight who don't even have a hit in the major leagues this year. Our cleanup batter shouldn't even be in the starting lineup on a respectable team.

Obviously, this is a bad lineup. But that understates the matter. This is a bad lineup EVEN FOR a team with no hope of the playoffs who is simply playing out the string.

This is a bad lineup even compared to other historically bad Mets lineups from other lost seasons. Even as the Mets limped to the finish in 2002, they still had Mike Piazza, Edgardo Alfonzo, and Mo Vaughn. This is at a level of ineptitude rarely seen by teams in any circumstances.

Perhaps the only recent team with a claim to similar ineptitude was our team down the stretch in 2003. On September 6th, to pick a day, the Mets fielded a lineup with Roger Cedeno, Danny Garcia, Timo Perez, Mike Piazza, Jason Phillips, Raul Gonzalez, Ty Wigginton and Jorge Velandia. That's pretty bad.

And who the heck is Raul Gonzalez?

Let's Go Mets.

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Mark said...

I know it messes up your annoyed point, but Arias does have hits in the majors this year. He was hitting close to .280 in almost 100 ABs with Texas (not that he's actually that good). He shows up as .000 because it was in the AL.

And yes, the batting avgs aren't very glossy, but this lineup is way better than the 2003 one you referenced.