Monday, September 13, 2010

Gee Whiz part deux! Dillon Gee is AMAZIN!

Game 1: Mets 1 Pirates 0 (10 innings)
Dillon Gee vs Old McDonald Had A Farm

So I didn't really see too much of this game. I was watching my Jets lose to the Ravens. But during the commercial breaks I would switch on over to SNY which enabled me to get a gist of what was going on at Citi Field. So here's a quick recap of the game and some shenanigans from the booth! Btw I totally think Green Day and the cast of American Idiot are to blame for the Jets 0-1 start. Is it just a coincidence one of Green Day's hit songs is "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams?" Here we go!

In the bottom of the 2nd Lucas Duda was up with men on 1st and 2nd and 1 out. Prior to this at bat he was 0 for 29 and well SNY wouldn't show a graphic while he was up at the plate that included his batting average. This annoyed me. I want to know what his BA is!? Seriously what is it anyways, like .045? Well regardless of what it is he lowered it even more. ZipadeeDUDA (because that's what I call him) flew out, 0 for 30 now, ugh ugh ugh.

When I flipped on over to SNY during halftime I believe it was the top of the 4th and Keith and Gary commented on David Wright's tongue. I joined this booth conversation at an odd time.
Keith: I would recommend you keep the tongue in your mouth.
Gary: The tongue can be good for balance sometimes.
Oh and well I also got to see quickly after this tongue discussion Gee get out a hairy situation. The bases were loaded with 2 outs for the Pirates pitcher Old McDonald had a farm and he popped up in foul territory. Wright made the grab. I am not sure if he listened to Keith's wise words or if his tongue was sticking out. Oh I wish I knew what the verdict on the tongue was but I had to get back to ESPN.

In the bottom of the 5th another ESPN commercial break allowed me to see Duda go 0 for 31. Well at the time I didn't know for sure he was 0 for 31. See when I turned on the game Hernandez was up and there was one out and well that was enough for me to figure out Duda did nada. I later found out I was right! I wasn't happy about being right.

In the bottom of the 7th the Mets didn't score thanks to Duda who is now 0 for 32 but Isaac Benjamin Davis got a 1 out double. That was the first time a Metsie made it to 2nd base since Saturday's 4-3 victorino against the Phils. Btw Citi Field as Gary pointed out was chanting "DUDA" during Duda's at bat. Obviously Lucas Duda needs a different chant to get going. This must be why he's 0 for 32. There's no other reason I can think of...

So now the Jets game had just ended. Gang Green managed to complete not 1 3rd down and they lost 10-9 to the Ravens. I actually like Baltimore because I'm a huge fan of Ray Rice. I went to Rutgers, he played for Rutgers, yada yada yada BUT still that wasn't enough for me to want Baltimore to win. Anyways the night wasn't a complete bust because I turned on SNY just in time to see the game was in the 10th inning and there was 1 out and Ruben Tejada had just doubled! And I got to hear Gary say "Ruben Tejada safe at 2nd, safe and secure NY Life!" Gary totally wouldn't let Keith do the promo but he promised Keith he'd get another chance to redeem himself for botching it up a few games back. Then Nick Evans was up and Mr. Evans is no ZipadeeDUDA and he singled. As a result Tejada scored, the Mets won 1-0 thanks to Nick's pinch hit walk off single and the Mets celebrated at home like they won a meaningful game against the Pirates. I actually enjoyed this even though there was no need for it. But it put a smile on my face and I needed to smile after watching the Jets.

So next Sunday is a new day for the Jets (ugh but they face the Pats) and well the Mets will hopefully continue to win meaningless games against the Pirates! Dickey will be on the mound tomorrow night!

Have a great night folks!

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