Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oops He, He, He And He Did It Again...

So there are 4 "Oops he did it again" moments by our beloved Metsies and well one Metsies announcer we all know I'm very fond of that I have not reported on. This is just wrong. So now I'll report them because oh they are good. Here we go!

1. David Wright going into yesterday's game had struck out 156 times. No Metsie had ever struck out more times than that. Dave Kingman and Tommy Agee had struck out 156 times as well. Them and now Wright were the current Metsies strike out leaders. But David doesn't like to be tied. He wanted to own the record! Yesterday during his 4th at bat of the night, after hitting a homer in his previous at bat Wright struck out. This bottom of the 8th striking out business has now earned him sole top honors. 157 K's! He now holds the club record for striking out in a season. And I mean he can so make this record even harder to beat for himself and all other future Metsies. I'm gonna make a prediction. Wright will have struck out 162 times by the end of this season. Anyone else care to make a prediction?

2. It was too good to be true. Ugh. After the 5th inning Beltran left the game with what he said was "discomfort" in his right knee. Today he's undergoing an MRI at the Hospital For Special Surgery.

3. Pedro Feliciano made his 89th appearance last night. That's a new record for Perpetual Pedro!

4. Keith Hernandez made today's NY Post's Page Six. This is the section that is all gossipy and quite nauseating. Here's what was said about him,

"Keith Hernandez is playing the field again. The former Mets baseman and current broadcaster filed for divorce from Kai Thompson last spring after five years of marriage. He was at Bottega Del Vino on East 59th the other night with a 'gorgeous Italian girl with long, dark hair,' said a witness. 'They were totally making out. He was all over her.' Hernandez was wed once before. On the day his divorce became final, legend has it he hit two home runs, a triple and a double, and said, 'I should get a divorce every day. I'd be broke, but I'd be in the Hall Of Fame.'"
Oh Keith and his Casanova ways...

Ok those are all the "Oops he did it again" moments...for now.

Today on the mound, Niese will be pitching game 1 and then it's Dickey for game numero dos. Let's get this winning streak to 5 by tonight!

And seriously is anyone else throwing up a little bit in their mouth from looking at either the front and back pages of both the Daily News and the NY Post? Damn those Yankees.

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