Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Secret (?) Life of Brent Mayne

Not much to add to this, but apparently Brent Mayne has a pretty cool website. Check it out, over a

Brent was a Met, briefly, in 1996, as part of a long career spanning 15 seasons and 7 teams. He backed up the immortal Todd Hundley the year that Hundley swatted 41 home runs to set the Mets single-season record and the all-time record for a catcher[1].

I have no idea why I have such a vivid memory of a guy who only had 99 at-bats as a Met[2] but Mayne seemed like a good guy.

In any event, as I mentioned, the site is pretty cool. There is a blog on the site, and just from the first three posts, there are things ranging from insightful:
I definitely had parks where I saw the ball better, where the mound seemed further back, where I just felt more comfortable. I also had places where the pitcher seemed like he was going to touch me and I didn’t see the ball at all. I know all field dimensions are consistent in the big leagues, it’s obviously just an optical illusion.

to wacky:

Once in a while you’ll see broken bones and whatnot, but those are a rarity. Like I said, most hurts that sideline guys are related to heat, inflammation, and stress. Now here’s where my theory may lose some of you. I think most of these problems are physical manifestations which originate in the mind.

to hilarious:

Look, I’m all for ballplayers making as much money as they can. If you put in the time, be it in the minor leagues or major leagues, get what you can while you can. But something is wrong when a kid like Strasburg spends a third of a season in the show and walks away with significantly more dough than a guy who caught in big leagues for 15 years. I’m not complaining, I’m just saying.

Check it out.

[1] Both at that time, of course, either tied or surpassed since then.

[2] It may have been his appearance as a Met in the greatest baseball game ever made, World Series Baseball II for the Sega Saturn. This is a fact, not opinion. Best game ever.

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