Saturday, February 06, 2010

United Countries of Baseball

Slow day today so I figured I'd post something interesting instead. A few years ago Nike and Major League Baseball partnered to create a map of the United States (and Canada) according to their baseball allegiances. Pretty clever, right? It's worth a look if you haven't seen it yet.

click to enlarge

This was in 2007 -- do you think the map has shifted at all since then? I am guessing that the Rays area has expanded and the Mets area has shrunk. In fact, I was skeptical that the Mets owned New York City even when the map was first created. Long Island and North Jersey sure, maybe, could be Mets - but definitely not Brooklyn and the Bronx.

There are a couple other interesting things on the map already (the Nationals, really?) but I'd be curious to know what stood out to you.


Andrew said...

Montana sucks.

Anonymous said...

The map was and still is erroneous as to the eastern limits (Duchess County and above) for the Yankees. A lot of this territory (East of the Hudson or at least of the Taconic)is Red Sox territory, including the strip from the Berkshires to Albany. North of the Thruway (to about Utica) is RS or half-RS turf up to the Canadian border. Red Sox games have been regularly broadcast (Channel 38 and others) in these areas since the mid-seventies.

James Esatto said...

I'm protesting Long Island and New Jersey as Mets territories... I think it is really just Queens.