Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mookie Wilson Could Fly

Coming to us from the freakishly-underrated blog, Mets Walkoffs:

According to some recent reading I've done,

The average runner scores from first base on a double around 40-45 percent of the time.

Mookie's career percentage: 65 percent (45 of 69)
I was too young understand when Mookie Wilson played for the Mets, but this must have been an absolute joy to watch.

Anyway, Mets Walkoffs is a great blog. The statistical stuff that they come up with is off-the-charts interesting, relevant, and witty. Here, take a look at one from their FAQ page:

What happened in the Mets game on July 27, 1985?

Ooh, I like this one a lot. The Mets beat the Astros in a doubleheader, 16-4, and 7-3. The highlight of the doubleheader is that in Game 1, all 16 of the Mets runs were unearned. (I was there).
Just great stuff. More people should be reading them.

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