Monday, February 22, 2010

The Baseball Injury Tool

Not sure if this website is already common knowledge or not, but I just discovered a great resource called the Baseball Injury Tool.

Plug in the first and last name of any active player, and you will be delivered a list of all of their injuries - regardless of whether or not they were in the regular season, and whether or not it landed them on the Disabled List. It'll give you the number of days injured, the body part, and the cause. It's truly amazing.

For instance, if you were to plug in David Wright, you would immediately know the following:

-He has only been on the disabled list once. He was on it for 16 days.
-He has been considered day-to-day nine times, but has only missed four games because of it.
-In his career, he has suffered concussions, a general stomach illness, a foot laceration (in spring training last year), groin soreness, etc.

Not familiar with the travails of Kelvim Escobar? Well Kelvim has been on the 15-Day DL four times, and the 60-Day DL four times. He has has surgery twice, on July 29th, 2008 and on June 29th, 2005. He has been considered injured because of his elbow or shoulder 12 times, but has never injured his back, head, neck, or upper leg.

What an amazing resource, particularly for us Mets fans, whose game recaps sometimes read like police blotters. Bookmark it, people.


Anonymous said...

Nice tool hopefully they grow the database because right now it seems to only work with current players. I tried looking for Frank Howard David Cone Ruben Sierra and Mike Piazza but no luck.

Brian said...

Yeah, the website mentioned that it was only active players. They are working on getting a retro database up soon, though I think I read it was only through 2000 or so.

RobCarpenter26 said...

That is a very cool and useful tool, thanks for the tip!

Alex D said...

Apparently Ichiro was day to day for 3 consecutive years, and he's still that good! What a guy!

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