Thursday, February 04, 2010

Bedard On Verge of Returning to Mariners?

From, via Metsblog:

Yep, there are rumblings going around that Bedard could soon re-up with the Mariners, who are still paying his medical bills. Bedard is expected to miss the first three or four months of the regular season but conceievably could come back in early June or July and provide significant pitching help.

* * *

I have now heard that the deal is a one-year $1.5 million base salary contract that includes a shipload of incentives. Bedard, you might recall, made $7.5 million last season. At his age -- he will be 29 on March 5 -- most of his career is in front of him and he could use this season as a springboard to a multi-year contract next year.
First of all, I love his use of the word "shipload"

More importantly, however, the Mets miss out on yet another bargain. Sure, Bedard might not be ready until June, but when healthy he has been fantastic.

Sure, he's been injured, but he's a young guy - we often see young players bounce back from an injury riddled season or two to be healthy for the majority of their careers. Some injuries are freak, some injuries are properly addressed and rehabbed - either way, it is silly to project a guy as injured forever.

Between Garko at $.5 million and Bedard at a reported $1.5 million base, the Mets have struck out BIG time in the last week. Interestingly enough, both will be Mariners.

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