Friday, February 26, 2010

Beer Us

According to MetsBlog:

Yesterday, the Mets officially announced that McFadden’s will open a 13,000–square foot bar and restaurant at Citi Field, which will include a 200-foot island bar, outdoor patios and batting cages.

The website for the bar,, doesn't provide much information. Their internet jukebox however seems to have fifty or so songs, sixty-five percent of which are from the eighties, for what it's worth. (Yes, "Your Love" is one of the songs.)

This seems about a year too late, no?

Here are some ideas I have for specials McFadden's can run for the upcoming season:

If Jeff Francoeur walks, free beer for the remainder of the game.

If Luis Castillo catches a routine pop-up and you do not make a snide remark, half-off on your next drink.

If Mike Pelfrey balks, free ski-ball for the next inning. (What do you mean they probably won't have a ski-ball machine?!)

If Keith Hernandez says something on the air that leads us to believe he had been at McFadden's earlier, Budweisers must be lined up from one end of the bar to the other immediately. With The Moody Blues on the jukebox.

If a Met throws a no-hitter...just kidding, that will never happen.

If Oliver Perez is the starting pitcher, free shots for everyone in the ballpark. For the entire game.

If a Met is injured, free drinks for the next 10 minutes. If you're wearing a cast on the body part the Met just hurt, 20 minutes.

The fourth inning is the beer inning.

I realize that most of these promotions would immediately run McFadden's out of business, but I never said I was a business person. And clearly, I never will be.

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