Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Mets Had No Plan

This to me is the biggest news of the offseason so far when it comes to the Mets. According to Buster Olney (coming to us by way of Metsblog.com) the Mets are finished making moves this offseason:

The expectation within the Mets' organization is that the team has finished its winter spending, and this would seem to be confirmed by the Mets' reluctance to entertain an offer from catcher Yorvit Torrealba to play for the Mets on a one-year deal. Torrealba has a one-year offer from the Padres, but would rather play for the Mets -- but the Mets apparently have turned off the faucet.
I've had it. I'm fed up.

If the Mets are finished spending -- then why did they sign Jason Bay? And if they are not making a meaningful effort to contend this year, why are they backloading the Bay contract and crippling us from signing any impactful free agents in future years?

Bay by himself is not going to push us into contention. That is true regardless of whether you think Bay is a star or not.

Was the budget just really small and they blew it all on Bay? Or is it that they don't see any players worth spending for right now?

This indicates to me that the Mets are a rudderless organization. I have tried my best to avoid speculation on what the Mets are thinking, but to me, spending all that money on a player who might only help us win 84 games AND backloading that contract to almost $20 million dollars a year from 2011-2013 is organizational malfeasance to the highest degree.

You should either A) go for it or B) make as many well-reasoned and intelligent moves as possible which set you up for future success. The Mets have done neither this offseason thus far.[1]

[1] Alex Cora, Frank Catalanotto, Fernando Tatis, Jason Bay, Chris Coste, Henry Blanco, Kelvim Escobar, Ryota Igarashi, Andy Green -- do any of these players figure to help out the Mets in 2011? Or 2012? Absolutely not. (And do not say Bay - because at $20 million per year, he will not be helping)

Are any of those players enough to help the Mets WIN NOW? Absolutely not.

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