Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Poiffect Day At Citi Field!

Game 3:

Santana vs Lowe

NO SWEEP by the Schmucks, wahoooo! And ok ok there I go again being all vulgar and using the word schmuck. But really folks I couldn't resist.

I am now 1-0 at Citi Field this season!

So today I was at Citi Field to see our beloved Metsies face those annoying Bravos. I kept telling my Dad since Father's Day you name the game you want to go to and yep that's your present. So this week he said "Danielle are you free Sunday because if so let's go to the game! And yep I ordered tickets immediately! This ordering tickets online thing is so much fun. Oh the internet how did we live without you...

This was the first game I was attending this season and yeah I was stoked. And yes I do realize using the word “stoked” might be a bit much, a bit over the top, considering they had played horrible ball during this homestand but today was a new day and well how could they not want to win in front of me!? Okay obviously I’m not that vain, I know that song isn’t about me and I have no control over them but I just wanted to see a Metsies victorino. I thought I deserved it. My reasons: I pretty much watch every game from start to finish, I blog about them all the time, I’m obsessed basically and yeah that should count for something, right?! And really everyone watching and attending this one deserved a delightful Mets game before the all star break. After this week we needed it!

And I want to just let it be known that I wore my Jason Bay shirt today.

I am not giving up on this man but maybe Manuel did. I was very surprised to find when I arrived at my seat that Jay Bay had the day off. I thought the scoreboard was lying but nope it was telling the gosh darn truth. Bay was benched on Jason Bay Bobblehead Doll Day! What's up with that!!??

And my Dad and I were sitting in left field (because well the seats I wanted by Frenchy were sold out) to cheer on Bay! I figured we could be the 2 fans that didn't boo him today. But nope Carter got the start and my Jason Bay shirt was not seen by Bay sadly...

And boy oh boy was it hot in section 129 row 22 seat 21. That direct sunlight whoa! I guess it's good I'm not one of those Twlight kiddos. I possibly sweat another Danielle. Maybe that was a little too much information, ugh. Yeah it was fricking hot but I didn't care at all. I was just so excited to be there and I'm a trooper so who cared what Mother Nature was doing!

Ok so now I'm gonna recap in my own special way without the help of Gary, Ron or Keith. I'm the dork who kept her own little scorecard during this one! Well I call myself a dork because I like wrote it on notebook paper and well sometimes I jotted down things that were going on around me so I could share it with you guys. So to Gary Cohen who thinks fans don't actually watch and pay attention when they go to games you haven't met me. For the record Mr. Cohen would be proud to know I watched every second of this one. I didn't leave my seat once! Seriously I didn't. Ok here we go!

In the bottom of the 1st a guy a couple of rows over from me kept screaming at Matt Diaz. He kept going "Diaz you nerd!" That was kind of funny. Also seated by me was a man wearing a Jason Heyward shirt.

He thought he was hot shit. Later he came back to his seat and he had a Jones shirt on. Yes he wore one shirt over another shirt because he loves the Bravos that much I guess. My Dad joked "He has on two pairs of underwear too." And then I thought I would be funny and I said "He has too pairs of shorts on also" and yes clearly I did that thing where you take a joke too far.

In the top of the 3rd Frenchy did a great Ike Davis impression. It was hard to see from my seats but it appeared to be spot on! Cabrera hit a ball that took Frenchy right over the stands. He flipped! I think he did a 360 thingy! I thought he had caught this foul ball and Melky was out but nope it wasn't foul, Francouer didn't catch it and it was ruled a ground rule double. But it was okay because Jeff wasn't hurt and Santana got out of the inning! And the best part about getting out of this inning was the fact that Chip was the final out! Larry Chipper Jones with men on 1st and 2nd and 2 outs popped up! Oh it was splendid! Btw every time Chipper was up to bat I so screamed in an obnoxious New Yawwwwker voice "LARRRRRRY!" Yes I was that fan.

In the bottom of the 3rd with 2 outs Angel "Crazy Horse" Pagan screamed "Jerry really I don't think you are going to bench me when Beltran comes back for our road trip!" and he tripled! I thought he might get an inside the park homer but nope it was just a triple and it was delightful! Then Alex Cora did his thang when there is a runner in scoring position and he rbi singled! The Mets took a 1-0 lead over the Bravos! Then Wright kept the 2 out rally going and he singled! Sadly Isaac Benjamin Davis struck out to end the inning. But there was something really freaky that happened during Ike's at bat. With 2 men on and 2 outs and 2 balls and 2 strikes it was 2:02pm. How crazy is that!!?? Unfortunately I'm a little slow and when I took a picture the moment was over. The count was 3-2 to Ike, argh!!

In the bottom of the 6th I heard Ike's Rolling Stones at bat song "Start Me Up" for the gazillionth time this season and well I said to my Dad "I sure hope Ike can start something this inning" and Ike I guess heard me. He homered and it was marvelous! The Mets now had a 2-0 lead over the Atlanta Schmucks! Oooops I said it again. I just couldn't resist!

Santana pitched 7 innings of amazingness! I guess after today Santana has not given up a run in 16 straight innings, YAY! Johan appears to be doing his thang where he just dominates in the second half of the season! Of course I wanted him to pitch another complete game, I thought he was going to tell Jerry like he did against the Reds the other night "I'll finish it" but nope it didn't happen and although I was terrified KRod was going to pull another Strasmus incident like last weekend all was okay because the Mets bullpen rocked today! Bobby and Frankie were rock stars!

In the top of the 8th Bobby Parnell was the new pitcher for the Metsies and he struck out LARRY for out numero uno! Then Glaus flew out and McCann grounded out and the inning was over! Yay Bobby!

In the bottom of the 8th Takashi Saito was pitching for the Bravos and he gave up a lead off single to Feliciano (Jesus replaced Carter in the bottom of the 6th, he pinch ran for THE ANIMAL. And that fan who called Diaz a nerd kept screaming "You are an animal" at Chris). Then BRod kept up his "I'm an easy out" thing and he grounded out but Feliciano advanced to 2nd. Tejada also grounded out but again Feliciano kept on trucking and he was now at 3rd base with 2 outs for the pinch hitter Josh Thole. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I just love this kid, Thole is just clutch! Josh singled, Felciano scored and the Mets were now up 3-0 over the Braves! Pagan then singled but Cora flew out and it was time for the 9th! Frankie needed to put on a show like Billy Wagner had done the last two days and oh he did!

I'll admit I was nervous though with KRod. I am optimistic with the Metsies most of the time but I kept thinking this day has been too perfect something bad is going to happen. But nope I was wrong! I love being wrong! This was the best I've seen KRod possibly all season. Diaz, Escobar and Cabrera were all out faster than you can say "Dinner For Schmucks" and the Metsies avoided being swept by the braves and they won! Yes I had to add that schmuck in there one last time. I promise I'll stop now.

So the Metsies going into the all star break are 4 games back in the NL East. It's not so bad! It could be worse! And they start a West Coast trip after the break and this could be really great or quite terrible. I think it's gonna be the former! So let's hope for the west coast swing to start out splendidly this Thursday against the Giants! Let's go Mets!

Oh and as I left the game I took a picture with that smoking panhandling metsie dog!

And of course I gave him a buck. I will always give money to a panhandling canine!

Yay Mets!


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