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Move Over Karl Malone There's A New "Mailman." His Name Is Jason Bay And He Delivers...Sometimes

Game 2: Mets 6 Dodgers 1

Johan Santana vs Vincente Padilla

Larry King, Piers Morgan and (I thought I saw) George Lopez were all in attendance at Dodger Stadium for this glorious game! Well I guess they didn't enjoy it but too bad for them. And ever since I saw a "Curb Your Enthusiasm" a few years back involving Larry David, a prostitute, a car pool lane, and a Dodgers game I always look for Mr. David in the the Chavez Ravine crowd. But nope he wasn't at this game. But hey let's still watch a scene from this episode since well it's super hysterical:

Come on that was funny right!!??

Oh and Ron Darling was sick. WFAN's Ed Coleman filled in. I love ED! Gary and Ed in the booth was a nice change of pace. I rather enjoyed it. Having said that I do miss Mr. Hernandez!

Early batting practice does Jason Bay good!

So I have been a huge fan of Jason Bay or as I call him Jay Bay all season long. I know how is that possible right? Why am I such a foolish woman? But yep that's how I roll. Before last night's game I might have been the only person in NY who was still a fan of his. I was not giving up on him and I was still saying my famous line that I've said since right before the all star break, "Jay Bay's going to have a big second half." And gosh darn it he actually delivered last night and I didn't look like a fool spouting poppycock! Maybe taking away Karl Malone's nickname "The Mailman" and well giving it to Bay is a bit over the top and premature but gosh darn it Bay was a pretty good postal worker yesterday and Malone's not playing basketball anymore so yeah it works. I mean Jason's not perfect (and no I don't mean because he's Canadian), this season he's delivered a "Sports Illustrated" to the wrong house here and there or well not delivered it at all but he DELIVERED that magazine to the right household last night and the Metsies needed that. Winning this game was HUGE!

So now let's get to this game! Finally a recap with a great outcome! It's like Christmas or well for me Chanukah!

The Metsies revamped lineup, Ed Coleman liked it a lot!


Here we go!

In the top of the 1st, with 1 out David Wright was up with Castillo (bunt single) on at 1st and Reyes (first pitch lead off double) at 3rd. David has been struggling with his strikeouts again lately and well he struck out. But on that strike 3 Reyes and Castillo attempted a double steal. Russell Martin is a pretty awesome catcher and his throw to Dewitt at 2nd was on the money and it appeared Castillo would be out but nope that's not what happened! Dewitt as he was tagging Luis dropped the ball and Castillo was safe and Reyes scored to give the Metsies a 1-0 lead. So Dewitt received an error and the Mets run was unearned but who cares they scored a run! Beltran then struck out to end the inning.

Gary and Ed made jokes about Castillo's legs in this 1st inning. See Castillo really didn't hustle at all on the double steal attempt, he kind of looked like he just gave up, he didn't even slide. This irked Gary Cohen a bit and he then proceeded to talk about Castillo's legs with Ed. Gary always likes to mention how Luis has one leg that's longer than the other and as a result he always has a slight limp. Injury or no sminjury he's always looking slightly like Kevin Spacey in "The Usual Suspects." It's kind of true. I really pay attention to it now. Gary remarked at one point Castillo always has "a little hitch in his giddy up." I LOL-ed.

In the top of the 2nd Isaac Benjamin Davis led off with a solo homer! That homerun was his 14th of the season and well Ike just gave Mets fans some hope the Amazins might win! Finally Santana had some run support! Later this inning with 2 outs and men on 2nd and 3rd Castillo appeared to get an infield hit. But nope the ump Doug Eddings at first called him out. This got Razor Shines pissed and well Manuel came on out to argue the call and he was ejected. Dave Jauss took over the managerial duties. BTW Castillo was totally safe. Ed and Gary knew that before they even looked at the play in slo-mo. But why would a bad call by an umpire shock the Metsies and us fans on this road trip, right? Ehh but I can't bitch and moan because this game was a pleasure.

In the bottom of the 2nd I thought Jason Bay was a goner. With 2 outs Carroll was up and he hit a long fly ball that looked like it was going to be an extra base hit but nope Jay Bay made an incredible catch. No hit for you Carroll! As Bay caught this ball he slammed into the bullpen fence in left field and fell to the ground. For a moment like I said I thought he was maybe dead, ok not dead but definitely hurt and well that made me think wow Frenchy is going to be getting a lot of playing time after all. But as Ed Coleman remarked about Bay, "He's a hockey player and there's no blood, he will be fine!" I didn't know Jay plays or played hockey. But I guess duh he's Canadian of course he knows how to ice skate and score goals! AND then Jason got up and appeared to be fine and that was a major sigh of relief. After SNY replayed the Bay great catch and then the crash boom boom a gazillion times more I felt like I had been watching an episode of "The Three Stooges." Oye. Bay could make Marv Albert's wide world of sports blooper reels! But again as I jest a bit I say thank goodness Jay Bay was okay.

In the bottom of the 3rd Jason Bay tried to make another great catch and he almost fell in the stands. He definitely would have made the play if he hadn't seen "the light" in the last inning. I'm pretty sure his life had to have flashed before his eyes. After this inning Santana had retired 7 straight Dodgers in a row. Before this nice streak started he had given up a 2 out single to Blake in the 1st inning.

Santana continued to dominate LA and after 4 innings in the books he had retired 10 straight Dodgers, wahoo!

But in the bottom of the 5th Russell Martin led off with a double and this retiring 10 batters in a row business was over. Martin scored on a 1 out sacrifice fly by Carroll. But it's important to note Martin was almost thrown out at home. Carroll's fly ball to right was not so deep at all. Pagan made the catch and his throw was on the money (very Frenchy-esque) but Blanco could not hold on and Martin scored and now the Dodgers were only down 2-1, ugh.

But no need to fret because the top of the 8th was magical. In this inning Wright hit a 1 out sacrifice fly that extended the Mets lead to 3-1 over LA and then with the bases loaded Bay DELIVERED the mail and Castillo, Beltran and Davis all scored and WHOA the Mets had 6 runs on the scoreboard. It seemed like 1,000 years since we had seen that. Oh how I exaggerate but seriously it's been a while since we've seen the Mets score runs like that.

So then Parnell came into the game in the bottom of the 8th to preserve the lead for Santana and the Mets. And Parnell pitched a superb 1,2,3 8th. Adios Furcal, Ethier and Kemp! And well how can I not mention how great Santana was. He pitched a gem yet again. Let's look at his stats from last night:

And KRod came in in the 9th in a non-save situation and he was delightful. I know I never thought I would use the word delightful in regards to Frankie this season either. After just 7 pitches he had struck out Blake and Loney and then Martin grounded out and the ball game was over. The Mets won and I did like a lot of dancing around my house. I couldn't stop smiling and dancing.

So before I end this one let's look at some more Santana stats. Afer 21 starts Johan's record is 8-5, and his ERA is 2.79! In Santana's last 5 starts his record is 3-0, snd his ERA is sick, it's .71!

And this is just a real neato thing. Johan is now 4-0 in his 4 starts against the Dodgers and he's only given up 2 runs in those 4 games! Now that's splendid stuff!

Okay so this victorino was huge for fans and well obviously gigantic as hell for the Metsies. Atlanta and the Phillies both lost so now the Metsies are just 6 1/2 games behind the Braves and well 1/2 game behind the Phils in the NL EAST!

And today Pelf is on the mound and yeah I don't know what to expect. But it's a new day for Mike and hopefully he's got his head on straight and well let's just hope he can make it past the 2nd inning. Let's go Mets! I want those bats to stay awake!

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