Friday, July 23, 2010

I Won't Quit On The Mets!

There is a scene in Ang Lee's movie "Brokeback Mountain" where cowboy Jake Gyllenhaal tells cowboy Heath Ledger he wishes he "knew how to quit" him. I am not really a fan of this movie. I thought it was overrated and hyped up the wazoo but I know it is a good film with great acting. Here take a look at the quit you scene:

So yes this quitting scene represents how I have felt about the Mets lately. Since they have returned from the all star break they are 1-7 on this current road trip from hell and each loss is just painful. Being swept by the D-Backs was just the worst. I don't think they can ever live that down.

This opposite of winning thing the Mets are doing is mostly hurting my heart because the team that I have come to know this year is gone. This squad has never been consistent this season or even a so so road team, I know this but they always showed resiliency and a great fight to win. I remember the 20 inning game against the Cardinals, Takahashi's two great starts against the Yanks, a 6-0 who the eff is this R.A. Dickey and a rookie named Isaac Benjamin Davis who was the spark plug that turned the Mets season around back in the end of April. I even recall when the Mets swept both the Braves and the Dodgers and a month or so later CLEAN SWEPT the Phillies. These were great times and I know there are more ahead. I know they can't be done fighting!

Having said all this I know that on this road trip and even the series against the Braves before the break the Metsies really have no DRIVE to just get a victorino. There is no drive, they are just sitting in the car waiting for a win to come their way. Well that or they are waiting for Phil Cuzzi to ump another game for them. Oh that was awful of me.

A playoff spot at this point does seem bleak, they are 7 1/2 games behind the Braves and 4 behind the Giants for the wild card spot BUT it's not out of reach.

The chemistry on the team now is just not there but again this can all be changed. Of course Beltran coming back was going to disrupt things. Francouer was a leader on this team. I mean he was the leader. He told the guys when to grow beards, when to shave and he just was that positive force on the team. And now well everything is changing. I'm not a big fan of change. I'm gonna level with you folks now. Frenchy is my favorite Met, I've grown very fond of him over the last year and the fact that he wants to be traded now saddens me. I understand he loves this team but he also loves to get playing time. He never has had to sit out of games. I get all of this and I know he understands as do I that Pagan has been stellar this season and he does deserve a spot in the lineup over Frenchy. But with a demoralized Jeff Francouer that means the Mets no longer have that leader. And in the dugout and in the field the Mets just look like they are in pain. Everyone is now flashing that "JOHN MAINE I'm gonna cry" look. I remember a time when Pelf and Dickey were in the dugout filing their nails together. At one point Pelf and Cora practiced a little air guitar in the dugout. Ike and Jose would do funny handshakes and such after they scored runs and that's all gone. But like I said I'm not quitting on these Mets.

After last night's 2-0 loss to the Dodgers we can walk away from this one knowing that Takahashi can pitch great against any team that is the Yankees or has a connection to the Yankees. He must just see Mattingly and Torre and go "Oh Donny baseball played on the Yanks and Joe was a manager for the Yanks I can pitch really wonderfully in this game!" I imagine that's what goes through Takahashi's head. And he was really good last night. He gave up an rbi double and a solo homer to Mr. Rihanna (or I guess his real name is Matt Kemp) and those were the only runs scored by LA. But as of now giving up 1 or 2 runs to the opposition equals a Mets loss.

So I look at tonight's game and the rest of this series as huge. The Mets need to get wins and they need to get them fast. I have tried to have an effect on the team but it's not working. About 2 weeks ago when I was at Citi Field and the Mets played the Braves it was Jason Bay Bobblehead Day and I love this little doll giveaway.

During every game that I am home to watch my little Jay Bay sits by me and we cheer on the Mets. When Bay's up to bat I move little Jay Bay's head around, I rub his shoulders I do all this in an attempt to get the real Jay Bay's bat to come alive. I know this strategy is not working as of now but I'm not quitting on it. I was tempted to break my little Jay Bay bobblehead doll after the 14 inning loss the other night but nah I couldn't hurt him. I just couldn't. I still think he's going to have a big second half. Pelt me with stones and tomatoes for sounding so silly with this statement but I'm sticking to it. I am. And I also hope Frenchy isn't traded. I would be heartbroken if the Mets were Francouer-less.

So this is what could happen tonight and gosh darn it I'm gonna be optimistic it will. Santana will have another great performance, the bullpen will come in and not eff it up and Beltran and Bay (who will most likely be back in the lineup) will have big nights at the plate. I know this can happen and I know the Mets can win. I won't accept the fact that they are quitting on us fans. I just won't.

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