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At Least The Mets Didn't Get Shutout...

Game 3/Tim Lincecum Bobblehead Night: Giants 8 Mets 4

Matt Cain vs Hisanori Takahashi

In Cain's last 5 starts he was 0-4, his ERA was 7.45 and the opp. avg was .328. Yes the Mets helped Cain get back on that winning track just like they so nicely helped that Barry Zito out 2 nights ago. Why are they so philanthropic!!?? This type of generosity sucks!

The Mets in their history have never been shutout by the same team in 3 consecutive games!

In the 4 man outfield rotation Frenchy was given the night off and Crazy Horse was back in the lineup!

Manuel now says Reyes will start Monday in Arizona. Again I'll believe this when I see it. Sheesh.

Last night's game also marked the first time David Wright faced Matt Cain since well Cain beaned him in the head back on 8/15/09. As Keith remarked, he "hit him right in the coconut solid." Btw did you know Cain has hit Wright twice in his career!? I didn't remember that he had beaned him another time. Thank goodness Cain was a good boy and he kept his balls away from Wright's head yesterday!

So I'll be honest now and I hate to admit this but I gave up on our beloved Metsies. I was so pumped for this game. I had just watched this terrible movie "CHLOE" starring Julianne Moore, Liam Neeson and Amanda Seyfried and I was ready for the Good Takahashi to cheer me up and to kick some Giants butt at AT&T Park. I just was optimistic it would be a good time! Well that positive feeling I had immediately changed in the bottom of the 2nd when the Bad Takahashi gave up 5 runs. Yep immediately after Torres hit a 3 run bomb I called it quits. I shut off my television and was done. I haven't done this all season and I never lose hope with the Metsies but I just couldn't take it. I always look on the bright side but these last couple of games just got to me and I stopped watching. But because I do love the Mets I dvr-ed the game and after I ran at the park this morning I came home and I watched most of the game. Do I regret shutting off the game last night? I do. I just feel it's a bad pattern to start and I don't plan on doing it again. I'm still believing in the Mets regardless of all the misery they are causing us as of now!

So let's get to the recap and a special conversation that took place between Gary and Keith. Oh and I'm going to test you guys. I've added a new segment to this recap. Here is my "Danielle trivia question" for you. This is a picture of a woman you may have seen while watching many games this season on SNY.

What commercial is she from? I'll reveal the answer later! Good luck!

Here we go!

Metsies lineup:

In the top of the 1st with 2 outs it was the match-up I was waiting for, Cain vs Wright. If I was Dave I would have been frightened out of my mind, probably like a PTSD thing would have been going on in my head. But Davey looked okay up there, he didn't look too scared at all. Sadly he grounded out to Uribe to end the inning but still I was proud of David!

In the bottom of the 2nd the game pretty much ended. Mets fans knew that lately giving up 1 or 2 runs to the Giants was just going to lead to a loss for the Amazins so the fact that Takahashi gave up 5 runs made a Mets victorino seem impossible. In this inning that stupid Baby Face Nelson (Buster Posey) led off with a double. This fricking awesome rookie now has an 11 game inning streak! Damn your skills Buster! The Mets killer Pat Burrell was then walked and Uribe singled. Posey scored and the Giants had a 1-0 lead over the Metsies. Then with men on 1st and 2nd and still no outs that Kung Fu Panda Sandoval rbi singled (2-0 Giants) and he gloated because that's what pandas do I guess! Next Renteria was a nice enough chap and he struck out. And Matt Cain sac bunted. So now there were 2 outs and men on 2nd and 3rd for Torres. Usually Takahashi gives up a homer after he has faced the batting order once and what do you know he did that again. Why Taka why!! Torres hit a 2 run homer and the Giants lead was 5-0 over the Metsies. Sanchez then flew out to Pagan to end this horrid inning.

Interesting to note Matt Cain's record when the Giants have scored 5 or more runs was 44-8. Yep that didn't bode well for this game. And now he's 45-8, argh.

In the bottom of the 3rd that Baby Faced Nelson Posey fella led off the inning with a homerun (the Giants lead was now 6-0 over the Metsies). That was his first blast at AT&T park this season and his 8th homer overall. Can this kid stop being so amazing!!?? I mean I'm all for him being the next Johnny Bench and all but could he hold off on being so awesome. Like wait until he's not playing the Mets, ugh.

With men on 1st and 3rd and 2 outs in this same inning, Manuel told Takahashi he was done for the night and he brought in Nieve to face Renteria. Forgotten Fernando, or well Nightly Nieve, yeah I don't know which nickname to go with got Edgar to line the ball right at him, and the inning was over, YAY!

In the top of the 4th Dave showed he's afraid of no ghosts, I mean Matt Cain and he led off the inning with a single! Cain then retired Beltran, Davis and Bay in order but still Davey got a hit, wahoo!

The Mets had gone 24 innings without scoring a run and thank goodness that streak ended thanks to our rookie sensation Isaac Benjamin Davis! In the top of the 7th Beltran led off with a triple! Maybe he would have settled for a double if it wasn't his 3rd game back but Carlos wanted to prove he could run those bases even with that HUGE knee brace on! And he proved he could do that! Then Ike Davis who had only 10 hits in his last 58 at bats homered! It was a blast and the Mets were now down just 6-2. Yay to runs on the board for the Metsies!!!!!! No shutout!

In the bottom of the 7th Valdes and then Dessens were pitching for the Metsies and well the Giants decided to go ahead and add 2 more runs on the scoreboard and any hope Mets fans had of an AMAZIN' comeback looked bleak. With 1 out and the bases loaded that freaking Kung Fu Panda doubled, Huff and Schierholtz scored and the Giants were now up 8-2 over the Metsies. And again that panda dude bragged. He did some sort of fist pumping thing or maybe it was a finger pointing to the sky. And the Mets get called out for their antics!!?? Seriously the Giants are kind of mean braggarts but I guess I'm just bitter and probably not assessing the situation with an open mind.

In the top of the 8th the pinch hitting badass Josh Thole singled! Gary and Keith decided this kid is not going anywhere! I concur! Pagan was then walked and Justin Turner pinched hit for Cora. Turner flew out but Thole tagged up and he advanced to 3rd. So with men on 1st and 3rd and 1 out Wright was up. And Davey hit a foul ball that the stupid panda caught. But Thole still scored and the Giants lead was cut to 8-3. Beltran then lined to left and Huff made a great catch and this inning was sadly over.

A great part of this game was the bottom of the 8th. It was a delight to see KRod pitch so well. He was on fire! He struck out Torres and Sanchez and then Huff grounded out to end the inning. Yay to KRod's 1,2,3 inning! This made me smile. I look for the positives in a game, what can I say...

In the top of the 9th Isaac Benjamin Davis led off the inning with his 2nd homer of the night. This one didn't go as far as the first one but it still cut the Giants lead to just 4 runs (8-4). Did you know the only other time Davis hit 2 homers in a game was against the Giants back on May 7th? If you are like me you didn't remember this. I mean I knew he had hit 2 homers in a game but against the Giants at Citi Field, yeah this deja vu thing last night was delightful! Again I say I look for the positives in any Mets game and Ike blasting the ball twice was definitely up there as major pluses in this losing effort.

The Metsies did show some more oomph this inning. Although Bay flew out to Torres and Barajas lined out to Renteria for the 2nd out, Tejada was up. And when Tejada's up we should always remember there's a good chance he'll get on base. Why is this so? Because he gets beaned in the back by pitchers all the time. And that happened yet again! So after being hit in the back for the 343434343 time this season, Tejada was on at 1st and The Animal was the pinch hitter. And Chris Carter did a great Thole impression and he singled! This led to Bochy bringing in the Beach Boy Brian Wilson to face Pagan. And that damn Beach Boy struck out Pagan and this exciting top of the 9th was over. The Giants won and blech blech they better not sweep the Mets today. Oh they better not.

Ok let's laugh now. And after we laugh I'll reveal the answer to my trivia question. So in the top of the 5th right after Barajas grounded out Keith and Gary had another one of their discussions about fashion. This time they talked about ties. Before this game started Keith and Gary did not do their usual pre-game 5, 10 minute discussion. You know when they talk about the pitching match-up and well you also get to see what clothes they are wearing. Burkhardt took over for them last night and I still don't know why Gary and Keith were MIA until the top of the 1st. Possibly they were picking out outfits for each other?

Yeah it's still boggling my mind but let's look at their convo on ties now:

Gary: But that's a beautiful tie so we figured we had to get Keith on camera at some point.
Keith: And I tell you what folks, Gary's ties have made a marked improvement over the last couple of years. I have a hunch that Lynn (that's Gary's wife) had something to do with it.
Gary: Lynn has been purchasing ties left and right. I don't believe I've duplicated a tie yet this year.
Keith: I thought I'd wear Mets Orange and try to change things.
Gary: It has the blue stripes that are perfectly placed.
Keith: Yep Mets colors. I'm not a "homer" though.
Gary: See if it had a black stripe with the orange then we'd think you were betraying the other side.
Keith: That's true.

And now the answer to the trivia question. The lady from the above photo is from that "FIBERAMA" commercial.

You know "Fiberama" has been servicing the neighborhood for 46 years! And my favorite line out of this adorable old woman's mouth is when she goes "And you'll be PLEASED!" It makes me laugh every single time.

Ok well today is new day and I am not giving up on the Mets. And I hope you guys aren't either. Santana can continue to shine and the Giants might just not sweep the Mets! Let's believe in our squad! Let's go Mets!

Oh and I almost forgot about this. Let's laugh at these Giants fans who enjoy HUFF maybe a bit too much.

How funny are these dudes! Ok again I say let's go Mets!

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