Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Johan Santana Tells Jerry Manuel, "I'll Finish It!"

Game 2: Mets 3 Reds 0

Santana vs Maloney

I will shortly get to this "I'll finish it" business!

But first I've got to be honest right now folks. I wasn't home for most of this game. It figures I would miss most of Santana's first complete game of the season and his first complete game since September 27, 2008 (the Mets won 2-0 over the Marlins in that one and Santana was pitching on just 3 days rest and he had a banged up knee, amazin right!!). And BOO I didn't see his first career homer LIVE! See I was spending the day with a friend I haven't seen in forever and well yeah we had lots of fun, there was dim sum, ice cream, the Bodies exhibit at the Southstreet Seasport and yeah that's my deal. BUT I will have you know I rushed home once I got off the train and I got to my house just in time to catch the bottom of the 7th and well the rest of the game and the post game stuff. So basically I'm gonna try to do my best with this recap even though it will be lacking most of the shenanigans from the booth. I do have some Keith wisdom but not enough. I'm sorry about this. BUT I have a special commercial segment at the end that might make up for all of this. OH and Joey Votto finally decided to agree to our little deal about him sucking if I voted for him to get that final spot on the NL all star team. The 3 hits Johan gave up in this game, Joey didn't hit one of them, wahoo! I'm glad that Canadian finally smartened up. Canadians don't renege on deals! I don't think they do at least...

Ok here we go!

In the bottom of the 3rd (well I heard this during the post game with Carlin and Darling but yeah yeah let me get on with this) Gary had a premonition during Santana's at bat. He said, "One of these days he's gonna hit that big league homerun." And what do you know it took Santana 182 at bats to do what Gary predicted but Johan did just that and he homered off the foul pole and well that gave the Mets a 1-0 lead over Cincy! In the post game Carlin or maybe it was Ron I don't remember called Gary "Cohen-adamus." And Ron and Chris said that Santana was battling the pitcher Maloney like crazy. He was not hitting like a pitcher but like a #3,4, or 5 man. Yay JOHAN!

In the bottom of the 6th Jason Bay got a 2 run base hit and the Metsies were now up 3-0 over the Reds! With these 2 rib eye steaks Bay now has 13 rib eye steaks in his last 9 games. And 10 of these 13 rib eye steaks have come with 2 outs! In fact let's look at Bay's stats in the last 9 games:
H/AB 9/33
Avg. .273
RBI 13
Runs 5

Santana was cruising along in this game, well that's what Gary and Keith said when I finally got home to see the game. He was pitching a 2 hitter going into the top of the 9th. That's right Jerry was giving him the chance for the complete game! And I don't know about anyone else but yeah I did not want to see KRod pitch tonight. I didn't have it in me to see this game go to shit. Seriously could you imagine if I came home just in time to see that. Yeah that's just a thought I am so glad I don't have to now think about. Ok to the game. Votto was the lead off batter and well he stuck to our agreement and he grounded out to Reyes for out numero uno. Thank you Joey! Then that annoying Scott Rolen got a 1 out single and well I kept shaking my head and saying "Manuel don't you dare bring in KRod, don't you dare do it." And he didn't. Bruce was up next and this was just crazy. He popped up to shallow left Bay was there and he went oops. Jason is generally a great outfielder but yeah this time around the ball grazed his glove and well he just dropped it. So there was now 1 out and men on 1st and 2nd for that Gomes fella. And Jerry came out to talk to Santana. Again I said, "Jerry don't you dare take him out. Don't you dare do it." And it turned out Jerry asked Santana something like, "How are you doing, can you finish this game?" And Johan said "I'll finish it." Jerry then said, "That's good by me" (no no I can't read lips I know this is pretty much the exact mound convo that took place because Kevin Burkhardt interviewed Santana after the game and Johan told this story). Now Johan was ready to get this shizzle over and done with. On just 1 pitch he got Gomes to line out to Isaac Benjamin Davis! 2 outs! And then on just 1 more pitch that Drew Stubbs who was already 0-3 tonight went 0-4, he grounded a ball to Wright, Davey got Bruce out at 2nd and this game was over! OH YEAH Santana pitched a complete game, his 10th career complete game! Yay!

Let's look at Johan's stellar stats from tonight:
CG 3H 0R 3BB 5K 113 total pitches thrown

Ok now to some Keith and Gary funny business:

Keith said he always showers after the games. Gary does too. If he didn't his wife would kill him.

At one point Gary said to Keith "You sound like you are snacking?" And Keith denied he was eating. He's on a diet! And Keith said he ate enough today and in fact he ate way too much over the July 4th weekend and well he needs to hit up the gym tomorrow. Gary was so cute and he told Hernandez "You look great." Keith was then all no I do not Gary and in fact I'm riding the bike at the gym tomorrow.

Keith likes Kool And The Gang.

And now to the commercial segment of this recap. I'm kind of loving this new commercial that they have been airing on SNY for "PaintPlaceNY." Of course I love it, it stars Keith and some dude that isn't Gary Cohen. That's my only complaint.

This announcer with Hernandez should be Cohen, this old fogey is kind of terrible at his job but oh well. Keith says the following and it's awesome, "Another exciting win for the home team. Speaking of home my place looks amazing thanks to PaintPlaceNY. Hey I should be an interior decorator if I could just decide blue or butterfly kisses!"

"PaintPlaceNY a homerun every time!" Seriously I lol the entire time this ad airs. It's kind of amazing. I never thought Keith could top his work in Seinfeld or those "Just For Men" commercials but maybe with this one he did!

Well tomorrow it's up to Niese to continue to cool down the hot hot hot Joey Votto and the Reds! I think he can do it. I am all about believing in Jon. Let's go Mets!

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