Thursday, July 29, 2010

At Least Keith Hernandez Was "Perfectamundo" Last Night...

So yes last night's game sucked. The Mets were never supposed to win this one. But at least Keith was en fuego in the booth!

Originally Pelf was slated to pitch in this game and well Manuel's getting all desperate and scary with his rotation decisions. I understand him wanting to start Santana last night because well the Mets since July 4th really only win when Johan's on the mound (this doesn't include Niese's start in the 8-2 victorino over STL Monday night). Jerry the rest of this season wants Santana to pitch as many games as possible. I get this but still Manuel's worrying me more than ever with these moves of his. Today Jerry's starting Dickey on only 3 days rest. I mean I am Dickey's biggest advocate but I fear this is a dumb move. I know he's a bulldog, and his career stats against STL are great and since he's a knuckleballer he doesn't need the same rest as non-freakish pitchers but still he was taken out of the game Sunday due to the fact Manuel thought he might be injured. He was all about precautionary measures then. I don't think it's so cautious to pitch him today. But what do I know right!? I'm just a girl with who likes to run her mouth.

But back to last night's game. With Santana's 1st inning Big Pelf impersonation it was amazing this game was a GAME. And of course we can point fingers at who is to blame for this loss. Point away. I give you permission! How else are we to keep our sanity. So I'll join in on the pointing.

1. Castillo just can't hit. Like Brian I want him gone from the lineup. Personally I enjoyed Ruben Tejada a lot. Call me crazy but I'd take his inexperience and tendency to be beaned in the back every 5 at bats over Luis any day of the week. I will admit I enjoy the fact that Gary Cohen likes to point out that Castillo has two different sized legs every game or so, this amuses me greatly but yes I want Castillo off the team immediately. I kind of wish this Crash Davis Mike Hessman fella could play 2nd base. He impressed me last night and his stats this year with Triple-A Buffalo are wicked good. .274BA, 18 HR, 58 RBI in just 64 games! Seriously can he play 2nd base!!??

2. Did David Wright pretty much act like a bonehead when he tried for a double when he led off in the bottom of the 6th? Yeah in retrospect he did. After Davey was thrown out at 2nd Beltran homered (yay Carlos!). So this solo homer of Carlos' could have been a 2 run job and well that would have been the extra run we needed to win this game in 9 innings. But yeah it's over so blah blah to my bitching and moaning over that.

3. I can't point any fingers at Pagan or Isaac Benjamin Davis! These two men know how to come up big in games. Ike especially just amazes me on a daily basis. He's so young and yet he just gets these clutch hits like it's nothing. He can now add pinch hitting to the list of 343434343434 things he's good at! Davis is playing gold glove ball at first and it appears he should get 20 homers and at least 80 rib eye steaks by the end of the season. Obviously I like IKE.

4. And kudos to Acosta, Takahashi, Dessens and K-Rod for great bullpen work. No finger pointing for you boys! You all are "safe and secure" from the finger pointing. I haven't mentioned this before but oh yeah I enjoy when Gary is forced to say something like, "Beltran is safe and secure at third, NY Life." Mr. Cohen is great at the "safe and secure" segue! Wow do I know how to get off topic or what!?

5. Should Manuel have let Feliciano pitch to Pujols in the top of the 13th with the go ahead run at 3rd? Definitely not. You never want that pain in the ass to beat you and so intentionally walking Pujols was probably the smarter move. I say probably because maybe Matt Holliday would have gotten that big hit with the bases loaded but every other manager would have walked Albert. That's just what you do. But oh well this is Mets baseball.

And now enough of that blame game because yeah I want to cheer us up with some of the crazy funny things Keith said last night.

When the camera man got a shot of Darryl Strawberry in his LA Lakers getup in the stands, Keith was not having it. He wanted him to take it elsewhere. So did I.

Keith does not think Crash Davis Mike Hessman looks like Crash Davis Kevin Costner of "Bull Durham." I agree. I actually think Hessman looks like Gary Cohen. Well if Gary was 6'5 and jacked up!

After Reyes scraped his arm in attempt to stop Jaime Garcia's big hit in the top of the 1st inning Keith said, "What happens with the tattoos when you get a big scrape on your arm. When the skin grows back do you lose the tattoo?" I laughed when Keith said this but the more I think about it the more I am wondering the same thing!

Papa Keith told us fans "You have to make the best out of every situation." And this isn't funny it's just good advice!

Keith had booze and bars on the brain last night. OH he did. The camera man at one point got a shot of some Mets fans somewhere. Gary and Ron had no idea where these fans were but Keith did. He said something like "It's a bar!" Gary and Ron still were not sure if Hernandez was correctamundo. And then Keith added, "It's actually the Caesar's Club. I know a bar when I see one." And yes the camera man got another shot of this mystery place and yeah it was the Caesar's Club. Later, the camera man got a shot of the Shake Shack and some shake shacker who was making a milkshake. Ron then said "I could go for a strawberry shake." Instead of saying "I agree or ooh I like vanilla shakes," Keith said, "I thought pina coladas were being made there." Then when the booth-ers were chatting it up about this Saturday's Hall Of Fame Luncheon Keith remarked, "I can be totally relaxed at this luncheon. I have the night off. I'm not working." Gary then replied, "What do you mean by that?" I knew what Keith meant. I think Gary did too! Gary at one point said he is amazed by the education he gets in the booth. I love this education. It's the only thing that keeps me going during these games!

So today Dickey is on the mound like I previously mentioned and well it's a new day, it's an early game and well I hope the Metsies win. I really would just like to see an easy win. As I've told my Dad, until Dickey gets his 7th win I will not allow A-Rod to get his 600th homer. Of course I have no control over Alex but I like to pretend I do. Actually let me make it this, "A-Rod is not allowed to get his 600th homer until Dickey gets win #7, and Pelf gets win #11." Yes that seems fair.

So let's go Mets and BOO to the Phils pretty much making Roy Oswalt as the newest Phillie a reality. Isn't there a limit to the number of pitching Roys you can have on one squad? There isn't! Boo boo boo to that!

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