Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bad News on Fernando Martinez Front

My love for all things Fernando Martinez is well chronicled. I've firmly stated my belief that he's underrated, that he's a stud, and that he's our best prospect. However, in the interest of unbiased and truthful journalism, I have to pass on an important nugget of information I discovered today.

Fernando Martinez has yet to walk this season in Triple-A.

That's right. Thirty-nine at bats, no walks. He's only struck out seven times, and he's off to a slow but not worrisome start at the plate. But the fact that he hasn't walked yet is extremely troublesome.

He walked only 11 times in 176 at bats in Triple-A last year, which is subpar. He walked three times in 47 at bats in spring training.

Fernando is young. He plays great defense, and has good speed, and has good power. But he belongs in Triple-A ... and if he doesn't work on that plate discipline, advanced pitchers are going to carve him up.

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