Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Impressions From Game 2: Mets-Marlins

-- John Maine looked like he had nothing at all today. In 2006 and 2007 his fastball was an above-average pitch (according to fangraphs) but since he's lost some velocity it looks just like batting practice. There isn't much hope here. Even on a night when his off-speed stuff is going well, and he's throwing strikes, he's not going to get anywhere if he can't beat guys with his fastball.

-- Sean Green, despite the home run, looks a lot better now than he did in spring training. His slider is pretty great. With a slider like that complimenting a fastball which rings in around 87, you'd think that he'd be a little more effective.

-- In the seventh inning against Nolasco, Francoeur has REALLY impressed me. Laying off the 2-2 slider (which was good) was very impressive. He got a bad call on the curveball but he hung in there.

-- Hanley Ramirez has looked poor defensively all night, as GKR pointed out.

-- Even though I have been lambasting the Mets all offseason for signing Jason Bay, I acknowledged in those articles that he'd probably be good this season. That said, I didn't realize he was going to be THAT good this year.

The triple on Opening Day was very impressive. He made a great running catch tonight. I knew he'd bring leadership, and some power, and all of that - but his speed and defense has been much better than advertised this year.

-- Alex Cora beaned again today - he's on pace for 162.

-- Why would the Mets have scarf day in April? Why? Only the Mets.

-- I just said to my Dad, "isn't it nice that Tatis wanted to play for the Mets?" His response? "What's that commercial? Milosch wants to play for Rome! Wants to play for Beijing!" Point taken, Dad.

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